Before & Afters: Home Makeovers & Remodels
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Before & After: IKEA Gets a Wallpaper Treatment
In cities that have an IKEA, their furniture is found in many homes. While there’s nothing wrong with this affordable option, that doesn’t mean your pieces have to look like those everywhere else in your city. Check out what these BESTA cabinets after Kris was through with them! Kristina Klarin isn’t one for plain and boring. She is all about making a splash with color and these cabinets were slightly lack luster before she got a hold of them.
Feb 24, 2011
Before & After: Turning a Laundry Closet into a Laundry Center
The washer/dryer hookup in our apartment is perfectly located right off the kitchen and close to the dining room, where we do all the laundry folding. Since this is our first apartment with laundry inside the unit, we’re quite happy to have it so centrally located. Although the location of our little laundry closet may be nearly perfect, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. Those louvered bi-fold doors have got to go!
Feb 23, 2011
Before & After: A Beautiful Bathroom for $439
Making over an area like the bathroom can seem like a small project. At first it feels as though only a few things will need refreshing or changing out — but often once things get started it seems as though everything must go. In this bathroom highlighted on This Old House, everything received a makeover from hardware and fixtures to lighting and paint — all for $439!
Feb 23, 2011
Before & After: Studio to One-Bedroom
Peter and Molly’s light-flooded West Village studio was perfect for the two of them plus Hugo, their dog. But when they were preparing for a new baby, they successfully reorganized the space and added a sliding door, creating a comfortable and calm one-bedroom. Initially, Peter and Molly used the larger area for their bed, a comfy chair and storage.
Feb 23, 2011
Before & After: Budget Galvanized Shower Surround
Jarrett and Catherine of Bungalow Bungahigh have tackled DIY projects that make mere mortals shy away, like rehabbing an outdated basement bathroom on a super tight budget. They got creative with their choice of materials and were able to get a whole new look for under $200 – $158 to be exact……and the After!Here is what Jarrett and Catherine tell us about the project: We recently rehabbed our tired basement bathroom.
Feb 22, 2011
Before & After: Guest Room Paint Job
This is the tiny guest room at the end of the hallway in my house. It started off as an ugly room with paneling and a paint job that was old and worn. It sorely needed a new coat of paint, and since I didn’t love the room to begin with, I felt brave enough to do something bold:The room is seriously small – it really only fits a full size bed. Remembering that small rooms really can go dark, I took the plunge.
Feb 22, 2011
Before & After: A Pretty, Organized Hallway Closet
This hallway closet needs some serious assistance! Being the only closet in our apartment other than our bedroom closet, I need to utilize every inch of space here. And, as you can see in this before photo, there is all sorts of wasted space that can be reclaimed with a little reorganization.When we moved into this apartment, the hallway closet was set up as seen in the “before” photo above — a few high shelves positioned over the clothes bar with wasted space underneath.
Feb 21, 2011
Before & After: Reducing the Visual Noise of a DVD Cabinet
When I was growing up, this glass door bookcase lived in the home of an elderly neighbor housing a collection of beautiful hardcover books. My sister and I always considered Miss Matthews a surrogate grandmother, and I was delighted to inherit this and some other furniture pieces when she passed away a few years ago. Though this bookcase wouldn’t work in my library, I knew it would be perfect to house my DVD collection.
Feb 18, 2011
Before & After: A Desk Transformation
I have always dreamt of having a “couple’s desk”. However, every apartment we’ve had hasn’t given us the proper space for this to happen. Luckily, for Valentine’s Day my guy surprised me with a rearranged space and enough room for my dream double desk to finally happen!In the before photo above, you can see our original desk. It housed his cluttered workstation and was large — but not large enough for two people.
Feb 17, 2011
Before & After: Upcycled, Vintage, Budget Office Makeover
BEFOREDreary home office gettin’ you down? Take a cue from one of the lovely ladies of Fig & Sage who, after realizing the paint color on the walls made the office ‘depressing and lifeless’ in winter, transformed the room into… AFTER… a soothing, lavender-hued oasis with a wood door tabletop (salvaged from her basement), IKEA shelves and desk legs, two West Elm Parsons desks (scored for $15 each at an overstock warehouse), and neat, colorful organization.
Feb 17, 2011
Before & After: A Quick and Easy Kitchen Update
Last spring, when my husband and I bought our first house, we hadn’t painted a full wall between the two of us. That changed within about two days of us getting our keys. We soon learned that the greenest (and most budget-friendly) trick in the book is to work with what you’ve got—so click through to see how our kitchen has progressed from dark and dated to light and lovely on a dime.
Feb 17, 2011
Before & After: Built-In Shelves
You know the pair of built-in dresser drawers in my master bedroom? Well, there’s a smaller second bedroom that has just one set of drawers on the left side of a similar dormer window. On the opposite side of the dormer, there used to be just a blank wall. It was a blank slate, an opportunity to install a partner to the dresser:My husband and I came up with a shelf design as a complement to the dresser.
Feb 16, 2011
Before & After: A Serene Guest Room on a Budget
With some white paint, elbow grease, and a few affordable accessories, Noreen and David turned a barely-used storage area in their 180-year-old Florida home into a peaceful and comfortable guest room.When I was visiting my parents Florida home earlier this month, I was so thrilled to see that they were transforming an old storage area at the back of the house into a guest room – and they didn’t even know it was Home Project month here at Apartment Therapy!
Feb 16, 2011
How To Make Your Own Shade Sail
I’m sure in certain parts of the world people are looking forward to the start of Spring and warmer days, but here in Australia it is hot hot hot and there is never enough shade. So I’m making my own! No heavy plasticky shade sails for me… I’m opting for light white muslin to let the light in but take the edge off.MaterialsAs much fabric as you need to cover your chosen area. (As mentioned above, I used muslin.
Feb 14, 2011
Before & After: Thrift Store Painting Transformed
Although it’s not terribly difficult to make your own frame for a canvas, it can be more work than required. Check out this thrift store painting — not many would consider hanging it in their homes as is — but with a Bambi makeover, I’m all over it!Over at Under The Table and Dreaming, Stephanie Lynn has been hard at work revamping this red barn into something a little more modern and fresh for her space.
Feb 9, 2011
Before & After: The Bedroom Desk Gets Organized
A small desk in the dormer window of my bedroom has never really been used properly. The desktop has always been a catch-all for books, clothes, and papers at the end of the day. And the drawer, well, the drawer was even worse. I finally set aside some time to give the area some attention, and it paid off:Now, instead of sitting on the floor at the coffee table, I have an inviting and functional nook to use for work.
Feb 9, 2011
Before & After: A Beautiful Bergere Makeover
Perfect timing for project month! We were happy when an email from Maja, a regular Apartment Therapy reader, hit the inbox. She sent us in these before and after photos of an eBay chair makeover project — from a traditional floral to a bright and bold modern graphic pattern, we love the transformation……and the After!Maja writes: I’m moving to a new apartment in a couple of weeks and have been buying some furniture.
Feb 8, 2011
Before & After: Multi-purpose Loft Space
We moved into our home four years ago in a flurry of MA thesis writing and job changes. When we had time, we worked on decorating the bedrooms, living room, and dining area — but we pretty much ignored the loft space at the top of the stairs. We eventually bought a rug and our friend Karen kindly built us pine shelves while staying as a houseguest. Sadly, that was about it until last year, when our home office moved there to make way for a nursery.
Feb 8, 2011
Before & After: Adding Style to an IKEA Karlstad Sofa
Whit and Rachael Gardner of Our Mid Century are savvy stylists, whether we are about talking vintage or contemporary furnishings— the post that they shared with us for Home Project month proves it. When the search for an affordable mid century sofa kept coming up dry, they did a complete makeover of an affordable IKEA basic to help it fit in smoothly with their vintage style home. The “after” looks like a totally different sofa!…and the After!
Feb 7, 2011
Before & After: Bringing New Life to Old Drawers
Reusing old drawers as shelving is something we’ve discussed here a few times before. In fact, you may recognize one of these drawers from a post on the subject. While I’ve been using drawers as shelving for a couple of years, I wanted to take the concept to the next level.I had already been using one of these drawers as a wall shelf in my bedroom and when I gave the bedroom a makeover, I wasn’t sure whether I would use the drawers again.
Feb 7, 2011
Before & After: A Demo-Free Bathroom Renovation
I know there are those among you for whom the classic pink-tiled bathroom is a national treasure worth saving at any cost. And while I admire your commitment to preservation and in theory agree with you, in practice I know better — six years ago I bought a pre-War apartment with two pink tiled bathrooms and that turned out to be two too many for me.
Feb 7, 2011
Before & After: The $70 Bedroom Makeover
Many of us have often stared at the pages of magazines, wishing we could have a designer look on a dime. Those that actually make that dream come true are usually willing to roll up their sleeves and do things themselves. When it comes to this bedroom that couldn’t be more true — the new look includes an amazing handmade ruffled duvet cover, headboard and more!Over at Kiki Creates, there’s been some action in the bedroom (hubba hubba!
Feb 7, 2011
Before & After: Kim’s Craft Cabinet
When I moved into my apartment, the built-in cabinet in my bedroom was shoddily painted in yellow and blue with brown “accents.” To make matters worse, there were so many layers of paint that the hinges didn’t work well.Basically, I spent several hours over two weeks chipping away at the old paint — a process I found surprisingly satisfying. Beneath the yellow, blue, and brown, I found pink, gray, and lime green.
Feb 4, 2011
Convert Storage Boxes Into No-Sew Seating
If you live in a small space that is short on closets you may find yourself surrounded by a variety of “storage solutions.” Unfortunately, the visual appeal of giant plastic boxes is pretty low, so why not convert your rubbermaids to a relaxing reading nook?It’s amazing what a quilted bedspread, a couple of throw pillows and a faux fur rug can do!
Feb 4, 2011
Before & After: My Cheap, Green Kitchen Remodel
When I moved into my home, only one out of the three units was livable. The downstairs had been gutted and wasn’t much more than a glorified storage unit. You’ve gotten a glimpse of the bathroom via my Ace Hotel-inspired shelving post. Now I’m going to share my mostly recycled kitchen-on-a-shoestring.Diving into this project as a novice homeowner included lot of naivety and the necessity of getting a unit rented ASAP to help pay the mortgage.
Feb 4, 2011
Before & After: The Great Cane Bar Stool Reuse
There aren’t many items that I can’t think of some way to transform or repurpose, but when it comes to woven or wicker furniture like these barstools, I’m often at a loss…until now. This trio of trashed items received a makeover from Fabio de Minicis that I never would have thought of!Fabio does wonderful things with items that are otherwise considered discarded, junk or trash, and this barstool makeover is no exception.
Feb 4, 2011
Before & After: A Pretty Pantry With Serious Storage
Having a food storage area or pantry is a true thing of luxury. But for many it can also be a real headache. But an organized space not only leads to better shopping and food use, it can also add value to your home for very little money. Check out what this pantry looks like now, after the jump!At first glance this just looked like another pretty pantry.
Feb 3, 2011
Before & After: From Disaster to Delightful in 2 Days
For some reason bedrooms seem to be left as the last room in the house to be decorated. I’ve seen it a lot in friend’s houses and House Tours. I am definitely guilty of neglecting my own bedroom, as you can see in this before photo. I am the first to admit — that room is hella ugly! But in two days I was able to take this room from a decorating disaster to delightful with a couple coats of paint (and some major purging).
Feb 2, 2011
Before & After: Taking a Kitchen from Dark to Light
I love this kitchen remodel from Olives and Daisies. It’s definitely green to find ways to make do with what you have rather than buying new or throwing things away, and in this case they did a few simple things that had major payoff: painted the cabinets, took out some upper cabinets, replaced a few doors and worked on the hardware among other things. The transformation is really incredible considering the minimal investment. Well done!
Jan 27, 2011
Before & After: Kitchen Reno on a Near Zero Budget
Late last year, Edgaroso shared his “Brave Bathroom Renovation” with Apartment Therapy. Well, he’s back with another room makeover in the small home he inherited from his grandmother — this time he tackled the sweetly retro kitchen on a truly miniscule budget.
Jan 25, 2011
Before & After: A Green House Renovation in Ottawa
More often than not when we talk about going green renovations, we’re talking about the installation of eco-friendly items into new construction. Even when we’re talking about updating the old, the strides seem small — at least in comparison to this Ottawa residence and business. All we have to say is… wow!
Jan 24, 2011
Before and After: Stock Tank Gardening Project
I’ve been in love with galvanized stock tank gardens for a long time and posted a roundup of my favorites last summer. Finally, I’ve gotten the chance to exercise my green thumb and take the first, small step to adding a little style to the exterior of my home.After nearly a year of renovations to the interior of my home, I’ve finally had the chance to start adding a little curb appeal.
Jan 14, 2011
Before & After: A $50 Houndstooth Entryway Makeover
When it comes to sprucing up the outdoors, it can be hard to rationalize spending big bucks on designer products. After all, things will get used and abused, walked on, sat on, and beat up by the elements. That’s why I love this transformation so much. It gives a big designer look for very little cash!This entryway has been spruced up with some simple black paint. It now coats the front door and has been stenciled onto an inexpensive indoor/outdoor rug from the local hardware store.
Jan 7, 2011
Before & After: Compact Kitchen Remodel
With only 75 square feet to work with these homeowners decided to go up with their renovation rather than out. Using light colors and simple lines has transformed this room incredibly. Check out the beautiful before and after here.With thoughtful design and an ability to take advantage of light incredibly well, the folks over at Design with ADD have make a dramatic impact on their tiny kitchen.Here are their thoughts on the design: Because we opted not to move the 75 sq. ft.
Jan 3, 2011
Before & After: Coffee Sack Upholstered Chair
You have to love a project that not only makes over a sad old chair but also reuses old coffee sacks. This creative re-use project not only features repurposed fabric but also looks great too! Check out the fantastic results after the jump.Many of you have seen similar chairs using grain sacks selling for a pretty penny, this step by step tutorial by Doesn’t Cost the Earth shows you how you can get the look for much less using organic coffee sacks.
Dec 6, 2010
Before & After: Home Organization Makeover
Good, green design is wonderful, but when you live in a cluttered home, it can feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees. This was the case for my friend, Susan, so she asked for my advice on how to organize her living room. In her modestly sized home, the living room is the big multitasker. In it, she runs her small business of bath and body products, does billing, packages her products, does all her online work, exercises, meditates, and watches television. Whew!
Dec 1, 2010
Before & After: Crazy Quilt Dining Chairs
Ashley sent in the results of her just-completed upholstery project &mdash and it’s crazy! This afternoon I re-covered a set of four dining room chairs that my husband and I received from his GREAT grandmother, all the way across the Atlantic from Bermuda. It’s a lovely set — but the fabric in which they arrived was dirtied and dingy and was in desperate need of a change.
Nov 2, 2010
Before & After: Grandma’s Hutch Makeover
Hutches are weird things. They take up a great deal of space, and although they display your collectibles well, unless the vibe of the piece really fits your home, they feel monolithic and out of place. So when Brooke’s friend passed along a hutch from her Grandmother, she set out to make it her own and all we have to say is, “Wow!”Brooke over at The Crafting Chicks really did a bang up job on this transformation.
Sep 23, 2010
Gene & Heidi’s Colorful Art-filled Home
Name: Gene, Heidi and Baby WyethLocation: Downtown — Brooklyn, New YorkSize: 1,285 square feetYears Lived In: 2½ years Gene recently shared his home through a House Call Gene’s Graphics & Color: Geometric Art Collection — and I couldn’t wait to share more! A perfect kick-off to our Art, Craft & Collection month, this Brooklyn family’s loft is oozing with exciting art and Gene shared one of the most extensive resource lists (including all the art!
Sep 3, 2010
Before & After: Chi’s Childhood Room
Designer: Jen ChuClient: ChiLocation: Fort Greene — Brooklyn, New York My friend, Chi, grew up in this room. She moved out for college, and when she came back, the room seemed to need a face lift more than ever. The dingy paint with the poor lighting made the room unbearably drab. The lack of storage made it impossible to maintain a tidy space. Fortunately, her room had great bones with plenty of wall space and nice hardwood floors.
Sep 3, 2010
Before & After: Lisa’s First House, Revamped On a Budget
Just as the markets started crashing in September of 2008, Lisa Hoffman and her husband bought their first house in Oakland, California. Thankfully, they weren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, dig in, and do most of the work themselves—all on a very tight budget. The photo above is the sad-looking living room prior to their renovation. (Check out that wallpaper!
Aug 3, 2010
Before & After: Michael’s Missoni Bench!
Michael found a vintage Steelcase bench from the 60s and decided to replace the ripped vinyl upholsery — with Missoni! Michael chose a thoughtful mix of Missoni Kew and Missoni Claremont to totally transform and update the steel bench.Missoni upholstery-weight fabric is not cheap — but it elevated the bench to great heights!After purchasing the Missoni textiles from Amara, Michael hired a local upholsterer to do the magic.
Jul 21, 2010
Before & After: Black and White Stripe Linoleum Floor
Attention, all you renters out there: this is an easy, affordable, and ultra-stylish way to upgrade your dingy rental floors. We have been meaning to do something like this ourselves for quite some time, and seeing this project by Orlando Soria on Design*Sponge totally got us all jazzed up to copy her.
Jul 13, 2010
Before & After: Penny’s Personal Paradise
Name: PennyLocation: Williamsburg — Brooklyn, New York One of the reasons we chose this condo when we moved from Manhattan, was the potential of the garden. We promised a garden to our dog Sasha and we delivered.We inherited it as a pit of tenacious weeds, specifically Japanese Knotweed, that had to be dug out and removed by hand before any planting or sod laying.
Jul 9, 2010
Before & After Kitchen Remodel
Our Homies winner in the Kids at Home category, Meg of Whatever posted Before & After images of her kitchen remodel — and it’s a total transformation.The massive makeover took 3 months and involved tearing down a wall to transform a porch into an expanded family area of the new kitchen.You can see more pictures of the process Whatever | Before and After and see a great list of FAQ and resources from Meg in a follow up post Whatever | Questions.
Jan 12, 2010
Stacey’s 40s-Inspired Bedroom by Patrick J. Hamilton
Name: StaceyLocation: Union Square, NYC Designer Patrick J. Hamilton sent in Before & After images of his client’s bedroom — and included one of the most thorough list of resources (and links!
Jan 8, 2010
How To: DIY a Faux Fireplace
Hi! My husband and I just made a faux fireplace on our new loft. The top piece is sustainable salvaged maple from our local re-use shop. We cut it in half (going to make a coffee table out of the other piece) and stained it with a clear coat for protection.
Sep 29, 2009
The $5 Front Porch Makeover
There’s something to be said about adding a little curb appeal to your home. The hard part is, when budgets are tight, you’re usually budgeting most your funds for inside purchases and upgrades.
Aug 26, 2009