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Bring in Spring: 10 Beautiful & Unusual Flower Arranging Ideas
There’s something about flowers. They have a certain magic I can’t quite explain — having them around just makes everything a little better. If this neverending winter has got you down, why not bring some flowers into your home for a little almost-spring pick-me-up? And while you’re at it, try one of these creative ideas for arranging flowers that even a novice can master.
Mar 25, 2014
The Power of Pillows: One Sofa, 5 Ways
A sofa is a big investment that usually hangs around for quite a while — but as home decor loving people we like to express ourselves, and often change our minds. Maybe a little too often. It’s not new advice, but it’s true that accessories can totally change a look — both in fashion and home decor. Pillows are to a sofa what a great pair of shoes are to your favorite little black dress. New pillows, new look!
Mar 19, 2014
Decorate by Numbers: Numerical Kids Decor
Math, they say, is the universal language. And it’s a lot prettier than Esperanto, so why not choose some number-based decor to get your child started early? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces for kids’ rooms featuring a plethora of digits as well as some inspirational spaces using numbers as decor. Bold Number Cards are displayed on a shelf in SwissMiss creator Tina Roth Eisenberg’s daughter’s room on Design*Sponge.
Mar 19, 2014
Room-Refreshing Ideas from Spaces that Scream “Spring!”
Anybody else need a little pick-me-up from this cold and dull winter we’ve been having? I know my apartment is feeling the chill; I haven’t done anything all season to show it some love. I think it’s time to pick up some fresh flowers, re-paint a wall, and find some new furnishings to get ready for spring.
Mar 14, 2014
Before & After: Small Bathroom Finally Meets Its DIY Maker
You don’t often hear about DIY renovation projects that are quick, low-effort, and involve little drama. Emily over at Go Haus Go just posted the final photos of her bathroom redo, which was — believe it or not — all of those things. This is a great example of how layering decor — instead of replacing tile floor and other major jobs —goes a long way towards refreshing a space. Emily put in new wallpaper (with ostriches!
Mar 12, 2014
Before & After: It’s All About the Details in this Kitchen Makeover
Kimberly of Swoonworthy and her partner Wayne did a great job renovating their old kitchen, but Kimberly wasn’t entirely happy with the results. She is a girl who requires more drama from her interiors. A couple of simple DIY projects later, she’s added some glitz and glamor to this space. And here it is, in all its sparkling glory.
Mar 11, 2014
DIY Lighting Project: How To Make a Swing Arm Wall Sconce
I’m a big fan of DIY lighting projects— once you get the basics down, an entire world of lamps, sconces and pendants open up to you. Here’s everything you need to make this industrial-style swing arm wall sconce. A pair would look really nice on either side of your bed, wouldn’t it? For this project, I purchased all supplies from Grand Brass.
Mar 6, 2014
How To Evaluate the Lighting in Your Home
So you’ve decided to re-haul the lighting in your home. You know that the right lighting can make a space feel bigger, cleaner, and more welcoming, and you’re totally on board. But where to start? Before you run out to the store or call the electrician, you need to evaluate your home’s current lighting. Here’s how. Know your lighting types. Designers deal with five different kinds of lighting, but for the average design enthusiast that’s a bit much to deal with.
Mar 6, 2014
Decoration Inspiration: 14 DIY Wall Art Projects for Under $100
Getting things up on the walls is something that really makes me feel at home. Even when we lived somewhere very temporary (six months), I hammered nails into the wall and hung some familiar prints. But art isn’t cheap. Here are some unique and beautiful DIY ideas you can accomplish for under $100. 1. This plate display featured by VTWonen makes me want to make a thrift store run for vintage rose plates. 2. How About Orange walks us through this lovely paint chip piece.
Mar 5, 2014
Goodbye, Big Blank Walls: Large-Scale Solutions
Having a blank canvas to work with is fun, but when it’s really big, that can be a bit of a challenge. First there’s the question of just what you might want to put up there that’s the right size, and then there’s the question of how to do it affordably. Here are some of our favorite fixes for big, blank walls. 1. Architectural salvage elements: Salvaged elements such as shutters are big and have lots of character.
Mar 5, 2014
Before & After: A Floral & Fashionable Bathroom Refresh
Little powder rooms can pack a punch. Case in point: Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere recently redid a tiny bathroom in her house, and decided not to play it safe. The results are impressive: I think it’s safe to say that this oversized floral wallpaper from Ellie Cashman is a show stopper and, when paired with the marble vanity and gold accents, makes for a glamorous and timeless room.
Mar 4, 2014
DIY Home Decor: How To Make A Simple Wabi Sabi Jar
I love the Japanese aesthetic and concept of Wabi-sabi. Architect Tadao Ando describes Wabi-sabi as “underplayed and modest, the kind of quiet, undeclared beauty that waits patiently to be discovered.” Lately I’ve fallen in love with the slight imperfections of handmade ceramics. So, embrace the slight dent or crooked lip—these flaws are innocent marks that represent the hand of the maker. With this in mind, why don’t you try creating a handmade jar?
Feb 28, 2014
DIY Home Decor: Lego Family Portrait
If photo shoots make you cringe, then Lisa’s Lego-themed family portrait might be more up your alley. It’s cute, but not TOO cute. See how she did it…. Lego Minifigures IKEA Ribba Frame Heavy Cardboard Command Strips Scissors Glue Stick Hot Glue Gun 1. To make the mini figurine family, choose the right hair, heads, bodies and legs (and dogs!) from your Lego stash.
Feb 27, 2014
DIY Home Decor: 5 Hand Stamped Statement Walls
Do you have a white wall that needs a little something? Take inspiration from these fabulous walls and consider hand stamping them. You can make your stamp from inexpensive materials like craft foam, cardboard, or potatoes, and the project doesn’t need to be ornerous — all of these walls were completed in a afternoon or two. Pictured above: 1. Dot Wall, DIY from Oh Happy Day 2. Yellow Diamond Wall, DIY from Design Sponge 3. Clementine Wall, DIY from A Beautiful Mess via The Kitchn 4.
Feb 27, 2014
Design Inspiration: Gallery Walls of Mirrors
I love hanging original artwork in my home, but I don’t have enough of it or enough time to DIY some to create an entire gallery wall. A desire to hang a series of frames in my narrow stairway, however, led me to look into the idea of a gallery wall made of mirrors: Mirrors will bounce light around in the narrow space and open things up a bit while giving us a chance to check our hair on the way down the stairs and out the front door at the bottom.
Feb 26, 2014
DIY Home Decor: How to Make Easy Felt & Fabric Coasters
I love Liberty of London! At nearly 140 years old, this amazing company is as relevant and respected as any point in its history. There’s a wide array of pre-made housewares, clothing, and accessories available in stunning Liberty prints and, with more than three hundred fabric designs, it’s fun to choose your favorites for a simple DIY!
Feb 20, 2014
10 DIY Ways to Rescue a Rental Living Room
Beige walls, bare windows—- all hallmarks of a rental apartment. Some things you have to live with, but that doesn’t mean your hands are completely tied. Here are ten DIY ways to make the best of your living space. 1. Faux wall paneling (image above) adds interest and texture. If your landlord doesn’t want you to paint, get the same effect with washi tape.
Feb 19, 2014
The Cheapest & Best Online Sources for DIY Project & Craft Supplies
Winter is the perfect time for crafting, but it is not the perfect time to go traipsing from store to store searching for craft supplies, your brain too frozen to remember what you were looking for in the first place. So stay home, order the essentials, and get cozy and crafty… Here are some of our favorite online resources for craft supplies. 1. Save-On-Crafts: I’m warning you — it’s addictive.
Feb 19, 2014
No Nightstand, No Problem: 12 Unusual Things to Use Instead
What is a nightstand, anyway? Of course we all know what the pieces identified as nightstands at the furniture store look like: little tables, usually with a drawer or shelf. But all a nightstand really is, at its most basic, is a place to put the stuff you may want immediately before you go to bed or right after you get up, so you don’t have to lean over awkwardly and pick up your iPhone from the floor.
Feb 14, 2014
7 Last-Minute Valentine’s Projects: It’s Not Too Late For Love!
What’s that you say? Valentine’s Day is tomorrow? I should probably do something about that… Perhaps I’ll whip one of these sweet, quick crafts, which utilize elements most of us probably have around the house. Good luck to us all! Heart Garland by Hank & Hunt: Make this using scrap paper or old magazines, and then hang it someplace so your Valentine has to walk through it. Tangled in love!
Feb 13, 2014
DIY Room Decor: How To Make A Steel Pipe Chandelier
Looking to get the industrial look for less? A perfect complement to a rustic farm table, Camilla of Something Is Done created this cool chandelier made from pipes.
Feb 11, 2014
DIY Home Decor: How to Make a Vinyl Chalk Cloth Wall Organizer
I’m a bit preoccupied with black and white. While always a classic pairing, inspirational black and white images have been popping up everywhere recently — like this recent roundup of entryways. Lucky for me, my 1910 apartment has a fantastic vintage black and white bathroom. It also has a bit of an odd 18″ angled wall that was screaming for a DIY solution! I chose to create a wall pocket organizer using vinyl chalk cloth, in part because you can write on it (how fun!
Feb 10, 2014
Gallery Wall Inspiration: 10 Examples of Frames Hung on a Grid
This past weekend I visited a local museum and saw, among lots of cool things, a particularly good-looking group of identically framed art hung on a grid. While I generally like more casual, organically organized gallery walls, lately I’ve been finding more and more symmetrical examples that I like. This kind of arrangement can easily be more traditional or, depending what you frame, can be a nice way to bridge preferences for more than one style.
Feb 7, 2014
Simple Ways to Make Your Dining Room Feel New
Dining rooms are often the hardest rooms to casually re-decorate: most don’t have room for a lot of extra furniture, so once you have a table and chairs and paint on the walls, they can feel, well… done. Which is great, but what about when you get the urge to shake things up? Read on for some ideas on how to inject some fresh style into your eating space. Switch up the seating.
Feb 7, 2014
Decorating with Contact Paper
I love color. I can’t help it. I know many people are afraid of it, but I find myself having to hold back or I’ll go a little crazy. But I also get bored easily. That’s what’s so great about decorating with contact paper — you can have a ton of fun with it until you’re inspired to try something else. With contact paper, you can add small pops of color and fun, or give a room a true transformation.
Feb 6, 2014
DIY Home Decor: How to Make a Leather Valet Tray
When Paul’s not busy restoring vintage items, he’s down in his basement workshop crafting leather goods for his etsy shop. Most projects are made to fill orders but, every once in awhile, he makes personal projects as well, including this super simple valet. Here’s how to do it yourself: Skill Level: Easy Time Required: 1 hour Project Cost: $20-50 (depending on size and tools used) When choosing your piece of leather, pick something thick and firm enough to hold its shape.
Feb 5, 2014
Easy Party Decor Idea: Make a Photo Wall for Under $25
It doesn’t take a ton of time or money to create this memorable photo wall for your party that can serve both as a decoration and an activity for your guests. We had a small gathering of family members for my daughter’s first birthday, and I put together this photo wall as the visual focal point of the party. I printed out 75 4×6 photos documenting the past year of her life and arranged them on a wall.
Feb 3, 2014
For Your Inspiration Board: 10 Ideas for Defining Space with Colorblocked Walls
We’re glad to see the colorblock paint trend continue into 2014. Paint is always a great way to add interest to a room without major commitment or a big budget and colorblocking takes it to the next level by adding unique interest to your space. The possibilities are endless, it really depends how creative you want to be.
Jan 30, 2014
Make It Organized: 10 DIY Wall Shelving & Storage Ideas
One of the best ways to maximize storage in a small space is to go vertical with your storage. And what better way to accomplish that than with some stylish, handmade shelving? From gold and glam to rustic and industrial, here are ten stylish options to add some storage space to your home. TOP ROW: 1. Minty Gold Shelf Inspiration 2. Under $50: DIY Threaded Rope Shelves 3. How to Make a Modern Pegboard Shelving System 4. DIY Honeycomb Shelves from Reclaimed Wood 5.
Jan 29, 2014
How to Make a Cloud Nursery Mobile
I’ve had this idea for a cloud mobile tutorial for months now, but there was always something more pressing to do (I should clarify that, in most cases, neither the mobile nor the more pressing matter was accomplished). This was actually a very easy little project, I’m surprised to say. You never know, when you delve into something new, whether it will go as planned or end up in the unfinished pile in the corner of the closet (along with the partially knitted baby blanket).
Jan 29, 2014
Timeless vs. Trendy: Decorating with Darts
It’s tough to keep a room feeling fresh and quirky while staying away from things that are a little too trendy. Case in point: my “Keep Calm” poster felt whimsical four years ago, and now I’m itching to replace it. This time, I’m looking to more timeless sources of fun — like the classic pub game of darts. Darts and dartboards have been hanging around bars in the US and UK for centuries, entertaining competitive patrons.
Jan 29, 2014
Renter’s Solutions: Working With Whatever Wall Color You’ve Got
I don’t know about you, but all the places I’ve lived as a renter have been painted an awkward, almost-yellow taupe. I first encountered it on all the walls of my rooms in college, so I call it “dorm yellow”. Despite over five years of living with it (and knowing it could be worse!), I haven’t figured out how to decorate with sandy yellow walls. Happily for me, and all of us in this situation, there are a bunch of renter-friendly solutions to yucky walls!
Jan 28, 2014
Weekend Project: Easy 30-Minute DIY Felt Storage Bin
This January I am attempting to embrace the way I actually live. It’s time for me to accept that no matter how organized my craft supplies are, regardless of the many bins and drawers all labeled in detail, I will always have a loose pair of scissors and a few bits and pieces of an ongoing project sitting on the table next to my favorite chair. So I’ve made a quick, pretty little storage bin to corral all of those bits that (try as a might!) are always around.
Jan 26, 2014
10 Beautiful Real-Life Closets of All Sizes
We talk a lot about closets here on Apartment Therapy. Closets turned offices. Closets turned nurseries. Even a kitchen in a closet. But what about looking at closets as, you know, just closets? Although it stays behind closed doors when company comes over, there’s no reason to neglect decorating the closet. And that doesn’t mean spending thousands on custom Carrie Bradshaw-style lighted shelving.
Jan 24, 2014
5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel New
You don’t have to give a room a full-on makeover to make it feel new. In fact, a few simple and free or very cheap tactics can quickly refresh a space — including your bedroom. 1. Clean your sheets. Nestling in between freshly laundered sheets is probably the easiest and cheapest way to feel like you’re in a new room. If you’re feeling fancy, try adding some homemade linen spray. 2. Make your bed.
Jan 23, 2014
No More Matchy-Matchy Bathroom Decor: Unexpected Looks
As part of my January Cure this month, I’m hoping to pull my place together with a few finishing touches, starting with the bathroom. While searching for inspiration I found myself drawn to these images. Each incorporates warm touches usually found in other parts of the home, instead of the usual matchy-matchy bathroom accessories. They are much more suited to my home’s aesthetic as a whole and a great way to create an extra inviting space.
Jan 22, 2014
The Importance of Displaying Children’s Art in the Home
I was visiting a new friend’s home for the first time recently and my favorite personal touch was that she had framed and hung a series of her son’s superhero drawings. Not only did they look great, I’m sure it made her son feel great seeing them gracing the family’s walls. I resolved to do something similar at home as a way to honor my son and show him that he is as important as anyone else who lives here, even if I don’t let him pick out the new curtains.
Jan 21, 2014
How To Use the $30 IKEA RÅSKOG Cart in Every Room of the House
The best furniture investments are versatile pieces that can work in many rooms. It turns out that’s also good advice when deciding on cheaper pieces, too. Like the $30 RÅSKOG cart from IKEA. This lean, mean, vintage-y turquoise machine will roll itself right into the decor of any room. Above is the RÅSKOG in its original turquoise. It’s now also available in black, dark grey, reddish brown and beige. RÅSKOG as a nightstand? Sure.
Jan 21, 2014
DIY Decor Trend: Handmade Storage Ladders
Old ladders are easy, inexpensive finds and the possibilities for DIY storage projects are endless. Bookshelves, towel or quilt racks, plant stands, pot racks — you name it and you can come up with a clever way to turn that old ladder into virtually anything! Check out these 10 DIYs for a little inspiration and help with what to do with that old, wobbly ladder gathering dust in your basement. 1.
Jan 17, 2014
Stylish Storage: 10 Ways to Organize Jewelry
image:d59f5bcd64060ba35f0b3ee7f2ad9086b681cfcf w:540 s:"fit" class_name:"mt-image-center" show_pin_button:"true" show_image_credits:"true" You bet we’re all in organize mode this month with The January Cure in full force. How are you doing? Although it feels amazing to get organized, it may not be the most fun we’ve all had, let’s be honest.
Jan 16, 2014
DIY Project Idea: How to Sew a Cross Stitch Pillow
Rae of Rae’s Days loves incorporating handmade items into her home, and especially playing with proportions or putting an unexpected twist on something traditional. So with that in mind, she created this pillow using some chunky yarn and classic cross stitch.
Jan 16, 2014
DIY Project Idea: Paint Chip Art Canvas
This DIY art project comes to us from Allison at Simple Silver Linings, who wrote in to share this great idea for making your own custom canvas out of paint chips. It’s not terribly difficult and just requires some patience, a computer, and maybe a few trips to the paint department of your local home improvement store. Here’s how: Paint Chips – lots of paint chips!
Jan 15, 2014
5 Questions to Consider: Deciding if it’s Time to Redo Your Kid’s Room
I know that feeling. The new year rolls around and you peer into the kids’ room and wish it was beautiful and stylish and yet… it doesn’t quite hit the mark. You wish it was better. Is it time to redecorate? But when kids are growing and changing all the time, how do you know when the time is right for a kids’ room rehaul? Here are a few questions to ask yourself that just might help you decide if this year is “the year” or not. 1.
Jan 14, 2014
DIY Party Decorations: How To Make a Mini Pennant Banner
I’ve come a little late to the pennant and bunting bandwagon, but I’m here now, and I cannot get enough of adorable banners! They’re perfect for parties or weddings, but I also love to see them jazzing up a bookcase or lending a sassy wink to a traditional picture frame. This miniature banner is a birthday gift for my crafty sister-in-law, so I chose a toned down palette of warm yellows and a pretty mauve in order to make the banner suit her home décor.
Jan 13, 2014
Reuse & Recycle: DIY Braided Basket
Next time you clean out your closets, hold onto your old t-shirts. Tiffanie, from Corner Blog, recently made this braided basket as a classroom art project for her daughters’ school. All the students made a polymer clay bead and each donated an old t-shirt (about 20 in total). Of course, adding the beads is optional, and you can use more or less t-shirts depending on how large you want the basket to be. A collection of old t-shirts Jersey fabric, minimum 1 yd.
Jan 13, 2014
Keeping the Tree, Losing the Christmas
In one of those excellent instances of everybody being on the same page, our household came to a decision: we would keep our humble but beloved Christmas tree up a few weeks more, but we would remove the ornaments. During this record-setting cold snap, we can use all the cheer we can get.. This is one of my very favorite Christmas trees, a wild and slightly bedraggled specimen sustainably harvested at my partner’s workplace.
Jan 10, 2014
Try This DIY Art Project: How To Make a Handmade Bird Mobile
Here’s a great idea for a DIY art project you can make, inspired by the art of Mark Hearld. Hearld is a British artist whose gorgeous prints, illustrations, and ceramics depict British fauna and flora dancing with color and movement. His installation at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a huge flock of painted wood birds suspended over visitors— something I dreamed of hanging in my house. Alas, I’ll have to (happily) make do with this DIY bird mobile I concocted instead.
Jan 7, 2014
Easy & All Natural Wallpaper Removal Tip: Use Vinegar and Hot Water
Over the holidays, I finally started on the spare bedroom in my Mom’s house. It has not seen any decorating love since the 80’s, and it was time to strip the wallpaper and give the walls a fresh coat of paint. I was a little apprehensive because I had never removed wallpaper before, but I soon realized it was more tedious than difficult. I also learned that it was a job that could be made easier with our favorite friend: white vinegar.
Jan 7, 2014
New Year’s Resolutions for My Apartment
I love my apartment and there is very little I would change. But lately, after hosting several guests over the last few months, I’ve noticed that it could use a little TLC. So rather than make resolutions like ‘lose weight’ or ‘budget better,’ this year I’m making resolutions to give my apartment a little love. Since I think resolutions should fall on the positive side I’ve thrown in some random acts of apartment kindness.
Jan 2, 2014
Quick Christmas Craft Tip: Dip Your DIY Paper Snowflakes In Wax
I never would’ve thought of this, but you have to admit it’s kind of genius: Catie from Fleur d’Elise dips her paper snowflakes in wax to preserve them. “This means they are stiffer, less likely to tear, and can either be taped to a window or hung in a tree.” I am definitely adding this to my craft to-try list! Recycled or decorative paper. The thicker it is, the harder it is to fold, so I recommend notebook paper or equivalent weight.
Dec 19, 2013
12 Easy DIY Tips and Tricks for Hanging Pictures, Frames & Artwork
Here are 12 easy ways to make the un-fun process of hanging artwork a little bit more tolerable. Follow these tips and tricks and you might just spare your fingers some physical pain, or skip the mental frustration that comes from drilling holes in the wrong place the first time around. Read these, and live wiser my friends: 1. This goes in the “how to figure out where to stick the nail” folder, and it’s a good one from Fabulous Home Blog. 2.
Dec 18, 2013
Budget Before & After: 1980s Kitchen Ditches Its Dated Past
Annie’s Sydney townhouse had a seriously circa-1980 kitchen when she and her husband moved in three years ago. But, it was their first home purchase and didn’t have a budget to completely redo the kitchen, so they decided to give it a minor update that would freshen up the space but stay in keeping with the feel of the place. This kitchen is a great example of small changes making a large impact. A few cosmetic tweaks later, it feels instantly updated.
Dec 10, 2013
Holiday Inspiration: Book Christmas Trees
The talented ladies at my local public library created a few charming book trees out of a seldom-used set of reference books, a string of lights, and an old, unreadable book. Perhaps you have similar supplies around the house? Your collection of Babysitters’ Club book would make a perky, pastel tree, while the complete works of James Patterson would create a huge and darkly dramatic tree, full of ominous titles such as 1st To Die and Cross Fire.
Dec 10, 2013
Christmas DIY Craft Project: How To Make an Etched Snow Globe
Has it snowed yet where you live? No? Then here’s a quick and easy project to create your own Winter Wonderland, using glass etching cream and some tape. Faux snow globes are great for mantel decorations or the table. You get all the snowfall, without the boots or mittens! Here’s how to make one yourself… Materials Glass dome or cloche Etching cream Paintbrush Painters tape Hole punches (at least two sizes is ideal) Instructions: 1.
Dec 4, 2013
How To Sew a Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt
When we decided to have our first Christmas tree above 18″ this year, it seemed the right time to make a tree skirt. It’s not difficult, and making your own means it can be made out of any fabric you choose. Here, I share how to make a reversible one so if your preference changes from year to year it’s as easy as a flip of the fabric: (2) contrasting 1.
Dec 3, 2013
Before & After: Blogger’s Bedroom Turns Chinoiserie Safari Chic
Emily of Chez V joined in the One Room Challenge this year, a semi-annual event where 20 design-oriented bloggers transform a room of their own, from start to finish. Emily threw herself into renovating her master bedroom and, over the course of six weeks, sanded the walls, painted, printed fabric, and shopped for the perfect pieces. See the finished product next… Yes, yes, before you say anything — no, there is nothing wrong the before, it’s lovely, blah, blah, blah.
Nov 26, 2013
Washer & Dryer Makeover: Temporary, Fast & Just $8
For most people, the laundry room is something unsightly they’re happy to hide behind a closet door or in the back of the garage. But there are others who—by choice or by chance — opt to show off their laundry machines in a mudroom or (looking at you, kitchen laundry renters) some other high-traffic area of the home. If that’s the case in your home, this simple and temporary polka-dotted and striped machine makeover is for you.
Nov 22, 2013
Natural & Beautiful: 5 Simple Wreath DIYs
‘Tis the season for pretty wreaths. Last year I did this roundup of pretty twig wreaths, and this year I went searching for some easy and natural wreath tutorials. If you’re looking for inspiration for making your own wreath, here are 5 easy projects that do not require a lot of time or supplies. 1.
Nov 21, 2013
10 IKEA Holiday Decorating Ideas Worth Stealing: 2014 Edition
Ikea stylists are good at showing us common folk how to style our homes in inspirational ways for the holidays. You don’t need to shop at the Swedish giant in order to have a festive and fun household this season. Follow these tips, tricks, and suggestions to do it yourself. TOP ROW: Hang Ornaments on the Wall: Perfect for small spaces, wall-hung “trees” have all the festive feeling without the large footprint.
Nov 20, 2013
No More Knick-Knacks!: Grown Up Decor That’s Kid-Friendly
“He broke another vase,” my friend lamented to me on the phone a few weeks back. I had to think – why do you keep buying them? And displaying them? When you have the loveliest, sweetest, well-meaning, but absolute klutz of a kid living in your house? I know we love pretty things, but sometimes our pretty things have got to coexist with crazy kids. If you have a klutz in your house, here are some options to keep the pretty decor, but stop having so much broken, already! 1.
Nov 14, 2013
Beautify Your Bathroom in a Weekend: Super Easy Ideas for an Instant Style Boost
When folks aren’t happy with the look of a bathroom, sometimes it’s because it is in need of some major changes: a renovation. For most of us, though, creative decoration will instantly help boost the look of this often woefully under-styled space.
Nov 14, 2013
5 Clever Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Tree Skirts
While we love a traditional Christmas decorating scheme as much as the next person, there’s something fun about updating a few classic elements in unexpected ways. One simple way to up your holiday decor prowess is by thinking outside of the box in terms of your Christmas tree skirt. Below, you’ll find five brilliant (and affordable!) alternatives that will have all your party guests talking.
Nov 12, 2013
Holiday Decorating Ideas: 10 Snowflake Projects for Winter
Simple, pretty, and inexpensive to make — what’s not to like about the paper snowflakes of our youth? Whether you decide to use old packaging paper, cupcake liners, doilies, or even junk mail, check out these 10 crafty ideas to get you started on your holiday decorating. 1. Doily Snowflake Garland, DIY from Design Sponge: cut snowflakes from paper doilies, and string them together with clear fishing line to make winter wonderland garland. 2.
Nov 11, 2013
Cheap, Easy DIY Decorating Idea: Craft with Painted Fall Leaves
Here’s an easy DIY craft for you: grab some leaves from the backyard, whip out some craft paint or thread, and go to town. If your budget doesn’t allow for buying store-bought decorations, this is a cheap alternative that do-able and fun. TOP ROW: Alisa Burke painted a series of leaves, then strung them up as festive garland. Try painting leaves still on the branch, for a great centerpiece like Rachael’s. Or, simply tape up a collection of leaves like Elsie Marley did.
Nov 8, 2013
Thanksgiving Table Decor, Step by Step: How To Build a Centerpiece
A gorgeous centerpiece can be the crown jewel on your holiday table… but it can also be one of the most challenging floral arrangements to create. You’ll want it to be low so as not to obstruct the view of your charming guests, and you’ll want it to be as generous an arrangement as you are a host/ess. There are many approaches to creating low, lush centerpieces, but here’s how I made this one, with plenty of step-by-step photos and instructions.
Nov 7, 2013
The Creative Process: 5 Ways to Cultivate Inspiration & Ideas
I had a conversation with a friend recently about the creative process and how people seem to just “come up” with amazing ideas in the spur of the moment. For those who depend on their creativity for a living, and even those who struggle to fill a blank wall at home, here is a little secret… If you want moments of inspiration, you have to cultivate them.
Oct 30, 2013
Top Tricks for Making Grocery Store Flowers Look Great
As wonderful as it would be to decorate your home with flowers gathered lovingly from your lush, rambling garden and arranged impeccably by the finest floral artist in the land, here in reality-land we generally have to go with 1) what we can afford and 2) what we can get. And when what you can get is the grocery store’s finest 3/$12 deal… …go monochrome! The single color bouquets are definitely the way to go.
Oct 27, 2013
Interior Design 101: 5 Rookie Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again
Take heart, rookie decorators; everyone needs a little push once in a while when it comes to finding their personal style. We’ve learned some very helpful lessons through trial and (a lot of) error so don’t follow in our footsteps. Avoid these common first-time decorating mistakes. 1. Catalogue Crush — You know when you walk into someone’s home and it feels sorta familiar? Like you’ve seen it before, say, in your mailbox?
Oct 22, 2013
Buy or DIY: Best Options for Halloween Pumpkin Lights
You can go old school and stick a tea light or candle in Mr. Pumpkin (or Ms. Watermelon), but you’ll have to keep an eye out for it. At some point the candle might blow out or burn down, and all your hard pumpkin-carving work will go unnoticed. But! There are other options for lighting your jack o’ lantern, from basic moves to more hi-tech choices. See which works for your time and budget: BUY: Short on time?
Oct 21, 2013
Before & After: DIY Makeover with Small, Chic Changes
Sometimes “before” pictures aren’t disgusting nightmares that leave you horrified. Sometimes they are perfectly nice, but the owner was just sick and tired of looking at the same layout or piece of furniture. We’ve all been there and so was Bethany, who’d grown weary of seeing this dark brown trellis pattern first thing after walking in the door. She made a few crucial tweaks without spending a dime — including a mini IKEA hack — and wound up refreshed.
Oct 14, 2013
Under $50: 10 Online Sources for Affordable Art
The idea of collecting art can be a daunting one and when it comes to finding the perfect pieces to fill your walls it can feel like there are only two directions you can go in, mass produced cookie-cutter art or the intimidating, confusing and often expensive option of buying directly from a gallery. The internet has democratized the process quite a bit, but can be hard to sift through what’s available. Here are ten of my go to resources for good, affordable art.
Oct 14, 2013
How To Make a Colorful, Inexpensive Floor Cushion
Floor cushions are hot items right now. They make great alternative seating to accommodate extra dinner party guests and they’re perfect for back patio garden parties during the summer. Every shop from West Elm to Serena & Lily offers plenty of options, but depending on your budget they can be a little on the pricey side.
Sep 24, 2013