10 Little Things To Do Before Guests Come Over
There’s nothing worse than being at someone’s home and not being able to find an extra roll of toilet paper when it’s needed. Check out our list of things to do before company comes for 10 ideas that will help make your guests’ stay memorable for all the right reasons. Over the years there are little things we’ve noticed while attending parties (and hosting our own) that make guests feel more comfortable while they’re in your space.
Nov 19, 2010
Tips For Hosting Parties For Families With Children When You Don’t Have Any
I don’t have children, but they weave their way into my life in many ways and are always welcome in my home, especially when we entertain. But how do we retain our sanity? Do we baby proof the space? Is there a box of goldfish crackers stashed in the back of our pantry for just such an occasion?
Nov 9, 2010
The Best Paperless Invitations
I was raised to believe in the old-fashioned, inherent thoughtfulness of the hand-written note. In fact, “Santa” still leaves thank-you notes in my stocking every Christmas so that I have no excuse not to write them. I am 30. However, when it comes to party invitations, I have to admit I always go online. With features like guest tracking, easy one-click RSVPs, and pot-luck sign ups, it’s easy for both my guests and me to plan for the event!
Nov 1, 2010
10 Things To Pack In A Piñata That Aren’t Made From Sugar
So apparently we have piñata fever around these parts. We just can’t help it. They’re perfect for a party, a backyard get together, or could even be a fun way to pick summer chores (who says they can’t come pouring out amongst other things?) for little ones, but sometimes we’re not into all that sugar. Here are a few non-food ideas instead!1. Bubbles: You can find small packages of bubbles (check with wedding supplies) that won’t weigh things down too much!2.
Jun 23, 2010
How To Host a Cook-Off
If you’re looking an entertaining idea for this summer there is nothing more amusing than a little friendly competition between friends – especially when it involves food! Hosting a cook-off is a great excuse to encourage friends to go head to head with their best recipes and serves as an instant icebreaker among the guests. With a bit of planning, hosting a cook-off can be stress-free.Here’s the breakdown of planning your own food-centric competition.
Jun 3, 2010
The Rule for Guests: How Many? How Long?
Summer’s the prime time for visiting friends and for them to visit you. But, as my grandmother used to say when my family would visit her, she was happy to see us come and she was happy to see us go. It wasn’t that she was inhospitable; she loved having us over. It was that she understood the rule of visiting. There’s a rule about how long guests should stay that she often quoted…Fish and guests, she liked to stay, smell after three days.
Jul 14, 2009
Being Comfortable In Someone Else’s Home
Have you ever had this situation? A friend comes over to your house. Maybe you go in the other room to put something away and when you come out, before you’ve even said anything, your friend has made themselves at home; they’re opening a bottle of wine, they’re surfing the net on your computer, they’re rummaging through your DVDs, they’re making playlists on your ITunes. How do you feel when this happens?
Apr 23, 2009
How To: Politely Get Guests To Leave
We’ve all been there before–hosting a party and for one reason or another, strangers are the only ones left. Or worse, our friends keep starting new conversations (even though they know we have a 7am wake up call) but are still partying like it’s New Year’s Eve. Don’t get us wrong, we’re pretty sure we’ve overstayed our welcome a few times.
Nov 21, 2008
10 Cheap and Easy Ideas for Decorating the Table
If you’re having people over this month, no doubt you’ve spent a good amount of time considering the guest list and what you plan to cook. You’ve probably started cleaning in advance and have a lot of details you’d like to take care of. Don’t forget to have fun dressing the table and making it festive and inviting for guests. Don’t worry we don’t like a formal fussy table, but planning out what you want to do ahead of time will make it easy and fun.
Nov 11, 2008