Rachel & Marc’s Bright, Beautiful London Home
Name: Rachel, Marc and daughter Freya (2) Location: Chiswick, West London, United KingdomSize: 2250 square feetYears lived in: 2, owned Rachel and Marc are no strangers to renovation; the couple have refurbished and sold several properties in the UK in the past few years. So when it came time to buy their own home, they knew were looking for a project.
Mar 30, 2012
Sex, Sleep and Rock & Roll: 17 Musicians’ Bedrooms
Is there anything sexier than a girl who knows her way around a guitar? Or a guy who can write a song? I mean, really write a song? I have to admit, I’ve always crushed out on musicians, because apart from having enviable talent, they’re just cool. They tend to follow the beat of their own drum, sometimes to a fault. They also tend to live pretty colorful lives, and inhabit pretty intriguing bedrooms. Dig it.Top Row:1.
Mar 30, 2012
Before & After: An Elegant Bedroom Redo
When the folks at Fixing It Fancy bought their home in Hudson, Wisconsin, they knew they had a lot of work ahead of them. They powered through the wood-paneled home room-by-room. Here’s a look at what they dreamed up in their bedroom… They began with tearing down the wood paneled walls. They decided on keeping the panel on the ceiling and painting it white, which really gave a nice, open and airy quality to a once claustrophobic room.
Mar 23, 2012
Before & After: An Art Gallery’s Picture-Perfect Basement Renovation
Just off of Washington Square Park in Philadelphia, there’s a small art gallery called the Bridgette Mayer Gallery. A champion of innovative contemporary art, owner Bridgette Mayer exhibits international artists from around the world. She also just finished an amazing year-long renovation of her gallery. With it, the exhibit space has more than doubled in size. However, it’s the basement (or Level A, as Bridgette calls it) remodel that really struck me.
Mar 2, 2012
How To: Create A Reclaimed Wood Wall
I’d been scheming to create a reclaimed planked wall for several years, and finally got my chance when the talented couple behind Ashley & Robert’s Streamlined Bohemian asked me to help them design their new Georgetown chocolate shop.The goal for their shop, Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates, was to create a vibe that was both clean and rustic.
Feb 23, 2012
Adrianna & Paul’s Eclectic Perfection Home
Name: Adrianna Lopez and Paul Olson Location: Belmont Shore, – Long Beach, California Size: 1600 square feet Years lived in: 2 1/2 years I met Adrianna through a friend who shared a few pictures of her stylish home. I was blown away by the cultured aesthetic and attention to detail. When I met Adrianna in person, her fun personality matched the aesthetic and I couldn’t believe that this was her first try at interior design.
Jan 17, 2012
A Spanish Style Meets Mid C Home
Designer:Kate Strickland of West Haddon HallLocation: Los Angeles, California Kate sent us images and info on a recent project: This Spanish style house with dramatic vaulted ceilings celebrates a delicious mix of styles in the interior, designed by Los Angeles-based firm West Haddon Hall. Filled with original Mid-Century Modern pieces in wood and neutral tones, it is enlivened with vibrant Moroccan rugs and Turkish pillows.
Jan 4, 2012
Toby & Samy’s Mid-Century Makeover
Name: Toby Shawe and Samy Badawy Location: Roxborough – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Size: 2300 square feet Years lived in: 18; Renovated 2008 – 2010 “Space becomes more an exciting entity that is allowed to exist purely for the pleasure of experiencing it.
Dec 5, 2011
Pillow Talk: Pillows for Long Distance Lovers
If you’ve ever been separated from your loved one, or been in a long distance relationship, you know how hard it can be. For me, the worst part is always at night. When the busy-ness of the day recedes and it’s time to settle down and go to sleep – that’s when I miss my sweetheart the worst.
Nov 4, 2011
Before & After: The Chezerbey Kitchen
In case you’ve been missing out on Chezerbey, a blog chronicling a young architect couple’s ongoing renovation of a 1910 fixer-upper in Seattle, this reveal of their new kitchen is an excellent start. The chic “after” bears zero resemblance to the “before.”Lauren and Kyle Zerbey (their bathroom was featured on Apartment Therapy) saved cash with IKEA cabinets and put the savings into better countertops (lyptus butcherblock and silestone quartz).
Aug 3, 2011
Zoe & Trey’s Refined Eclectic Georgetown Digs
Name: Zoe Feldman and Trey Location: Georgetown — Washington, DCSize: 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath, 2 half baths. Approx: 1200 sq ftYears lived in: almost 2 years — owned Seeing what tricks designers use in their own homes is always a treat, but getting to peek into the home of an interior designer as unique as Zoe Feldman is a total thrill, especially since she was so open about sharing tips and resources.
Jul 21, 2011
Before & After: An Old Church, Transformed
Fuzzco, a small design studio in Charleston, recently renovated an old beat up church. Their self-remodel features natural resources and some elements made by friends! The result is phenomenal and really proves that anyone can do a renovation themselves.Helen & Josh, owners of Fuzzco, spent 5 months renovating this space. They opened up the space by removing much of the facade and inserting a giant glass wall with door.
Jul 14, 2011
American Style Through the Decades: The Forties
The 1940s were a tumultuous time. It is impossible to understand those years outside of the context of WWII. The war not only defined the decade but from a design perspective, split it virtually in half. During the first half of the decade, new design was halted, as supply shortages and rationing demanded that all available resources — material and otherwise — be directed towards the war effort…Socially, the decade featured a similar split.
Jul 14, 2011
American Style Through the Decades: The Seventies
It is easy to dismiss the 1970s as “the decade that taste forgot”. But to do so would be to overlook the decade’s contributions in architecture, furniture design and interior decorating. After all, with the Bad and the Ugly there is usually some Good.
Jul 7, 2011
Layered Rugs
The other day we looked at a bunch of rooms that went unexpectedly without rugs or carpets, embracing a relaxed bare-floor look. Today let’s go in the opposite direction: what does it look like when one rug just isn’t enough. The most common look for layering rugs seems to be an animal hide (faux or no) over a sisal — this is probably the most neutral option. Other examples mix patterns and colors, sometimes creating a bohemian wonderland of textiles.
Apr 22, 2011
Before & After: Fresh Starts at the 2011 DC Design House
How do you revive a dark and dated room without completely eliminating its original character? I gleaned quite a few ideas from the 2011 DC Design House where some of my favorite DC designers brought fresh sophistication to their spaces by simplifying and lightening — perfect inspiration for spring!• 1-3: The Pool Room: Erin Paige Pitts Erin was charged with the task of making the rather gloomy pool room into a functional and inspiring retreat.
Apr 8, 2011
Carrie’s Glamorous Bungalow
Name: Carrie Miller KerwinOccupation: Interior Designer with Massucco Warner Miller Interior DesignLocation: San Anselmo, CaliforniaSize: 1,100 square feetYears lived in: 5 — owned Carrie’s bungalow may be a mere 1,100 square feet, but it feels palatial. Her style is refined, yet playful —mirroring her own personality. An interior designer by trade, Carrie’s home is edited to perfection which in turn makes each room feel spacious and grand.
Mar 17, 2011
Uptown Glamour at Manhattan House by Celerie Kemble
Name: Celerie KembleLocation: Upper East Side — New York, New YorkSize: 1,861-square-feet — 2-bedroom condo The recent renovation of the Manhattan House buffs an already treasured architectural gem. Giving Celerie Kemble the opportunity to design and create an extravagant two-bedroom residence brings to life the ultimate urban living experience.
Mar 2, 2011
Edyta’s Modern with a Dab of Drama Home
Name: Edyta Czajkowska + fiancé + 2 adopted lovable pit bullsLocation: Des Plaines, IllinoisSize: 1,100 square feetYears lived in: 5 — owned It’s always fun to see the homes of interior designers. I had been checking out Edyta’s professional projects on her website and flickr photostream for a while and I’ve always been impressed by her amazing style.
Feb 15, 2011
How Do You Say Miele? or Thonet?
With so many foreign brand names, designers, and terms, the world of interior design and home decor can be a linguistic and phonetic minefield. How do you pronounce the German appliance company Miele, for example? What about famed furniture maker Michael Thonet? Up until this week I said MEE-lee and Tho-NAY — not any more!Identifying the authentic pronunciation is only half the battle, of course.
Feb 1, 2011
How To Hang a Poster Like a Grownup
Jason and J.R.’s Well-Connected Home Many people associate posters with bachelor pads, dorm rooms, or childhood bedrooms. But posters can also be collectible, artistic, or meaningful additions to a space. Here are a few thoughts on hanging a poster in your home as a grownup: Vanessa’s New Oakland DigsFrame it. That is, treat it with the level of care you wish for it to project in your home. That might mean framing it behind glass.
Dec 3, 2010
5 Tips for Creating Space for a Big Tree in a Small Home
Today is December first! For many people, the end of this past weekend also marked the day when they put up their holiday decor. The other night, I stopped by the home of a friend who’d proudly put up her tree. Despite the small footprint of her living room, the addition felt homey rather than crowded. If you’re determined to put up a full-sized tree, here’s a few ideas to make sure that you and your decor can coexist in peace!
Dec 1, 2010
Color Combo: Olive Green and Sky Blue
Green and blue is an all-time favorite combo of ours. It can go very springy, but darken it up a bit and tame it down with dark olive greens and dusty blues:The kitchen up top exemplifies this color combo, with muddy green cabinetry and crisp blue walls.
Nov 26, 2010
What’s at the Foot of Your Bed?
A long and narrow bedroom can be a nightmare for furniture arrangement. A great way to utilize the space is by placing the bed on a shorter wall, leaving room for furniture at the foot of the bed. Maybe even a sofa!I’ve always wanted a bench at the foot of my bed, but haven’t found the right one for the right price yet. I do, however, have a spare sofa that is small enough to fit perfectly at the foot of the bed.
Nov 23, 2010
Lisa & Dan’s Curated Family Farmhouse
Name: Lisa & Dan and their 2 childrenLocation: Bedford, New HampshireSize: 6,200 square feet (including a small in-law apartment not pictured)Years lived in: 10 — owned Lisa and Dan moved into this outstanding farmhouse 10 years ago after living in a modern home made mostly of glass. It is clear from the first few steps inside that there is no shortage of modern amenities here — but when Lisa re-designed and re-structured this home, she did so with a reverence for the past.
Oct 19, 2010
Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum
Name: Ernest HemingwayLocation: Key West, FloridaSize: 3,000 square feetYears lived in: 30 years (1931 – 1961) Nestled in a thick jungle of tropical foliage near Florida’s southern most point stands Ernest Hemingway’s Key West Home. Still situated on the original acre of property, the Spanish Colonial house is where Hemingway wrote some of his greatest works and showcased his many treasures acquired from his adventurous travels.
Sep 20, 2010
Showtime House 2010
What: Showtime House 2010Location: Midtown — New York, New YorkSize: 3 Penthouse apartments in Cassa Hotel & Residences, Benefiting: Harlem Children’s Zone Showhouses are a bizarre animal — and the third Showtime House is no exception. Pulling inspiration from 7 Showtime original series, the designers mix high-concept and high-design into themed rooms for the public to tour.
Sep 13, 2010
Before & After: Chi’s Childhood Room
Designer: Jen ChuClient: ChiLocation: Fort Greene — Brooklyn, New York My friend, Chi, grew up in this room. She moved out for college, and when she came back, the room seemed to need a face lift more than ever. The dingy paint with the poor lighting made the room unbearably drab. The lack of storage made it impossible to maintain a tidy space. Fortunately, her room had great bones with plenty of wall space and nice hardwood floors.
Sep 3, 2010
How Low Can You Go…With Your Art
Artwork hung too high may be the worst thing in the world my biggest design pet peeve. If you’re questioning the height of your artwork, sticking to the principle of “better too low than too high” will probably serve you well. But is there such a thing as too low?Well, that of course depends on who it’s with, where it’s placed, and how that place is used.Visually, I think low hung art can almost always work as long as it’s in a group.
Jul 22, 2010
The Art of Layering
Somewhere in between random grouping and borderline clutter lies the art form of layering. It’s the decor equivalent to tousled hair: seemingly effortless. While the beauty of layering is in the unique combination of objects— making it impossible to come up with a one-size-fits-all formula— there are a few tips that may help you master the look:• Start big.
Jun 1, 2010
Julie’s Jubilant Loft
Name: Julie Simonson & Wilbur (6-month-old chocolate cockapoo puppy)Location: Old City — Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaSize: 1,223 square feetYears lived in: 2½ Julie is a Philadelphia Native. She moved to Los Angeles for several years and has vacationed in Vermont for much of her life. She eventually returned back to the city of brotherly love, bringing with her treasures from around the country that help make this loft Julie’s Jubilant Loft.
Mar 4, 2010