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The Blanket That’s Wrapped Royal Babies Since Prince Charles
Every family has their traditions, and the British royals are hardly an exception. That’s especially noticeable when a new addition arrives, like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s third child, who was born on Monday. The yet-to-be-named infant prince participated in a custom that stretches back 69 years, to the birth of his grandfather. In 1948, Queen Elizabeth wrapped a newborn Prince Charles in a G.H.
Apr 25, 2018
Royal Baby Cheddar Exists, and Here’s Where You Can Get It
If you happen to be combing through the cheese aisle of your local Whole Foods store, then you may have noticed Royal Addition Cheddar, a limited-edition cheese made in honor of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s newborn son. “Celebrate the birth of Great Britain’s future heir with this wonderfully creamy yet savory 12 month cheddar,” the sign reads at the Whole Foods in Boston’s South End, where our spies spotted this stack. “Cow’s milk.
Apr 25, 2018
The Top Home Trends To Try This Year, According to Pinterest
If you draw home inspiration from Pinterest, you’re hardly alone (Diane Keaton even wrote a book about it). And while what you see in your feed is dependent on what you like and who you follow, there are some undeniable trends. Today, the visual discovery engine released their 2018 Home Report, and here’s what we’ll be seeing more of. Move over hygge: Lagom is the new Scandinavian lifestyle to emulate, with saves and searches up 905% since last year.
Apr 24, 2018
This ‘Gingerbread’ House Looks Straight Out of a Fairy Tale
When we discuss our favorite gingerbread house designs, usually it’s in reference to a miniature home made from a cookie. However, there’s an actual IRL gingerbread house on the market, and it appears to be just as sweet and charming as its doughy counterparts. According to Curbed, the Santarella gingerbread house in the Berkshires of Massachussetts is back up for sale for $2,190,000.
Apr 23, 2018
This Impressive Brick Townhouse Blurs the Boundaries of Inside and Out
Vietnam design firm H & P Architects went back to the basics with the construction of its Brick Cave townhome. Situated in the urban area of Hanoi, the cave-like dwelling cleverly utilizes nature’s cues instead of relying on man-made tactics. The 2,045 square-foot space is made of steel, concrete beams and brick. The exterior consists of two layered brick walls.
Apr 23, 2018
Are Millennials as Handy as They Think They Are?
Blame it on HGTV or Pinterest, but millennials seem to think they’re pretty handy — even when they’re not. Nearly seven in 10 millennials (69%) consider themselves handy around the house, according to a new survey by Porch — including 79% of millennial men. By comparison, only 61% of baby boomers and 62% of Gen Xers said the same. And to some extent, millennials are walking the walk: Home Depot said that DIY-minded young homeowners are helping to boost sales.
Apr 23, 2018
Amazon Might Just Be the Most Pet-Friendly Company With 6,000 Doggy Visitors
Amazon is trying to become the coolest place in the world. They bought Whole Foods. You can have things delivered to your house in an hour. You can watch TV from basically anywhere using Amazon Prime. Honestly, is there anything bad about Amazon? Well, if you think it is great to be an Amazon customer, it sounds like being an employee is even better. The Amazon headquarters are even more pet-friendly than any other office in the world What could make any workday better? A dog, obviously.
Apr 22, 2018
This European-Inspired Tiny Home Cost $15,000 to Build and it Has a Pizza Oven Inside
When people are shopping for a home, they typically have a checklist of things they “need” and things they “want.” The line between the two can often get blurred, especially when trying to find your dream home. But, sometimes you don’t realize what you need until you’re staring it in the face. After seeing this tiny home in Florida, I now realize, I need a pizza oven in my future home.
Apr 22, 2018
These Are the 25 Best Cities For Job Hunters to Live In – Sorry NYC, You’re Out
Is there anything worse than job hunting? Editing your resume, sending out applications, and writing cover letters are grueling work. Then actually going on interviews, it is all exhausting. You have to sell yourself to company after company and hope that one of them likes you and you like them back. But did you know that the city you live in might be affecting your job search? Maybe you feel like there are too many amazing opportunities to choose from.
Apr 22, 2018
Couple Completely Guts $7,000 Joshua Tree Shack to Make a Desert Oasis
How are there so many couples out there converting old houses? It seems like every other day we hear about another couple that made their own tiny house and flipped an abandoned home. But some couples don’t want to live in the city or the suburbs, they seek their comfort in houses out in the desert. Sometimes, you just need to get away from the city, so you can disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself. This desert oasis is the perfect place.
Apr 22, 2018
You Can Buy Your Own Private Island in Upstate New York – For Just $3 Million
Do you love visiting an island, but also enjoy experiencing all four seasons? Are you the kind of person who loves the beach but also loves the snow? If that is the case, there is a perfect opportunity waiting for you in upstate New York. And it only costs $3 million! Who hasn’t dreamt of owning their own private island? There are a variety of reasons for why you’d want to live secluded.
Apr 21, 2018
Peek Inside This Minimal Eco-Friendly House In Hawaii
The multifunctional built-ins are just the beginning.
Apr 19, 2018
James Van Der Beek Shares a Brilliant Furniture Assembly Hack
Assembling furniture can be frustrating and time consuming, especially when you don’t have all the pieces you need. Thankfully, actor and handy dad James Van Der Beek just shared his MacGyver-esque hacks over on Instagram. Wednesday evening, the What Would Diplo Do? showrunner posted a series of Instagram Stories about assembling furniture. At first, he was short one dowel (who hasn’t been there??) but found the solution in a common office supply.
Apr 19, 2018
IKEA’s Latest Collaboration Is Designed To Display — Not Hide — Your Stuff
When we think of storage, it’s usually about hiding our belongings from view. But not everything is meant to be stashed away and out of sight. IKEA’s latest limited edition collection is about showing off your stuff and putting your unique style on display. IKEA teamed up with Los Angeles based fashion designer Chris Stamp of Stampd to create SPÄNST. The collection embodies what it means to organize and display our favorite and most prized possessions.
Apr 18, 2018
HAY’s Latest Collaboration With Sonos Is Music To Our Ears
Danish design brand HAY is no stranger to collaborations. In fact, we’ve seen them release furniture projects for IKEA and a kitchen line for MoMA. Today, you can add another major brand in the home space to HAY’s list of partners: Sonos, maker of wireless speakers and home sound systems. The two brands have partnered to release a new Sonos One smart speaker.
Apr 17, 2018
This Writer-Inspired Tiny House Is Perfect For Book Lovers
The latest tiny dwelling from New Frontier Tiny Homes just might inspire you to downsize – and write a few best-selling books in the process. Named the Cornelia after internationally renowned children’s author Cornelia Funke, the tiny house serves a three-in-one purpose as a writing studio, guest house and library. In addition to being comfortable and cozy, the Cornelia also features luxe design elements and amenities, a staple of New Frontier’s tiny homes.
Apr 17, 2018
Zillow Will Start Flipping Houses, and Investors Want No Part of It
Real estate website Zillow announced on Thursday plans to expand its Instant Offers service — which currently allows investors to bid on homes sight unseen in Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla. — into Phoenix. But the bigger revelation was that Zillow itself will be one of the investors buying homes in two test markets, Phoenix and Las Vegas, with plans to make necessary repairs and flip the homes as quickly as possible.
Apr 16, 2018
You Can Build Your Own Grass-Covered Armchair With This DIY Kit
Do you hate how Adirondack chairs feel? Maybe you enjoy putting your feet in the grass and leaning back to feel the sun on your skin. If this sounds like you, get your wallet out and grab some dirt. You can make your own grass-covered armchair and it is so easy! DIY projects are so much fun, but often times they can be a lot of work. When a DIY project has 20 steps, it makes you reconsider whether it was worth doing it yourself or just having bought the product.
Apr 15, 2018
This Tiny Home is Only 238 Square Feet But Packed to the Brim With Interior Design
The whole point of a tiny home is to cut down on size, but still have an optimal living space, right? Many tiny home designers have to get creative when making the layout of their home. But they don’t always manage to include interior designs that everyone would enjoy. Not this little coastal tiny home, though. The Coastal Craftsman has got you covered on the interior design vibes.
Apr 15, 2018
Sleep Under the Milky Way in These Gorgeous Bubble Domes in Ireland
Have you ever gone camping? It is great, but sometimes it is a little too close to nature. Sleeping bags are not the best way to actually sleep. If you want to sleep outside, but not really be outside, bubble domes are the perfect way around that. Plus, these bubble domes in Northern Ireland come with a view that cannot be beaten. Finn Lough is a one-of-a-kind experience. At Finn Lough, you can sleep under the Milky Way in glass bubble domes that give you a new look at the world.
Apr 15, 2018
This Treehouse Cottage in a Hawaiian Rainforest is the Perfect Romantic Getaway
If you’re planning your next vacation, might we suggest choosing Hawaii? You don’t need to shell out thousands for a luxury hotel. Instead, you can cut down on the space, but keep all of the class and check out this adorable treehouse cottage in a Hawaiian rainforest. Whoever said that you need a lot of space to have a nice place? They were certainly wrong and this little cottage proves that.
Apr 14, 2018
These Chic Cat Beds Will Give Your Kitty a Fancier Room Than You
If your cat lives a fancier life than you do, then they deserve a bed from Meyou Paris to match their style. These beds aren’t for basic little kitties. You’re going to be so jealous of these chic beds, you are going to want one for yourself. Have you ever wanted to take a nap in your cat’s bed? These furry little felines always have the cutest beds! If you’re looking for a chic cat bed that will fit in with your open concept home and modern space, look no further.
Apr 14, 2018
Drop Everything – Urban Outfitters Is Having a 40% Home Sale
Urban Outfitters just gave us the best excuse to go shopping. Just in time for spring, the retailer announced that they are having a limited time home sale. You can get some steals for up to 40% off on bedding, decor, and furniture! Is there anything better than a good sale? Nope! Typically, I like to window shop for my apartment decorating, then wait to see if the thing I love gets marked down. Sometimes you can find good deals that way. But Urban Outfitters just totally upped the game.
Apr 14, 2018
The Wing’s New D.C. Location Is Stunning, Historical, and More Important Than Ever
Popular women’s co-working space, The Wing, has officially begun its (highly anticipated) seven-city expansion. The first stop? The historic Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. As a former place of residence for the co-founders, D.C. made a natural fit as the first new location outside New York City limits. “I’ve lived here in D.C.
Apr 13, 2018
Check Out This Missile Silo Turned Condo Building
If the last year has made you think the end of days might actually be nigh, you aren’t alone — and it’s no longer just the tinfoil-hat-wearing crowd, either. Luxury doomsday condos are now a thing. If you have a few million to invest and a fear of the apocalypse, either caused by mankind’s folly or natural phenomena, luxury property developers like Larry Hall have just the condos of your preparedness dreams.
Apr 13, 2018
The One Thing Your Small Space Needs From IKEA’s New Releases
If you’re dealing with organizing a small space, it’s highly likely that at some point, you’ll be hitting up your nearest IKEA. And thankfully, the Swedish retailer recently released a real workhorse of a system for diminutive dwellings. We’re expecting to see this one thing in many a cramped kitchen very soon. The sage advice when you’re short on floor space is to maximize your walls. And the new KUNGSFORS series is definitely here to help with that.
Apr 12, 2018
This Modular Furniture Is Made From Giant LEGO-Like Blocks
The brightly hued building blocks from our childhood famously known as LEGOs have inspired many a design, from bridges to storage options and even accessories for real-life homes. So it’s not at all shocking to see that this collection of modular plastic blocks from Everblock is perfectly suitable for a grownup’s decorative aesthetic. Now, whether you choose to transform these blocks into a stunning bookshelf, a table or even a customized room divider is totally up to you.
Apr 11, 2018
Peek Inside the African Glamping Resort Where Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Reportedly Honeymooning
Forget sipping piña coladas on the beach. For their honeymoon, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are rumored to be heading out on a “glamping” trip in Africa. “Glamping,” which stands for “glamorous camping,” is a twist on the traditional tentpoles and campfire method of enjoying the great outdoors. Instead, Glamping sites come with all the luxe amenities of a hotel, while still immersed in nature.
Apr 11, 2018
Jennifer Garner Shared What’s In Her Bag on Instagram & It’s Hilarious
Jennifer Garner might just be one of the most relatable celebs on Instagram. If every time you dig around your bag for your keys and come out with something totally random, watching the actress play a rousing game of “what’s in my bag” is something you don’t want to miss. Garner, who adorably reads children’s books to her dog from her cozy library, is not immune to a messy bag.
Apr 10, 2018
The Space Second-Time Homebuyers Want More Than a Living Room
Nearly 3 of 4 house hunters call it "essential."
Apr 10, 2018
Seth Meyers Shares the Unbelievable Birth of His Second Son —In His Building’s Elevator Lobby
Congratulations are in order to Late Night host Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe on the birth of their second child, a son they’ve named Axel Strahl Meyers. However, Axel’s arrival was a bit on the unconventional side, and Seth shared the whole story on his show Monday night. According to Seth, Sunday started out “totally normal,” with brunch and a trip to the park.
Apr 10, 2018
Love Cement Tiles But Renting? Don’t Miss Chasing Paper’s New Collection
Are you a serial decorator on an ever-evolving design approach but don’t want to commit to something as expensive and labor intensive as new tile? Or maybe you are a renter whose interior home style has to be temporarily shelved because you don’t have two dimes to rub together after your rent is due? One last question: do you love the look of those graphic ceramic tiles that are all the rage currently?
Apr 8, 2018
These 3D Printed Chairs Represent a Brave New World of Furniture Design
For decor with an abundance of dramatic design flair, look no further than the dazzling debut furniture collection from Spanish brand Nagami. Named Brave New World after Aldous Huxley’s famous novel, the collection includes four 3D printed chairs. The main takeaway from these artistic home accessories is that one can never be too intentional about design inspiration. Each of Nagami’s pieces has such an intricate, layered purpose that goes far beyond your typical home effects.
Apr 8, 2018
Emily Henderson Shares Everything You Need To Know About Target’s New Home Decor Collection
Does the seemingly never ending cold weather have you dreaming of warm, exotic locales? Or perhaps you’ve been planning a home decor refresh for the spring? In either case, you’ll probably want to check out Target’s new globally-inspired home line, Opalhouse. The line’s aesthetic takes inspiration from such far-flung locales as Aix-en-Provence, Lisbon, Paris, and Mallorca. The result is a collection full of bold colors, rich textures, and fun prints.
Apr 8, 2018
You Can Make Your Cat’s Summer Fun With This 2-Story House From Amazon
Do you love your cat? Obviously, you do! Now you can make their summer extra fun by purchasing a 2-story kitty home for them to lounge around in. They’ll probably like the box this house comes in better, TBH. You’ve spent months cultivating the perfect home. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, and house, you have made it a home by filling the space with things that make you happy. For many people, a home is not a home until you have a pet!
Apr 7, 2018
Rachael Ray’s Hamptons Home Is Up For Sale And Only Costs $4.69 Million
Are you looking for a new home that has your dream kitchen? Look no further! Rachael Ray and her husband, John Cusimano, have put their recently renovated Hamptons’ home on the market! Who better to design a kitchen than a celebrity chef? Do you have a few million dollars laying around that you haven’t found a chance to spend? Good thing you’re such a casual millionaire. Rachael Ray’s Hamptons home is on the market for a cool $4.69 million.
Apr 7, 2018
A Different Type of Tiny House: Replicas of Homes Are The New Decorative Trend
You know you’re completely satisfied with your humble abode when you drop stacks of cash to have someone create a miniature replica of your house. Apparently, these tiny examples of non-kid-friendly, grown-up decor are perfect to display alongside your other pricey trinkets that are presumably placed out of the reach of tiny, toy-seeking hands. According to Bloomberg, these small scale models have become popular thanks to companies like U.K.-based model maker, Chisel & Mouse.
Apr 6, 2018
One City Plans To Combat Affordable Housing With ‘Micro-Estates’
In order to combat its growing affordable housing issue the city of Tempe, Arizona is slated to break ground on a community of relatively low-priced tiny homes on city-owned land next spring. The desert city just outside Phoenix has seen an average rent increase of $200 per month since 2015. The community of 12 “micro-estates,” as the developers are calling them, will sit on approximately an acre of land with each home coming in at 600 square feet.
Apr 6, 2018
Amazon Canceled Hundreds of Prime Accounts & People Are Furious
Furious Amazon customers are flocking to social media, saying that the online retailer has inexplicably locked them out of their accounts. News of the canceled Prime memberships started popping up on social media starting last week, according to Business Insider. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of people have been blocked from their Prime memberships, including accessing previously purchased ebooks and video, as well as barred from signing into devices like Kindle and Fire TV.
Apr 6, 2018
Everywhere Co. Is a New Collection of Tiny House Models for Millennials Inspired By Wanderlust
Update 4/5/18— A email statement from Timbercraft Tiny Homes: Unfortunately there has been a lot of false information in the press and on social media concerning a partnership between Timbercraft and Everywhere Co. We were approached by them with interest in selling our tiny homes.
Apr 5, 2018
You Can Trade In Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Cards at Bed Bath & Beyond, But There’s A Catch
The home retailer is letting you swap gift cards for store credit.
Apr 3, 2018
Want the Ultimate Shortcut for a Glam Apartment? Shop Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Estate Sale
Pieces of the estate of Zsa Zsa Gabor, starlet, socialite, and over the top blonde bombshell, are up for auction. The actress’s ninth husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt (more on that here), is selling some of her things out of their Beverly Hills home. According to the New York Post, over 1,000 items that once belonged to the tabloid-regular will be put up for auction on April 14th through Heritage Auctions.
Apr 3, 2018
Here’s Why Chip & Joanna Gaines Named Their Business “Magnolia”
When the final episode of Fixer Upper airs tomorrow, April 3, fans will finally get a clue where the Magnolia empire began. In a clip from Tuesday’s episode, Chip explains to his four kids why the Gaines family is so attached to the word “Magnolia.” It turns out that it’s all rooted in one of the first times Chip and Joanna went out on a date, when Chip did his best to romance his lovely lady. “You know what’s interesting about a magnolia tree?
Apr 2, 2018
Instagram Is the New Zillow for Some Luxury Listings
Some luxury realtors in Los Angeles and New York are apparently trying to reinvent the open house, turning the traditional Sunday afternoon walk-through into a Saturday night selfie party. That’s according to the New York Times, which describes an event held at a 6,700-square-foot, $15.9 million mansion for sale in Los Angeles.
Apr 2, 2018
It’s Aries Season: Here’s Your April Home Horoscope
Sidle up to the starting block and strike a match, astral voyagers. April is Aries Season, and the scintillatingly simmering start of the astrological New Year! It’s go time for both literal and metaphorical Spring cleaning, as you prepare to purge what no longer serves and take an innocent leap into fresh linen sheets. But before you tear down the walls completely, remember that Mercury is retrograde in Aries for half the month, and Venus shifts into earthy pleasure seeker Taurus.
Apr 2, 2018
IKEA Is Launching a New Collection for The Tech-Obsessed
Tech lovers, IKEA has heard your prayers and is finally answering! This year, on April 1st, they’ve launched a new collection that you just have to see. IKEA is the perfect place to get all of your furniture shopping done on a budget. Plus, you can get some tasty Swedish meatballs when you’re done! But IKEA is so much more than their delicious food. The retailer knows what we all really want.
Apr 1, 2018
These Stores Are Closed On Easter Sunday
Sunday is both Easter and April Fools Day (this also serves as your reminder not to believe anything you see on the internet this weekend). So before you plan your weekend shopping, be sure to check that stores will be open. We’ve rounded up a short list of national retailers that are closed for the holiday. Yes, you’ll have to bulk up some other time. Costco observes the Easter holiday. Yep, this Walmart-owned warehouse store is also closed.
Mar 31, 2018
Catch Unobstructed Views of the Aurora Borealis in This Icelandic Glass Hotel
Apparently, catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis isn’t the easiest exploratory feat to check off your travel bucket list. But one surefire way of increasing the odds of witnessing the shimmery cosmic phenomenon up close and in person is to spend a few nights in the Panorama Glass Lodge, a family-owned seaside retreat in Iceland that grants guests full access to remote relaxation and plenty of aurora-viewing opportunities throughout the duration of their stay.
Mar 31, 2018
Climb Aboard This Custom Tiny House For Maximum Fitness in 250 SF
If spending more time on self-care, being active, and being outdoors is headlining your life goals right now, then you’re going to love this tiny home that fits mountains of fitness-loving amenities into a mere 250 square feet.
Mar 31, 2018
Rubber Duckies Are Not The One (If You Hate Bacteria)
Every once in a while we come across disappointing bits of information about some of our childhood favorites. I’m sorry to say, today is one of those days. According to TIME, a study published in the journal Biofilms and Microbiomes showed that the rubber duckies that have kept kiddos entertained during bath time for generations hoard “potentially pathogenic bacteria.
Mar 31, 2018
We Asked Kate Walsh About Her Candle Line & How She Relaxes At Home
You might know Kate Walsh from her roles on Shondaland series staples Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, but did you know she has her own fragrance line? Called Boyfriend, the scent has recently expanded to candles, and we chatted with the star about her home projects, embracing coziness, and how she prefers to relax. This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.
Mar 31, 2018
You Can Stop Answering Work Emails After Hours If This Bill Passes
Great news for the overworked people in New York City — you may finally be legally free from taking the office home. On March 22nd, Brooklyn city council member Rafael Espinal proposed the “Disconnect From Work” bill. The bill would make it illegal for businesses to contact employees via email or instant messenger after work hours (with an exception for those with unconventional circumstances, such as on-call employees).
Mar 30, 2018
Count Your Blessings, This Converted Dutch Church is on the Market
Judging by some of the most creatively upcycled properties on the market, the prospect of going to church and staying there has become increasingly popular. Following in the footsteps of several former houses of worship that are now stylish homes, this converted church on the outskirts of Amsterdam is up for sale, and much like its similarly renovated counterparts, the residence is absolutely fabulous. The two-story Dutch dwelling is located at Singelstraat 26 in Muiden.
Mar 30, 2018
Here’s Just How Much Millennials Spend on Rent
Sorry in advance: I’m about to use the word millennial a whole bunch. Our good researchin’ pals over at RentCafe set out to see if the often talked about phenomena of millennials spending a crazy amount of their income on rent is true. By analyzing census data they found that we (hi, old millennial here) weren’t just crying crocodile tears into our avocado toast (har har har)— millennials are paying significantly more in rent than boomers were at their age.
Mar 30, 2018
This Double Shipping Container Home Is A Stargazer’s Dream
Sitting on twelve acres of pristine Western prairie, this upcycled tiny house is really two salvaged shipping containers — combining one Montana architect’s wanderlust, sustainable vision, and homesickness into a modern Western retreat that he calls a “stargazer’s dream.
Mar 30, 2018
This New Glass ‘Sled Hotel’ Will Take You to Directly to the Northern Lights
Finland was ranked the happiest country in the world this year, and no wonder! First there’s Kalsarikannit, the fine Finnish art of drinking alone at home in your underwear, and now there’s this extremely cool hotel situation. You can now take in the awe-inspiring majesty of the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own tiny hotel room.
Mar 29, 2018
Marc Maron’s Los Angeles Home (and Famous Podcasting Garage) Hit the Market for $749K
If you consider yourself a fan of comedy, no doubt the garage turned recording studio of this cozy Spanish-style bungalow tucked into the hills of Highland Park will be as familiar to you as the back of your hand. And WTF, it could actually now be yours.
Mar 29, 2018
Real Estate Rom Com: Maine Edition
Earlier this month I saw a property for sale that was so swoon-worthy I wrote a rom com about it. Not to be outdone, Sotheby’s International Realty posted this gorgeous Maine estate and once again I’ve found myself with a property muse of the highest caliber. Morning- EXT. Islesboro, Maine. RECENTLY DIVORCED WOMAN IN HER EARLY FIFTIES is sipping a cup of coffee on the porch of her new property.
Mar 29, 2018
This Montana Cabin is Built Around Four Trees
There’s something eternally appealing about a treehouse, isn’t there? As we get older, actual houses amongst the trees edge out the old school climb a ladder in your backyard version. This gorgeous house in Montana puts a new twist on treehouse living, with four trees growing through it, two on the deck and two in the living area. The two story cabin is tucked away in the woods near Glacier National Park.
Mar 28, 2018
JLo and A-Rod Drop $15M On a Midtown Apartment
It’s official—Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have taken the next step in the merging of their lives and families with the purchase of their new NYC pad in Midtown. According to the Wall Street Journal, the power couple bought in 432 Park Avenue, currently the world’s tallest residential tower.
Mar 28, 2018
Move Over, Amazon: This Furniture Startup Is Offering Same Day Delivery
If you’ve found that the once electric thrill of same-day grocery delivery has dissipated, have we got good news for you. Furniture company Floyd is offering same day delivery on an assortment of furniture in New York City, helping you get your speedy delivery kicks once again. The Detroit based startup launched its same day delivery service in January and will expand the offering to San Francisco in April and Los Angeles later this year.
Mar 28, 2018
Apple Is Pushing For More Inclusive Emojis
With more and more emojis getting added each year, Apple is petitioning to tackle one seriously overlooked category: those with disabilities. The tech company announced this week that it’s petitioning Unicode, the consortium that decides what emojis are official, to include accessibility-friendly in the next release. There are thirteen proposed emojis, from wheelchairs and hearing aids to service dogs and prosthetic limbs.
Mar 27, 2018
Take a Peek at Chip & Jo’s Spring Collection For Target
Spring is officially here, and along with more sun and better weather (hopefully), that means new collections. Thankfully, Chip and Joanna Gaines have a refresh to their Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collab, and it’s perfect for family gatherings and getting out into the garden.
Mar 27, 2018
Swallowtail Is the Mid-Century Inspired Tiny House of Your Dreams
You can practically feel the breeze floating through this sun dappled tiny house. The Swallowtail is The Tiny House Company’s newest addition to its tiny home family. Taking its cue from post-war homes, it has a unique butterfly roof, while a timber screen, ply cladding and corrugated sheeting provide “modern form with a typically Australian palette of materials.” 23 feet long and eight feet wide, the house is designed for growth.
Mar 26, 2018
Everyone’s Favorite Mid-Century Home Just Got A Redesign
One of the world’s most famous houses – and arguably the world’s most famous modern home – has just gotten a major makeover. Los Angeles’ iconic Stahl House (also known as Case Study House No. 22) with its cantilevered structure, and its sweeping, unobstructed views of Los Angeles was an architectural and engineering feat when it was originally built in 1960 by architect Pierre Koenig.
Mar 26, 2018
The Glass Pavilion is a 215 Square Foot, Desert Dwelling Stunner
When imagining a living space capable of withstanding the harsh desert climate, it’s difficult to see how a glamorous Glass Pavilion could pass the test. However, an inventive design collaboration between Slovenian studio OFIS Arhitekti and high performance glass manufacturer Guardian Glass proves that a glass structure can actually weather extremely hot temps and a blazing sun without instantly morphing into a furnace.
Mar 26, 2018
These Teeny Tiny Shipping Container Homes Just Might Solve Student Housing in Copenhagen
These “truly lovely” yet teeny tiny modular units made from shipping containers, currently sitting on Copenhagen’s harbor front, just might be what the future of sustainable, affordable housing looks like — for students and other young people.
Mar 25, 2018
Hallmark to Debut More Christmas Movies Than Ever Before
Hey, do you love Hallmark movies? It’s ok if you do, that’s why we’re all here, right? Well have we got good, if a little off season, news for you! Entertainment Weekly broke the news that this year Hallmark will debut an impressive and record breaking 34 new Christmas movies this year. That’s one for every day of December and then a few extra to get you through those really tough days.
Mar 24, 2018
This New Women Designed Wallpaper Collection Explores The Idea Of What It Means To Be Female
The wallpaper revival isn’t going away anytime soon. This brand new collection from Flavor Paper adds some fresh new looks to the wide world of wall covering. Fempower! is a new collection designed exclusively by women, that celebrates womanhood. Five different artists created unique designs that explore the shared theme with strikingly different results.
Mar 24, 2018
This Artist Created a Gorgeous Larger Than Life Tree
New York-based design studio THEVERYMANY has made its second public pavilion design contribution to Canada in the form of the elaborate arboreal vision known as the Pine Sanctuary. The striking sculpture sits at the entrance of Mississauga’s Riverwood Conservancy, a charitable organization whose mission revolves around educating the community on nature and the environment.
Mar 24, 2018
These Tiny Apartments Could Be an Affordable Way to Fight Homelessness
With homelessness on the rise in New York City due to government funding cuts, rising rents and stagnating wages, the overburdened shelter system is failing those who need it most. As the government works to figure out how to support the cities homeless, many of whom are working but simply can’t afford the city, individual architecture and design firms are also considering new and inventive ways to provide low-cost or free housing.
Mar 23, 2018
This Tiny Vacation Home Packs a lot of Luxury Into a Small Amount of Space
Today’s #cabinporn alert comes courtesy of Mandalaki Design Studio‘s stunning seaside micro dwelling, the Monocabin. The sleek tiny home is basically the Greek getaway of every minimalist wanderluster’s dreams. For starters, the 270 square-foot-space sits near the Aegean Sea on Rhodes Island, but believe it or not, the prime location isn’t the only blissful architectural selling point.
Mar 23, 2018