39 Times Pets Were So Cute I Barely Noticed the Decor
This year’s house tours featured some of the most gorgeous homes yet. Stunning studio apartments were small but beautifully furnished. There were homes that were short on stuff, but big on style. We even saw well-decorated tiny homes…on wheels. Frankly, homes across America AND around the world impressed me with warm, welcoming, unique and lovely interiors. Really the only thing I enjoyed seeing more than the beautiful homes…were the amazingly adorable furry inhabitants!
Apr 30, 2019
Your Pet Can Sit on the Iron Throne If You Buy Them One of These “Game of Thrones” Cloaks
“That’s what I do: I drink and I know things.” – Your dog or cat, if they could actually talk. Your pet is probably a bigger fan of “Game of Thrones” than you are, you just don’t know it, since they can’t actually voice their opinions. Obviously, they are rooting for the dragons to win in the end. We figure most cats associate themselves with dragons, after all.
Apr 21, 2019
Furry Friends: Advice & Ideas for Enjoying Life at Home with Your Pets
Allie and Travis’ Sunny and Spacious Oakland Home They shed. They romp. They sprawl. They’re in the way. They break things. And yet, they are the most lovable, wonderful additions to a home. Here are our favorite ideas from 2015 for dealing with some of pets’ peskier problems, plus some posts that take the time to revel in the joy that animals can can bring.
Apr 14, 2019
Dog Owners Are Happier Than Cat Owners, According to a New Study
People often debate whether cats or dogs are better. We don’t have any definitive proof which animal is better, but one might better for you. According to a new study, dog owners are happier than cat owners. Who can be unhappy when their dog gives them kisses? Now, this isn’t to say that cat owners aren’t entirely unhappy, but it would appear that dog owners are happier.
Apr 14, 2019
Study Proves Cats Do Actually Recognize Their Own Names, So They’re Definitely Ignoring You
How often are you talking to your cat and they seem to be completely ignoring you? You say every variation of their name, from their actual name to the many nicknames you have for them, but still no luck. You know that your dog understands and responds to their name, but does your cat actually know their own name? You probably thought they did not understand, based on their actions, but cats do know their name.
Apr 7, 2019
IKEA Streaming Service, Dog Wedding Registry, and Other Hilarious April Fools Pranks This Year
It’s that time of the year again! The one day where we can all feel like we were supposed to feel foolhardy (or foolish): April Fools’ Day. And the ante seems to get upped with each cycle around the sun. Companies have especially taken to the viral-ability of a well-crafted April Fools prank—and we’re here for it. Some of our favorite maneuvers from today are below. Okay, there are going to be people out there who want this to be real.
Apr 1, 2019
Your Dog Will Never Track Mud Into the House Again with This Handy Paw Cleaner
Now that we’re officially done with winter and spring has sprung, we’re headed toward better weather days. We can expect to see some beautiful flowers blooming shortly. However, before we get flowers, you know how the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” The rain isn’t too awful unless you have dogs. Every dog owner knows that with rain comes mud and with mud comes muddy paws.
Mar 30, 2019
BarkBox Sells Flower Crowns for Your Dog–Just in Time for Spring
We’re finally approaching the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The first day of spring is March 21 and it cannot come soon enough. To say we’re tired of all the snow and gloomy weather that winter has brought would be an understatement. If we could break up with winter, we totally would and we’d never call it back. With spring approaching, that means warmer weather, and with that, it means we’ll finally get to see some beautiful flowers!
Mar 10, 2019
This Bar In Orlando Has a Dog Park and Even Serves Doggy ‘Beer’
Every dog owner thinks that their dog is the best. And they are right! We all have the best dogs in the world. If you’re obsessed with your dog, you are obviously not alone. In fact, nearly half of pet owners prefer to cuddle with their dog, rather than their human partner. For one couple, their love for their dog inspired them to do something big. Paul Jaszczenski and Lainie Pekich brought home their beloved German shepherd, Kaia, and never wanted to leave her side.
Mar 10, 2019
You Can Buy Matching Robes for You and Your Furry Best Friend
Buying matching items with your best friend is exciting. But buying something to match with your four-legged best friend? That is so much better! Our collective obsession with our pets has led to the mass creation of products catered toward pet owners. From things like slippers that look like your dog to doggy leggings, there’s basically an endless supply of things to buy for your pet. Now, you can purchase a robe for yourself and a tiny one for your dog.
Mar 9, 2019
Your Pet Can Sit on the Iron Throne If You Buy Them This Custom Bed from Etsy
“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” – Your cat, probably, telling the dog who is really in charge. If your cat seems to channel their inner Cersei Lannister on a daily basis, then we have the perfect gift for them. Every “Game of Thrones” fan has been sitting with bated breath since 2017, just waiting for the day new episodes will arrive. We only have a little over a month until season 8 premieres on April 14, 2019.
Mar 3, 2019
You’re Not Imagining Things, Your Cat Actually Is More Like You Than You Know
Have you ever looked at your cat and wished you could live their life? They get to spend every day lounging around. If they get up to move, it is usually from the comfort of your bed to spread out on the couch. Their food bowl is always mysteriously refilled without them having to lift a paw. They get treats whenever they want. The spoiled house cat honestly has the perfect life. Which means you might just have the perfect life too.
Mar 2, 2019
You Can Get Rid Of That Pesky Wet Dog Smell With This Drying Dog Coat
Is there anything that smells worse than a wet dog? Probably, but it is not a smell that you want to linger in your house. After a bath, every dog has a moment of intense “zoomies” where they sprint around the house and get their wet dog smell on just about everything. As much as we love to watch our dogs run around and act a little crazy, there is a way to avoid this smell getting on your couch, bed, and carpet. Now, your dog obviously can get wet from more than just a bath.
Feb 3, 2019
This Hotel In Aspen Has a Resident Bernese Mountain Dog That Will Cuddle With You
Booking my trip to Aspen ASAP!
Jan 20, 2019
You Can Now Buy a Pair of Slippers That Look Just Like Your Dog
What dog lover doesn’t want to wear their pet’s face on them every day? Every proud pet owner wants to show off their furry friend any way they can. Now, pet owners can get a pair of custom slippers to show off their undying love of their pet. Cuddle Clones, a company known for selling stuffed versions of your beloved pets, now sells custom pet slippers. You can get a pair of slippers from the company that looks like your dog, your cat, and even your horse!
Jan 12, 2019
Dog Owners Take More Pictures of Their Pet Than Their Significant Other
If you were to hand someone your phone right now, what would the camera roll look like? A few snaps from recent date nights, a couple pictures of your loved ones, and roughly 500 photos of your pet, right? You just can’t help yourself, they fell asleep in the cutest position and you had to snap a couple (50) pictures of them! Don’t be ashamed, every pet owner has been there. Chances are, if you are a dog lover, your camera roll is just photo shoot after photo shoot of your pet.
Dec 29, 2018
Ford’s New Noise-Cancelling Doghouse Keeps Your Pet Calm During Storms
When you think of the name Ford, your first thought probably isn’t about dogs and it is focused on big trucks, right? Same here. Well, if you’re not up-to-date on Ford’s other ventures, pet owners will be pleased to learn that Ford has begun creating doghouses and they’re perfect for pets that can get a little skittish during thunderstorms and fireworks displays.
Dec 23, 2018
Your Dog Can Finally Be Your Movie Date at This Texas Theater
Going to the movies can be a lot of fun, but do you ever feel like something is missing? Besides $30 from your wallet, that is. You can go to the movies with your best friend or your significant other, but there is one movie buddy who isn’t allowed at the theater. Your dog. Anyone who has spent their weekend binge-watching TV shows and movies on their couch with their dog knows that your pet is often the best movie buddy. They don’t talk during the previews.
Dec 16, 2018
You Can Buy Your Dog Leggings to Keep Them Warm All Winter Long
Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what they would look like with pants on? Would they look ridiculous or would they look so cute, you’d have to take 500 pictures of them? It is 2018, you don’t have to wonder anymore, because there is a company that sells leggings for dogs. Walkee Paws are “patent-pending stretchy doggy leggings. They are designed to protect your dog’s paws from dirt and germs for everyday walks.
Dec 16, 2018
You Can Get a Weighted Blanket for Your Anxious Dog
Does your pet suffer from anxiety? Maybe they are terrified of the vacuum or fireworks, or maybe they just hate it when you leave. You might notice they miss you when you’re gone if all of your shoes disappear right before you walk right out the door. Or, your neighbor tells you that your dog doesn’t stop crying when you’re not home. According to the ASPCA, “One of the most common complaints of pet parents is that their dogs are disruptive or destructive when left alone.
Dec 8, 2018
You Can Buy a Giant Shoe Bed For Your Pet That Loves Slippers
How many times have you looked for your slippers and couldn’t find them? For pet owners, there is one place to look first if your slippers go MIA. Your dog or cat might have stolen them and decided to chew on them a little bit. Or maybe your pet isn’t a big chewer, but they do like having something to snuggle with. There have been countless times that we’ve found our pets sleeping on our shoes.
Dec 2, 2018
7 IKEA Products Your Pets Will Love as Much as You Do
Let’s face it: For as much as our pets love their play toys and furniture, they usually aren’t very fun to look at. Fortunately, IKEA decided it was time to upgrade some of our four-legged family members favorite furnishings by releasing some unbelievably stylish—and affordable—pet-friendly decor. Don’t believe us? We searched IKEA.com high and low and rounded up some insanely chic decor items for your pets.
Dec 1, 2018
Sorry to Tell You: Your Dog Isn’t Particularly Smart, According to Science
We all know how perfect our furry friends are. Sure, they may scratch the furniture and eat our shoes, but we love our dogs like they’re our extra-hairy children. So it’s particularly brutal that a new study says Fido and Sparky are not particularly gifted. According to a new study in “Learning & Behavior,” dogs are cognitively quite ordinary when compared to other carnivores, domestic animals, and social hunters.
Nov 30, 2018
Amazon Is Having A One-Day Sale On A Robo Vac Designed Specifically With Pet Owners In Mind
The allure of a robot vacuum is obvious: cleaning that requires no more work than touching a button. But many full-priced robot vacs can cost $500 or more, which is why Black Friday is the perfect time to grab one. And if you’re a pet owner, or someone whose house tends to be pretty messy, one of today’s Amazon deals might be the vacuum you’ve been looking for. For all of Black Friday, Shark’s ION R85 is 50% off.
Nov 23, 2018
Here’s Just How Much Insta-Famous Pets Make Per Post
If you don’t feel photogenic enough to be a social media influencer, don’t fret: Your pet can make that cash for you. In fact, a pet with 100,000 followers can garner a few hundred dollars for an Instagram post, says Loni Edwards, founder of top animal talent management firm The Dog Agency. (Yep, it’s a thing.
Nov 9, 2018
You Can Get Paid $100 An Hour To Play With Puppies All Day
There is nothing more therapeutic than playing with a pup (or ten) when you’re stressing. The second you graze over their adorable little hairs on their adorable little head, all the worries of the world seem far, far away—right where they should remain. What if we told you playing with dogs and getting paid to do it could be in your future?
Oct 30, 2018
Your Dog Can Tell Time and Totally Knows When You’re Late
How many times have you told yourself that your dog had no concept of time? It sure seems like they don’t. You can leave the house for five minutes or five hours and your dog will have virtually the same exact reaction. Their tail will be wagging so hard it looks like it might just fall off. They might bark a little and jump up and down–all because they missed you! Well, if you thought your dog had no idea what time it was, you were wrong.
Oct 28, 2018
Your Dog Can Sense When Someone Is Being Rude, Just An FYI
If you didn’t already realize what our furry friends are capable of, here’s a new one for you—they can detect impoliteness. A new study from Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews has proven that dogs negatively evaluate people who refuse to help their owners or, in other words, express a rude behavior. After hearing about a study that proves one-year-olds can sense when someone is being rude, psychologist James Anderson got the idea of doing similar research on dogs.
Oct 23, 2018
Target Sells a Spooky Haunted House for Cats and It’s Under $20
Halloween is just over a week away and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. People are spending their free time at orchards to pick apples and pumpkins. The fall candles have officially been lit. “Monster Mash” and “This Is Halloween” have been played at least once on everyone’s playlist. People aren’t the only ones who can get festive for Halloween. Cats can enjoy the holiday too! Thanks to Target, you can now purchase a haunted house for your cat.
Oct 20, 2018
Turns Out, Your Cat Thinks You’re a Large, Clumsy Cat
Ever wonder what your furry friend really thinks of you? Well, you’re in luck: new study says that cats basically treat us like other cats. Before you curtly dismiss this information, this feline factoid comes straight from the mouth of cat behavior expert, John Bradshaw of the University of Bristol.
Oct 18, 2018
Are You at Cat or Dog Person? Your Hogwarts House Could Reveal the Truth
If you’re into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you’ve probably taken the quiz that places you in a Hogwarts House. (And if you haven’t, gulping gargoyles! Get to it.) Called “The Sorting Ceremony,” this personality-based experience presents a range of questions both relevant to Harry Potter—like would you study Centaurs or Vampires, or what pet would you take to Hogwarts—and ones that are totally random (left or right? Forest or river?).
Oct 8, 2018
Here’s How to Look Like Your Pet (& Wash Your Face Too)
Do you have a dedicated towel that you use just for washing your face? Body towels just don’t get into the nooks and crannies of your face to wipe off excess makeup. That is why it really is best to have a towel that you use just for your face. If you don’t have one now, you’re going to want to buy one ASAP. And you can look like your pet in the process!
Oct 6, 2018
A New Study Shows Just How Obsessed Cat People Are
We always knew cat lovers were a breed of their own, but a new survey has locked down the proof. Through a survey of 1,000 cat owners, it was determined that the average cat owner “likes” 398 cat-related posts and looks at 725 cat pictures and videos in a year. 47 percent of owners surveyed report taking photos of their cats often, and say it takes an average of three attempts to get the ideal photo.
Oct 2, 2018
This Stylish Dog House Is Bark-itecture That’s Sustainable, Too
If dogs could talk, they might surprise us with their home improvement requests, like a space that reduces their carbon footprint and ultimately helps save the planet. Or…they might ask for more treats or a comfier bed. (That probably sounds more realistic, yes?) Either way, pet owners can now make a positive environmental impact while also making their dog comfortable and happy.
Sep 4, 2018
This Tiny Tent Is for Cats
You can buy clothing for your cat, fancy beds for your cat, and even a little gem to cover up their private bits. But did you know you can also buy a tent for your cat? Though, be advised, you should probably never take your cat camping with you. Australian company Cat Camp has created the first specialized cat tent. Because why should humans be the only ones who can have all the fun going camping?
Sep 2, 2018
This Collection Turns Your Existing Furniture Into a Cat Tree
Living with a cat can be very beneficial to your health. It has been proven that cats can reduce your stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and decrease your risk of heart disease. But it isn’t always easy living with cats. We have to clean up after them, we find their toys all over, and often times their stuff takes up too much space in our homes. If you live in an apartment, you know that there is a limited amount of space you have for furniture.
Sep 2, 2018
This Greek Cat Sanctuary Needs Someone To Care For 55 Felines
If Mamma Mia 2 had you looking up one-way flights to the Greek isles and you love felines, you’re in luck. A cat rescue in Greece is looking for someone to care for 55 furry friends in an island paradise. God’s Little People Cat Rescue is located on the island of Syros, and the sanctuary has a stunning view of the Aegean Sea.
Aug 13, 2018
Here’s How to Prevent Your Dog From Getting a Bad Sunburn
Every summer, we try to take extra care to apply sunscreen any time we know we’re going to be in the sun. However, even people have a hard time remembering how often they need to reapply sunscreen (every 60-90 minutes, depending on the brand of sunscreen you use). While you were concerned about your own skin, did you ever think to apply it to your dog? If you spend hours outdoors with your pet during the summer, they also need protection from the sun.
Jun 24, 2018
Fancy Pool Floats For Your Dog Exist & It’s Peak Instagram
Attention all doggie mums and dads: FUNBOY and BARK have teamed up to create the ultimate summertime accessory for you and your furry companion. The luxury floatie brand has introduced a dog-sized version of their most popular floats—the retro pink convertible and the yacht—available on barkshop.com and funboy.com. HEY YOU, DOG PERSON! Wanna win a Pimp My Float Bundle and a whole bunch of BarkShop toys to cruise around with? Just mosey on over to the link in bio to enter!
Jun 13, 2018
Amazon Might Just Be the Most Pet-Friendly Company With 6,000 Doggy Visitors
Amazon is trying to become the coolest place in the world. They bought Whole Foods. You can have things delivered to your house in an hour. You can watch TV from basically anywhere using Amazon Prime. Honestly, is there anything bad about Amazon? Well, if you think it is great to be an Amazon customer, it sounds like being an employee is even better. The Amazon headquarters are even more pet-friendly than any other office in the world What could make any workday better? A dog, obviously.
Apr 22, 2018
Peek Inside Jennifer Garner’s Cozy Library While She Reads To Her Dog
It’s been a minute since Jennifer Garner’s Alias and 13 Going On 30 days, but the star is hardly finding it tough to stay relevant. Her amazing response to the GIF of her realization at the Oscars notwithstanding, the actress has a truly wonderful Instagram series where she reads children’s books to her golden retriever, Birdie.
Mar 13, 2018
This 549 Square Foot Apartment Is Home to 51 Cats (And Two People)
Before you begin to clutch your pearls, let me just say that this is an actual, literal cat house. A house full of cats. 51 of them to be precise. With two humans. Architecture firm FANAF was charged with renovating this 549 square foot home to make it a healthier and happier home for the humans and cats alike. As part of the reality TV show, Change Your Life, the designers lived with the pair and their cats for a full day to get a sense of their lifestyle and needs.
Mar 10, 2018
This Cardboard Cat Tower Is Inspired By LEGO and Prefab
Wherever a cat decides to lay its head is its home. Seriously — just try convincing your kitty to move off your laptop keyboard (while you’re typing) and watch how quickly you fail. Fortunately for cats and their humans, there are designers in the world who understand how important it is for felines to have their own designated rest and play areas.
Mar 4, 2018
Want to Predict The Hot New Neighborhood? Follow The Dogs
By analyzing every single dog registration in New York City between 2012 and 2016, a new report by the New York Times claims that in order to understand urban real estate trends these days — which neighborhoods are poppin’ versus which may have begun to bottom out — all we need to do is “follow Fido.
Feb 16, 2018
True Story: My Parents’ Cat Is Richer And More Famous Than Me
My parents own an internet famous cat named Pompous Albert. With more than 140,000 followers on Instagram, appearances on People Magazine, Inside Edition, The Dodo, and BuzzFeed, (not to mention commercial deals with Honda), he has quickly risen to fame. Meanwhile, I’m a grownup with a college degree and full-time job just trying to survive adulthood. Pompous Albert and I both had a normal childhood.
Jan 23, 2018
The List You’ve Been Waiting For: The Most Popular Dog Names of 2017
There has been lots to reflect on in the year 2017. Politics, art, climate change and of course, dog names. That’s right, Rover has revealed the top dog names of this year and I know you’ve been waiting with anticipation, so I won’t hold out on you any longer. Actually, I will. Personal anecdote time: My younger brother is named Max and when he was about 9 or so he complained to my mom that she had given him a dog name.
Dec 23, 2017
This Luxury Hotel in India Is For the Dogs — Literally
One pet hotel in India is completely redefining what “pampered pooches” actually means, with amenities for your doggos during boarding or day care that take “lap of luxury” to the next level.
Dec 22, 2017
Easy Gifts to Make That Your Furry Friend Will Flip Out Over
Because face it: when they're happy, you're happy.
Dec 15, 2017
#Catsgiving Is a Twitter Trending Topic We Can Get Behind
Do you love cats? Do you love museums? Do you love jokes? Well today is your day, because it is #catsgiving over on Twitter. From what I can tell, it started as museums tweeting out art and images from their collections that contain cats and snowballed from there. Great! Every day should be #catsgiving! Here’s a cat in a boot. How seasonal! Not to get political or anything, but look at this cat at the White House!
Nov 22, 2017
Science Pawsitively Confirms The Secret To Living Longer, Happier Lives
It’s been well documented that the Swedish may just hold all the secrets to living a happier and healthier life. And according to a new study from Uppsala University (the oldest college in Sweden), one of those secrets is really simple: Adopt a dog.
Nov 22, 2017
You Have to See This Minimalist Cat Furniture Right Meow
Do you ever see something so right, so accurate that you wonder how you didn’t think of it is as an unquestionable fact before? Well, thanks to an advertising campaign from a group of makers from the Japanese city of Okawa, we’ve been presented with another inarguable truth: cats are total minimalists. The campaign, which is designed to renew attention to the city’s legacy as a furniture hub, features cat sized versions of some gorgeous pieces.
Oct 24, 2017
These Dog Houses Are Designed by Starchitects
If your dog is a design buff, then here’s a way to cater to their discerning tastes: Blue Cross for Pets teaming up with the Outdoor Arts Foundation and world-renowned photographer Drew Gardner to present a collection of pet furniture from some top architecture firms. The dog-inspired designs will be unveiled at BowWow Haus London, a public fundraiser and exhibit that will display “artistic dog kennels” created by 80 designers, architects, builders, artists and celebrities.
Oct 21, 2017
Amazon’s Pet (and Also Human) Costumes Are On Sale Today
Possibly one of the best (or at least one of the most entertaining) parts of having a furry friend is dressing them up for holidays, and Halloween is obviously peak costume season. Thankfully, Amazon has a bunch of outfits for your doggos that will pawsitively draw a crowd of fawning fans. Costumes included in this Amazon Deal of the Day range from superheroes to sushi to sweets, and aren’t just for the dogs—human (both adult and kid) costumes are up to 35% off, as well.
Oct 9, 2017
Is Your Pet an Art Lover? Here’s an Exhibit Just for Furry Friends
A pet food company in Singapore is offering your furry friends the chance to get in touch with their artistic sides at the world’s first art exhibition for cats and dogs. The featured artists went to great lengths to curate a collection of interactive installations that appeal to the four-legged animals and their humans. The “PAW-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness” exhibit commemorates the pet food brand’s 10th anniversary.
Oct 6, 2017
Trick-or-Treat Yo’ Pet: 20 Fantastic Dog & Cat Costumes From Etsy
Behold a cat dressed as a stack of pancakes, because if we didn’t already love Halloween, this vision has given us even greater reason to flip out over All Hallows Eve. Should you have a kitty or pup patient enough to withstand layers of felt and velcro, don’t miss 20 of our favorite pet costumes, from sweet to silly to spooky, in sizes for the teeniest kitten and the most massive pooch, all available from Etsy.
Oct 3, 2017
Basic to Bougie: 10 Things Design-Obsessed Dog Lovers Need in Their Home
You love design, you love your dog, it’s only natural that you’d want great looking, modern pet pieces at home, right? Well, lucky for you (and Fido), the Internet delivers with a plethora of stylish dog beds, bowls and beyond. From basic dog treat jars to totally bougie acrylic and brass feeders (thanks Jonathan Adler!), here are 10 fabulous things for your home and fur baby. Let’s start with the most five-star piece of the bunch….
Sep 30, 2017
Here Are The Most Dog Friendly Cities in the US
It’s no secret that modern Americans love our doggos — to the tune of 89 million dog-owning households — and that we sometimes (always?) base decisions around whether or not the dog can tag along. But where, exactly, is the most dog-obsessed city in the country? According to the methodology in this new research from WalletHub, which ranked the 100 most populated U.S.
Sep 30, 2017
Before & After: An Old Wicker Chest Becomes a Discreet Litter Box Cover
Charlie’s mother was holding onto her old wicker chest for sentimental reasons, even though it was super damaged. After languishing in storage for a year, Charlie stepped in to give this piece a new, pet-focused purpose. From Charlie: My mom had this wicker chest for almost 25 years now. It had served as a decorative piece with storage in its glory days (the ’90s!). But as time went by, it had become beaten up and old.
Sep 10, 2017
This Simple Vase Hides a Sentimental Secret
There’s nothing pretty about the loss of a pet — at least there wasn’t, until Big Sky Urns in Montana stepped in to make the process of grieving a little more cheerful with its handmade ceramic and wood flower vases, which double as a final resting place for your dog or cat once they’ve crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Aug 14, 2017
Here Are The Winners Of the Annie Selke Rug Design Challenge
You came, you saw, you voted. Today, Annie Selke revealed the winning designs of their first ever Rug Design Challenge. Let’s see who they are! Last month, we announced that we’re partnering with Annie Selke for their first ever Rug Design Challenge, tasking fourteen design bloggers to create their very own rug designs. To recap: Your favorite bloggers and digital influencers will take part in a year long project to design a custom rug for the brand.
Jul 21, 2017
9 Things Design-Obsessed Cat Lovers Need in Their Home
From aesthetically pleasing litter boxes to posh kitty beds, the pet industry is starting to cater more and more to the design-loving cat person and their menagerie. If you’ve ever brought home a carpet-covered cat tree only to have your cat look at it in disdain, or witness your tabby scratching up your tired-looking furniture, you must know it’s a sign. As a discerning species, your cat naturally deserves the best—and, so does your home.
Jul 18, 2017
Annie Selke Rug Design Challenge: Voting Starts Now!
Last month, we announced that we’re partnering with Annie Selke for their first ever Rug Design Challenge, tasking fourteen design bloggers to create their very own rug designs. And here’s where you come in: Now is the time to vote for your favorites! To recap how it’s going to work: Your favorite bloggers and digital influencers will take part in a year long project to design a custom rug for the brand.
Jul 6, 2017
This Furniture Show Is Entirely Devoted to Cats
Cat lovers, you have to check this out right meow. This new design show in Singapore is totally devoted to furniture that’s exclusively for felines. Aptly named 9 Lives, the show includes practical and aesthetically pleasing furniture exclusively for our feline friends. The show features nine designers (one for each of the lives) who “express their take on furniture design for cats for urban, compact living spaces.
Feb 24, 2017
A 200-Word Essay Could Win You a Gorgeous Catskills Cabin
If conveying your innermost thoughts via the written word isn’t exactly in your wheelhouse, allow us to kindly encourage you to knock the dust off those essay-writing skills you acquired back in the day. Because the only thing that stands between you and some cushy lakeside digs are a mere 200 words. According to Curbed, the owners of this gorgeous Catskills cabin are holding an essay-writing contest with plans to give the Bethel, NY home to whoever comes up with the most convincing words.
Feb 11, 2017
Venus Flytrap Bait: The World’s Cutest Butterfly Dog Costume
Now, this is what we call a couple’s costume. You get a cute-yet-creepy Venus Flytrap Fascinator, your pooch gets a sweet set of monarch wings to go along with it. Crafted from lightweight felt that’s looped right onto your pet’s harness, this is a costume your dog won’t mind prancing around in.
Oct 11, 2016
How to Turn Your Pup’s Poncho into a Cute Costume
If you’re donning a Dali-inspired Lobster Costume this Halloween, then your sidekick should be something that brings out your best—that’s right—glorious butter. Painting a store-bought poncho makes this costume completely no-sew, and guarantees a perfect fit. Laid-back pooches, like our office dog Zuzu (above), won’t mind getting topped off with a silly butter pat hat. Combined, you two will make a delectable duo.
Sep 29, 2016
Real Life in a Small Space: How This Couple Makes a Tiny Studio Work
Andy, Danielle and two cats share a 325 square foot studio in Chicago. Yes, you read that correctly: 325 tiny square feet. They not only do it stylishly, as evidenced by their house tour, but considering their big smiles (and the fact that they’re still living in the apartment together), they also share it successfully! I love this couple and their home, and had to ask them more questions about how they manage in so little square feet.
Sep 21, 2016
Pampered Pets: 9 Incredibly Cool Dog Dens & Cat Caves
We have officially crossed the threshold into the dog days of summer (which actually has nothing to do with canines, but rather the dog star Sirius…who knew?). To commemorate the stretch of heat (and lethargy) associated with this period, we scoured Etsy and rounded up 9 super cool, modern pet houses—from cat friendly cardboard to designer edifices—for your furry friends to ride out the season.
Aug 9, 2016
Hannah’s Bright & Beautiful Apartment (With a Show-Stealing Dog)
Name: Hannah Location: Chicago, Illinois Two years ago my husband and I and our winsome Goldendoodle, Hadley moved out of a typical, dark, old Chicago three-flat apartment and into this beautiful, new construction condo near the hip neighborhood of Logan Square. My husband, Josh is in medical school and I work from home as a Creative Director so it was very important to us to have a bright, sunny, and inspiring space to spend our days studying and working!
Mar 26, 2016
Behavior We Accept from Our Pets (That We’d Never Let a Roommate Get Away With)
My roommate has this weird habit of bursting into the bathroom when I’m using it and chatting up a storm. Though I’m used to it by now, it’s really kind of rude when you think about it. I mean, hello, privacy, you know? Of course my roommate is a cat, so it’s a tad bit more socially acceptable than if my roommate were a human. But it sure makes me think about the other things my furry roommate does that would be totally uncool if he were a human.
Jul 14, 2015
IKEA Issues KÄT: The World’s First Cat-Proof Sofa
Cat owners rejoice! IKEA customers have been pleading for pet-friendly furniture for years, and the Swedish giant finally responded this week with KÄT, a sofa/cat scratcher hybrid that is designed specifically for pet-loving people. KÄT has normal cushions for human comfort, but its unique base is made from corrugated cardboard. It’s perfect for felines who want to sharpen their claws….without ruining your furniture.
Apr 1, 2015
Roomba Pet Series: Cleans After your Pets
If you’re an AT fan with a dog who has an affinity for shedding (if you’re like me, he sheds more hair than it looks like he has on his body), then you know what a pain it is to keep your space looking good under the carpet of dog hair that rests on top. IRobot’s Roombas have always been a favorite of pet owners for the little upkeep required to reap the results of a twice-daily room vacuuming. Now, iRobot has released a line just for pet owners like us!
Sep 3, 2008