8 Modern Tips for Styling Your Sofa
Tired of looking at your same predictable sofa every day? We’re here to help you change things up. Instead of simply placing a pillow in each corner and calling it a day, check out our favorite inspiration images and shoppable picks below for a fresh take on an age-old decor dilemma. For a modern, clean look, try placing pillows in contrasting shapes right beside each other on one side of the sofa. The consistency in color ensures continuity.
Sep 21, 2018
West Elm Is Having a Huge Upholstery Sale and Tons of Sofas Are Under $1,000
Buying a sofa is no small feat; it’s the major focus of a living space, it gets a ton of use, and it often isn’t cheap. If you have your heart set on some sweet new seating, we have great news: West Elm’s upholstery sale means sofas are 40% off, and there are a whole bunch of them available for under $1,000. Granted, sofa shopping on the internet isn’t easy, since you can’t sit on it.
Aug 8, 2018
These Living Rooms Make Us Want Matching Sofas
You don’t see matching couches like you used to. The trend seems to have taken a dated turn and gone the way of Tuscan kitchens and popcorn ceilings: as in, it disappeared. But the matchy-matchy look is having something of a resurgence, with some homes and apartments either creating order in eclectic and busy spaces by displaying matching sofas, or adding an airy, minimalist vibe to the living room by sticking to the same style, just multiplied by two.
Jul 12, 2018
Questions We All Ask: Is There a Difference Between a Sofa and Couch?
We found out everything you need to know about your favorite piece of furniture.
Jul 11, 2018
Our Favorite West Elm Sofa Is Currently On Sale
If celebrating independence for you includes a little retail therapy, then we have great news. There are tons of Fourth of July sales going on, but if you’re looking for seating, you might want to head over to West Elm—our pick for the comfiest sofa just happens to be 20 percent off.
Jul 2, 2018
This Cloud-Inspired Sofa is a Dream Come True
Part mattress, part sofa, and all fluffy, The Daydreamer is the cloud-inspired sofa we need in our lives. Designer Cheng-Tsung Feng took inspiration from his childhood imagination to create this unique and totally cozy looking piece. The shape is flexible and can be rearranged to fit an individual or group in various positions. Made of artificial fur, plastic, low-density foam, high density foam and canvas The Daydreamer looks about as cozy and comfortable as imaginary clouds can get.
Jan 6, 2018
Buying A Sofa Online Seemed Risky, But It Was The Best Thing Ever
My family and I live in a remote area—the nearest town has 200 people—so when it came time to replace our falling-apart sofa, our IRL shopping options were very limited unless we wanted to devote our lives to driving to furniture stores. The closest shops were perfectly respectable but lacked a certain flair. It seemed like ordering a sofa online was our only good option, and I’m thrilled it was, because it ended up working out great.
Nov 1, 2017
All Sofas at Urban Outfitters Are $100 Off Right Now
You might want to sit down for this: Urban Outfitters is having a big sale on seating, namely sofas, and you can save a Benjamin on a whole bunch of styles and options. All 90-plus sofa options on Urban Outfitters’ website are applicable, and the discount is applied automatically at checkout. We spy mid-century, traditional, and boho regular and sleeper styles in velvet, microfiber, tweed, and leather to bedeck any living space.
Oct 30, 2017
Deal Alert: This Popular IKEA Sofa Is $100 Off on Wednesday
We love IKEA for its Scandinavian style and great prices, and on Wednesday, it’s about to get even more affordable. To celebrate the Swedish retailer’s 45th store in the United States, one of their most popular sofas is an extra $100 off. On October 11, the EKTORP three seater sofa is $100 off in stores and online. Normally at $379 to $499, the classic couch is already a great deal, and for one day, it’ll be even more of a steal—as low as $279.
Oct 9, 2017
We Reviewed IKEA Sofas IRL. These Are the Most Comfortable
With over 20 styles in dozens of configurations, we set out to review 13 of the retailer's most popular models. Read on to see which were the most comfortable.
Sep 27, 2017
Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Joybird
You asked us to test out Joybird's online-only sofas, so we hiked on over to LA and put 17 models through the ringer. Here's what we thought.
Aug 29, 2017
When Two Trends Collide: 9 Beautiful Pink Velvet Sofas
Whether you see it as a throwback to the ’80s or a reflection of changing attitudes about femininity, there’s a particular shade of light, slightly-muted pink whose ubiquitousness is as complete as it was sudden. Call it millennial pink, or dusty pink, or rose quartz—it’s everywhere, and it’s the color that every eye seems drawn to. So we’ve created this roundup of sofas where pink, the color of the moment, meets velvet, the fabric of the moment.
Jun 27, 2017
Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Interior Define
With a slogan like "Beautiful design. Customized by you. Accessibly priced." the values of Interior Define are music to our design-loving ears.
Jun 12, 2017
2017 is the Year of the Sofa
In my ramble through this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF — basically the design world’s answer to a runway show), I noticed something unusual: there were a lot of really, really great sofas. Usually the chair is the darling of the design world, presenting myriad ways to iterate. The sofa is a bit more of a challenge: it’s bigger, and because people think of it as a bit more of a practical piece, it needs to take into account comfort as well.
Jun 1, 2017
Modern Slipcovers: An Underrated Secret Weapon of Design
Slipcovers have earned themselves a reputation as being shabby chic traditionalists, but to the contrary, these transformative beauties are proving to also have a modern side. These days, slipcovers are sporting more modern, simple silhouettes to accommodate in-demand contemporary furniture lines—the result is a fresh upholstered piece that embodies that cozy-modern vibe that’s been sweeping the design world right off its feet.
May 8, 2017
We Saw, We Sat, We Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Article
If you've ever wondered about whether the online furniture retailer's sofas were comfortable, we went behind the scenes to find out (and here's what we thought!).
May 1, 2017
Retail Rebels: Furniture Brands Who Do It Differently
Purchasing a large item of furniture is stressful enough—the money, the commitment, the sheer real estate it will occupy—without also schlepping from store to store, paying for delivery, bribing your friends to help you carry it upstairs, and potentially hating it once you see it in your home. These seven retail disruptors have committed themselves to reinventing the furniture-buying experience for these modern times—and it seems to be working.
Apr 11, 2017
Is This Affordable Modular Sofa The Answer To Modern Nomadism?
How many different places have you lived in the last five years? It’s not at all that uncommon for people to swap apartments with the changing of the calendar, or at least after a couple lease terms. Though being a modern nomad can be freeing, it does have its challenges—like schlepping your stuff to a new abode. A new startup will make at least one thing easier to pack: your sofa.
Apr 4, 2017
Can a Sofa Be Forever in Style? We’re Betting the English Roll Arm Sofa Can
English roll-arm sofas gained popularity in the 19th century, and their sinuous profile, deep, accommodating seats, and signature low arms—perfect for resting one’s head—are elements that have kept them ingrained in popular design culture even today. Now available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and fabrics—and even sleeper options—this comfy, classic style is equally at home in formal, vintage-inspired houses and modern, eclectic apartments.
Mar 23, 2017
We Finally Know What IKEA’s “Hackable” Sofa Looks Like
It’s about time: After nine months of teasing the collaboration, IKEA is finally giving us a full look at DELAKTIG, the hackable, open source sofa Tom Dixon has designed for the Swedish retailer.
Mar 6, 2017
The Fairy Tale Story of Ms. Chesterfield, My Newest Sofa
I am so excited to announce the official debut of Ms. Chesterfield, a modern, feminine version of the chunky old Chesterfield. It’s also the newest piece in a continued collaboration between Apartment Therapy and Interior Define. I got to see it in Chicago two weeks ago, and it is truly beautiful.
Mar 2, 2017
Sneak Peek: Our Newest Collaboration with Interior Define!
Here’s a sneak peek of the one, the only Ms. Chesterfield. I’ve been sitting on another secret for WAY too long. I’m thrilled that I can FINALLY share our newest collaboration with Interior Define with all of you. Ready for 2017, here’s my interpretation of the iconic Chesterfield sofa: a sleeker, sexier and more modern version, and she’s called Ms. Chesterfield.
Feb 24, 2017
Sofa Drama: How West Elm’s Peggy Went from Popular to Discontinued to Refund-Worthy in Under a Week
West Elm’s Peggy sofa has been the source of much controversy this week. Here’s how the affordable mid-century style option went from popular pick to discontinued in just about six days. It all started when Anna Hezel’s piece, Why Does This One Couch From West Elm Suck So Much?, was published on The Awl last Thursday. In it, she details how she and her partner bought the Peggy after moving in together.
Feb 23, 2017
Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at CB2
Stylish sofas are easy to find at lower price points; a quick search on any online marketplace such as Amazon will result in some good-looking options. An affordable, stylish and comfortable sofa? Well, that’s another (trying) story. In an effort to find these unicorn sofas, test them and report back, we started the Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad, in which we go retailer to retailer (and sofa to sofa) doing IRL tests and giving each an overall rating.
Feb 16, 2017
Apartment Therapy Tested & Approved: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Room & Board
With well over 48 sofas (not counting custom pieces, sectionals and all size options) in their catalog of products, Room & Board has a dizzying assortment of furniture. When we visited their Manhattan showroom in Chelsea, we were honestly taken aback by the vastness of the store, not even knowing where to start our tests. So we can understand how anyone considering a R&B sofa might have a similar plight. How do you narrow down what you’re looking for?
Feb 13, 2017
Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Blu Dot
Many of us have been there: You’re on the hunt for a new sofa but you’re tired of the options at your local stores, so you go online to wrangle some fresh ideas. Plenty make your “maybe” list and grace your dedicated Pinterest board, but you just can’t bite the bullet without sitting on the sofa yourself. We get it…that’s a tricky position to be in.
Feb 10, 2017
Reviewed: The Most Comfortable Sofas at Crate & Barrel
Have you been eyeing a sofa at Crate & Barrel but can’t make it into one of their locations to test it out for yourself? Or maybe you have a few contenders on your list, but need help narrowing them down? That’s where the Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad comes in. We had eight of our editors hit up C&B (as well as four other stores) to couch surf through all 20 models on the floor of the retailer’s SoHo location, taking note of vital sofa-buying criteria: How deep is it?
Feb 9, 2017
Introducing the Sofa Squad: Our Hunt for REALLY Comfortable Sofas
This month, we are kicking off a new series: The Apartment Therapy Sofa Squad. Internally known simply as “Sofa Squad”, our editorial team converged on New York City to couch surf our way through a hefty helping of retailers. We sat. We lounged. We plopped. We cocooned. We nestled. We faux napped (some may have actually napped.) All in the name of Sofa Squad. SS’s mission is to do the sitting and rating for you.
Feb 6, 2017
Designed to Be Hacked: IKEA’s First “Open Source” Sofa is Coming
IKEA is working on a sofa that’s sure to be a hacker’s dream; DELAKTIG is a customizable platform that will have a variety of third-party add-ons. And according to the Wall Street Journal, it will be available early next year. DELAKTIG will feature an aluminum frame and slatted base so that it can be fully flat-packed—more like a bed instead of a sofa.
Feb 3, 2017
Sofa Buying, Like a Boss: 10 Questions Design Pros Always Ask Before Taking the Plunge
A new sofa is a major investment, often involving months of IRL and virtual window shopping, mulling, second guessing, and more mulling. I checked in with a few interior designers (i.e. professional sofa buyers) to ask for their expert advice on what you should consider before starting the sofa-buying process and how to make the task more straightforward. Consider this your ask-yourself-this-first checklist.
Sep 1, 2016
Here’s the Recipe for the Perfect Sofa: Introducing The Maxwell
We’re officially launched! For all of you who are in the market for a sofa and want something fabulously classic, comfortable and well priced, here’s The Maxwell (with special discount just for readers), the first in a whole collection designed in collaboration with Interior Define. Designing this perfect sofa was a process that took nearly a year, but it was worth it.
May 21, 2016
The World’s Weirdest, Wildest, and Most Wonderful Sofas
Most sofas are well-behaved. They have a back and a seat and legs and maybe arms, and they look, well, like a sofa. These are not those sofas. These sofas (if you can even call a giant cat a sofa) dare to reimagine the very idea of the sofa, pushing ordinary furniture to weird and wild and even wonderful extremes. Above: It’s always nice to have a cat sit on your lap, but what if the tables were turned and you could curl up in your cat’s lap?
May 20, 2016
Get a Sneak Peek of My New Sofa Collab!
First furniture child is bigger than me. Last week I flew to Chicago to see, for the first time in person, the new Maxwell sofa, which I designed in collaboration with Rob Royer and Marta Calle of Interior Define, a brand new furniture company out of Chicago. It’s only the first of a five part collection that’s going to unroll over the next six months.
May 11, 2016
The Hunt for a Non-Velvet Green Sofa
We’re moving into a new house, and I’ve become infatuated with the idea of a green sofa in our new living room. However, the only green sofas I’ve come across have been green velvet sofas, which don’t exactly suit our style or lifestyle. I was starting to wonder if non-velvet green couches even existed. Of course they do, and here are the 10 best options I could find. And if you are in the market for a green velvet, there are 10 of those, too!
Mar 8, 2016
The Most Design-Forward Sofa at IKEA (We’ve Been Spotting It Everywhere)
Clean lines keep it chic, and deep seats and comfy cushions make it a really livable sofa for real people’s real homes. Oh, and the affordable price tag is a pretty great feature, too. The IKEA SÖDERHAMN sofa line has been on the market for a couple years now, and that means designers and dwellers have had ample time to take the piece home and show us myriad ways to style it.
Mar 2, 2016
A Shopping Guide to Bright Beautiful Seating
The colorful sofa trend is going strong and, as a color addict myself, I couldn’t be happier. It’s hard not to smile when you walk into a room that has a big and bold pop of color. Color may not be for everyone and the thought of such a large piece in a bright color may be intimating, but what’s great is that a colorful sofa can actually be versatile.
Oct 14, 2015
Before & After: Skirted Sofa Gets a Graphic Twist
Although her boyfriend was not convinced that this was the sofa for their apartment, Miranda had big plans. First to go, that dated skirt: With a black slipcover, a graphic black and white fabric, and an ottoman to match, the sofa feels fresh and modern with more room to stretch out. From Miranda: We looked for a couch for what felt like forever!
Jan 21, 2015
Before & After: An Unbelievable (& Adorable) Sofa Save
This sofa has seen better days. Honestly, it takes a lot of vision to think it’s got any potential! Tinca took this sofa home and changed it for the better — plus made it ultra functional for a home that happens to house pretty cute pets. From Tinca: Maybe we found this old sofa on a curb and then dragged it inside or maybe we didn’t. 🙂 But we did decide to give it a complete overhaul. Originally this was a sofa bed you could stretch out.
Sep 27, 2014
Before & After: An Affordable Mid-Century Modern Couch Makeover
Many of us love the look of authentic mid-century modern sofas and furniture but not all of us can afford their sometimes steep price tags. So when Natalie got this couch for free, she loved the shape, but wanted to show off the lines with a more modern fabric. From Natalie: After recently moving into a new place, I was on the hunt for a new couch. I’ve been in love with the mid-century style for awhile now but the ones I had been looking at were $2000+. Not ideal for a 23-year-old.
Aug 23, 2014
Style Forecast: Sofa Trends for 2014 & Beyond
I recently bought a new sofa and it felt like I was buying a car. It’s such a big decision; both in terms of cost and how long you’ll likely live with it. New sofa styles for 2014 are harkening back to classic themes – a Scandinavian take on mid-century, natural wood legs, colorful upholstery, tufted details and retro silhouettes.
Aug 7, 2014
The Togo Sofa and 3 Cheaper Alternatives
One of those designs that inspires true passion on both ends of the spectrum – it seems you either love it or really don’t – Ligne Roset’s Togo is a classic. These sofas, loveseats, chairs, and ottomans are unique with their low-to-the-ground, casual styling and almost anthropomorphic folds. The design has inspired a slew of knockoffs, too (perhaps a true testament to the Togo’s status as a classic).
Feb 6, 2014
Before & After: I Spy A Reimagined Sofa
Megan fell hard for a semi-circular, midcentury tufted sofa she spotted at her local coffee shop but when she tracked down the source, the retail price was an unfathomable sum, only slightly less than the down payment on her house. Yikes! Once again Craigslist saves the day.
Oct 17, 2013
Ode to an Old Plaid Sofa
Dear Beaten-Up, Broken-Down, Ugly Old Plaid Couch: Thank you. As long as I’ve had a couch, you have been my couch. Your ugly, unmatchable plaid-ness has been my curse and my great joy. Now that the time has finally come to replace you, I find I can barely bring myself to do it. What will my living room be without you? What will I be without you? We’ve been through so much together. When my proud parents brought me home from the hospital, you were there.
Feb 29, 2012
Before & After: Rachelle’s Miraculous Rescued Chair
This chair looks like it’s on its last leg. Um, literally. The leg on this chair had rusted through and the whole thing was bent out of shape. No wonder it was sitting out on the curb, waiting for the garbage collector. But wait! This chair hasn’t quite reached the end of its life just yet …Rachelle, from Adventures in Creating, saw this old metal chair on the curb and decided to rescue it from its garbage heap fate.
Jul 28, 2011
Before & After: Rachel’s Rescued Chair
When my friend Rachel was given this chair — a secondhand hand-me-down from her sister — she was able to look past the ratty old upholstery and worn frame and see its true potential. With a little paint and new upholstery, the chair looks brand new.Says Rachel of the chair makeover: “I got this chair as a secondhand hand-me-down. My sister gave it to me after she had been given it from her older, quirky neighbor who she calls “Mr.
Apr 15, 2011
Flexible Bedroom Staple: Daybeds
Oh, to have a guest room! Instead, many of us have an office, a studio, a nursery or another dedicated space in our homes (if we’re lucky enough to have the extra square footage, that is). Unless you’re blessed with huge rooms, chances are a full-size bed or even a standard sleeper sofa wouldn’t fit in an already defined space like an office. That’s where the daybed comes in!
Mar 16, 2011
MANSTAD Sectional Sofa Bed & Storage from IKEA
MANSTAD packs a lot of punch — it’s a (1) small scale sectional sofa that’s also a (2) bed and (3) storage. While there are options for sectionals with built in beds, few are this small, this inexpensive and few are designed to take advantage of the full footprint.
Sep 2, 2009
Good Questions: Sectional Sofas for under $1500?
Hello AT! I am looking for a modern sectional sofa for my condo. I don’t want to spend more than $1500 before shipping. I’ve been considering the Annex Sectional from CB2. I am a little nervous about ordering a sofa without sitting on it, and I don’t have a CB2 near me (I live in Tampa). Does anyone have experience with this sofa? Likes? Dislikes? Thanks! Brad(Note: Include a pic of your problem and your question gets posted first.
Jan 9, 2009
5 Things to Put Behind a Sofa (Besides a Sofa Table)
In a small space, figuring out where to put the sofa is key, but figuring out what to put behind it is equally important. That space behind your couch can be used for shelving, storage, and more if you plan your layout well…Shelving, whether wall-mounted or freestanding, creates a dramatic backdrop behind the sofa. In the middle of a room, you can use open shelving to divide a space and anchor your couch. (This photo is from our old apartment.
Oct 20, 2008
Product Review: Bo Concept Spaze Sofa Bed
Bo Concept recently let us test drive one of their more popular sofa beds to see what we thought of it. After 2 weeks of giving it our all, we have our verdict:Bo Concept is a European Furniture maker that falls somewhere between West Elm and Design Within Reach. Marketed as affordable luxury, their furniture is modern, sleek and often perfect for small spaces.
Sep 8, 2008
High and Low: 15 Modern Sectional Sofas
A sectional sofa is a big investment. Once you add a chaise or additional modular parts onto your sofa, it’s extra hard to find anything under $1,000. Still, there are lots of good options at both the low and high ends of the spectrum. We rounded up 15 sectionals in a range of prices, colors, and configurations.
Aug 20, 2008
Meet Ms. Chesterfield
Meet Ms. Chesterfield
Jun 6, 2024
Maxwell's Daily Find: Ms. Chesterfield Sofa with Interior Define
Maxwell's Daily Find: Ms. Chesterfield Sofa with Interior Define
Jun 6, 2024
How Do I Choose The Perfect Sofa?
How Do I Choose The Perfect Sofa?
May 31, 2017
Maxwell Ryan for Interior Define
Maxwell Ryan for Interior Define
May 17, 2016