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Get a Green Clean: How to Disinfect Your Whole Home With Tea Tree OilOrganize & Clean
Are you tired of your home smelling like chemicals when you clean? You shouldn’t have to leave the room in the middle of scrubbing down the counter because the smell of bleach is singeing your nose hairs. A better way to deal with this is concocting your own cleaning products with the use of natural ingredients and essential oils, including tea tree oil.
May 23, 2023
How To Make Your Own Natural Bathroom CleanersOrganize & Clean
There are tons of “green” bathroom cleaners on the market, but most of the time it’s cheaper and just as effective to make your own. Armed with a few simple non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, you can keep your bathroom fresh and sparkling. If you’ve got a little extra time today, grab this shopping list, head to the store and make a few batches of healthy cleaners to keep your bathroom (or any room) healthy!
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How To Deep Green Clean Your CarpetsHome Projects
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How To Whiten Laundry Without Chlorine BleachOrganize & Clean
Many of us have banished chlorine bleach from our homes, as it can irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs, poison fish and insects, and release carcinogenic dioxins during production. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways keep white linens, socks, and other fabrics sparkling, and you probably already have the necessary ingredients around the house. Ready to get started? Here are some bleach-free ways to get your whites whiter!
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3D-Printed Wood Could Quite Literally Save the TreesNews
By using a 3D bioprinter, scientists can grow this plant material in ways that aren’t found in nature, and do so without producing waste.
Apr 1, 2023
IKEA Is Launching Solar-Powered LED LampsNews
The two lamps were “inspired by the sun and the earth's angle and movement around it.”
Mar 30, 2023
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The 15 Best Organic Bedding SourcesStyle
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This Company Makes Tile Completely Out Of Fish ScalesNews
Not only can you make your home that much more sustainable using these fish scale tiles, but you’ll also be installing an instant conversation starter.
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The First Floating City Has Just Been DesignedNews
Architects are creating new ways to face climate change.
Dec 16, 2022
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Scientists Are Creating Windows That Double As Energy-Generating Solar PanelsNews
We may soon be headed into a future where our windows, skylights, greenhouses, and other glass elements around our homes are producing all the electricity we need to thrive.
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This Is the World’s Largest Tree — But You Could Be Fined or Imprisoned for Visiting ItNews
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The Effortless Thing I Did to Solve My Plastic Bag CollectionLiving
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Hello Wood’s Newest Cabins Make For a Luxuriously Mysterious StayNews
Hello Wood are pioneers in off-grid living, specializing in temporary custom-built installations designed to embrace minimalistic living in a sustainable and stylish way. The company’s latest activation is a cabin resort, dubbed the Rocks Cabins, offering guests a memorable stay in a breath-taking setting.
Aug 1, 2022
3D-Printed Buildings Are Made With Organic Material That Grows PlantsNews
It's like a sod house from centuries ago, but with a 21st century twist.
Jul 26, 2022
Bioceramic Domes Might Be the Houses of the FutureNews
The domes are climate-proof, zero-waste, and low-maintenance.
Jul 18, 2022
These Swimming Pools Are Made From Old Shipping ContainersNews
The eco-friendly pools of the future.
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Living Vehicle’s 2023 Model Is the Most Innovative YetNews
It can generate its own drinking water.
Jul 9, 2022
This German Company Installs Plant Walls That Reduce Noise PollutionNews
Not only do these walls look beautiful, but homeowners and business owners will no longer need to put up with noisy traffic-caused headaches.
Jul 8, 2022
MIT Researchers Propose Using “Space Bubbles” to Curb Global Warming
A group of MIT researchers just came up with an idea that’s totally outside the box — yet still within our orbit.
Jun 24, 2022
This Popular Wine Brand Is Removing Millions of Plastic Bottles From the OceanNews
Wine fans can now enjoy their favorite summertime sip knowing that they are giving back to the planet. Thanks to its work with ReSea Project, The Hidden Sea wine offers an eco-conscious solution.For every bottle of wine purchased across its three varieties—Rosé, Chardonnay, and Red Blend—The Hidden Sea removes the equivalent of 10 single-use plastic water bottles from oceans and waterways around the world. Since July 2020, The Hidden Sea has removed over 13.
Jun 19, 2022
NASA Is Getting Ready To Test A New All-Electric PlaneNews
Coming to the skies this fall is a brand new vehicle that could change the future of aviation forever.
Jun 10, 2022
Responsibly Dispose Of Toys With Mattel's Toy Takeback InitiativeNews
Keep outgrown toys out of landfills.
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Soon You'll Be Able To Score Solar Panels at IKEANews
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Here’s How L.A. Homeowners Can Get Free Solar PanelsNews
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