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How To Get the Look: Scandinavian-Style Kids Bedroom
If there is one thing I never tire of while working with children’s design every day, it’s seeing new Scandinavian-style children’s rooms. They seem so fresh to my American eyes, so different from the character-driven or über modern bedrooms I’m used to here. In an effort to capture a little bit of Sweden stateside, I’ve put together a little “how-to” list to get your fjord on.
Jun 4, 2013
Trend Spotting: Gold and Brass in the Kitchen
About a year ago, Dabney revealed the transformation she had made to the world’s ugliest kitchen in the world’s ugliest condo. You all loved it… although you weren’t so sure about the gold cabinet hardware. “Gold knobs? Really?” one commenter asked. Fast-forward ten months, and I’m starting to see gold (and brass) toned hardware and fixtures creeping into kitchens everywhere. Dabney, you trendsetter, you.
Mar 20, 2013
The New Kitchen: 5 Top Trends
The look of the kitchen is changing — already granite countertops and dark wood cabinets are starting to look a little late 90s. If you’re thinking of renovating or building a house (or just like looking!), here are five of the top trends for modern kitchens. And the best part? Some of these are things you can do right now, without spending much money at all. White and WoodIt’s modern, but warm — the best of both worlds.
Mar 5, 2013
Color Direction: Neons + Neutrals
The design world has embraced a neon trend in both fashion and interiors. Whether or not it’s here to stay, we’re always inspired by a bold mix that works. A hint of highlighter yellow or a touch of hot pink can’t help but put a smile on your face.If you’re drawn to neutrals but looking to add some color, these homes provide some great inspiration for successfully integrating neon into your space.TOP ROW:1.
Oct 15, 2012
Trend Spotting & Sourcing: Safari Chairs
Lately we’ve been spotting quite a few of these vintage safari chairs in interiors across the web. Their shape is clean and minimal, but the materials are rustic — perfect for injecting a bit of warmth into a modern interior.The style has its roots in the campaign furniture of the 19th century.
Jul 13, 2012
Trend Watch: The Campaign Chest
Campaign furniture, as implied by its name, is portable furniture that was designed for use in military campaigns. Its origins can be traced back to the Romans, but its use peaked during the Georgian and Victorian periods (1714-1901). Designed to be easily transported during military operations, campaign furniture included folding seats, small chests, and case furniture that could be dismantled and carried with ease.
Oct 18, 2011
Meditating on Pastels
With spring in the air once again we feel inspired/obligated to bring you a post about pastels, that oft-debated color palette. Popping up more and more in the fashion world recently, we bet we’ll be seeing a lot of pastel-toned rooms in the future. And though they might seem calming, these colors pack quite the wallop of controversy.We’ve always personally hated pastels—so soft, so barely-there, so reminiscent of Easter eggs and babies.
Mar 17, 2010