Collections: Tim’s Hallway of Sailboats

Name: Tim Ford
Location: Echo Park
Collection: Vintage sailboat paintings
Size: 40 plus
Value: Unknown

Description: I’ve been on the hunt for a new home this week and as luck would have it, I ended up at Tim’s lovely fourplex (with one of the units up for rent). As I walked up the main, shared staircase, I immediately became curious about the collection of vintage paintings decorating the hallway.

Tim mentioned that he always disliked the vibe an empty hallway gave off– and since he owns the building he wanted to make the shared hallway cozy and welcoming. He chose sailboats because the fourplex is directly across the street from the Echo Park Lake. His large collection is entirely from thrift and vintage stores making each find affordable and unique.

Thanks Tim, for sharing your collection! We’ll be following up with Tim, showcasing more of his eclectic (and awesome) collections in the coming weeks.

(Images: 1. Tim Ford, 2-5, Beth Zeigler)