Colleen’s Caribbean Dream

For me, the key element of a dream escape is always water. Though I love vacationing in cities full of sights to see and things to do, when I really need a break, I dream of soft Caribbean breezes and the gentle lap of turquoise waves along a white sandy shore. I was fortunate enough to live that dream in Barbados for two years, and that is always the image I return to when I’m feeling the need to relax.

My dream escape is spare yet comfortable- a lot less furniture than I have at home because for me the focus is the view of the beach and the water. Watching the sunset over the Caribbean every night, soaking in the colors, breathing in the salt air and digging my feet into the wet sand is almost sensory overload, so my dream bedroom is full of clean lines and neutral colors.

This Barbados Plantation Bed is the perfect start to my Caribbean dream- made of solid mahogany, it honors the traditional woodworking of the island and the dark wood color is a great foil to the sun and sand of the island.

I would top the bed with the wonderful Organic Pintuck Bedding from West Elm. I love way the simple pintucks create such a soft and fluffy haven.

No dream escape would be complete without a place for me to kick back and read- this Bauer Java Plantation Chair with its swivelling arms/footrests is the perfect place to take a break from the hot island sun.

The modern design of the Torto Ceiling Fan means this dream bedroom will stay cool with style even when the tradewinds are quiet.

The Coral Key Nightstand provides the perfect surface for a carafe of water and an Alexis Lamp while adding just enough storage for a getaway location.