8 Steps to Color Confidence: Step #1 Go On a Color Collection Treasure Hunt

8 Steps to Color Confidence: Step #1 Go On a Color Collection Treasure Hunt

Janel Laban
Jun 18, 2015
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Over the next few weeks, we're going to, one step at a time, raise up our collective color confidence. Color is many things; an interesting amalgam of science, culture, design, self expression and emotion. It's also very powerful. So, it's worth spending a little time to really examine color, get to know about it and about ourselves and then, apply that knowledge, skillfully, to our decorating projects for amazing results.

Just about everyone from a very young age on, can, when asked, name their "favorite" color. You undoubtedly have a one word answer to that question right now. It's probably your go-to, quick and easy way to choose your piece for playing a board game, an iPhone case or maybe even a new pair of sneakers. And, while we all know it goes much deeper than that, it can be challenging to be able to name the bigger range of colors that we like, the intensities, tints and tones that really appeal to us. And, there is a reason for that; so often, it's a challenging thing to really "know" because it's just not a color on its own, in a void, that works for us. It's that color in combination with another color - sometimes even in specific amounts in relationship to each other - that really gets our hearts racing.

It's time to illuminate yourself about all the colors that you love - this isn't about choosing a favorite, this is about discovering palettes and combinations that consistently catch your eye and evoke a positive response.

Here's how to do it, in a few easy exercises. Do one, do the other, do both. Whatever works for you, works!

Exercise #1: This week, take pictures. Not the usual ones of people and pets and events, but of colors that you respond to both out and about, and at home. That's it. The colors of the font on a restaurant menu, the bouquet at the supermarket, the upholstery on a sofa in your favorite shop, a painting at the thrift store, your co-worker's tie. Don't try and "make" a certain color happen. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES and just go with it, don't judge yourself or your choices. Quantity beats quality here. It's not about recording images for the ages, its about experience as research. I'd set a goal of taking at least 5 photos a day this week and more is even better.

Exercise #2:
This week, pin (or download or Evernote or whatever works best for you) photos that are filled with colors you like. Set up a place to gather them together (a pinboard, an Evernote notebook or a folder in your browser or on your desktop) and just get started. Use Apartment Therapy as a resource - we've got tons of photos, but don't stop there and don't limit yourself to photos of interiors. Dig around, into the weird and wonderful corners of the sites you frequent, the online shops you dig, the nether reaches of Pinterest and start grabbing. Everything I said above applies here too; don't judge yourself or your choices, open your mind and just pull by color. Don't reject an image because its got an ugly chair in it, as long as the colors in the photo are appealing. This process can also be done a little bit each day, like the camera phone exercise above, but is equally well suited for a single, in depth session.

An important note: For either/both exercises, remember, the photos that represent the colors you are attracted to don't have to fit into the usual definition of "colorful" - if you find yourself snapping or pulling lots of pics featuring neutrals or muted tones, go for it. There is nothing you can do wrong here except not follow your own heart about what looks beautiful to you.

We'll analyze our results later, but for now, just snap and pin! Also, we'd love to see your growing color collections, so if you want to share, please put URLS/links in the comments at any time - we'll check back on this thread throughout the week to see how you are doing.

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