Color in the MEEB

Color in the MEEB

Regina Yunghans
Feb 18, 2009
When I think of color and light at home, I think of Amelie
I've recently been studying for an exam that covers the "MEEB", or Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings. The several-thousand-page tome is a notoriously dry textbook on building systems and part of it - believe it or not - reminded me of Apartment Therapy...

The MEEB's section on lighting and color offered up some insights both familiar and new with regard to human responses to color:

In an atmosphere designed to be calm and restful, greens should generally predominate either in illuminant color, object color, or both, except in eating areas, which should be lighted with reds and yellows since cool colors are generally unappetizing.

Yellows and browns emphasize motion sickness, whereas blues and greens tend to the reverse. Warm and saturated colors produce activity; conversely cool, unsaturated colors are conducive to meditation. Cool colors also seem to shorten time passage and are well applied in areas of dull repetitive work.

It seems Amelie's apartment defies some of these characteristics, but the use of color and light in her home is delightful. Her red bedroom is rich and comforting. Her yellow bathroom emphasizes light and cheer, not "motion sickness". How about you? Does your use of color at home pretty much align with this MEEB excerpt? Or, like Amelie, have you disproved many of the textbook concepts?

Film stills: Amelie via Decorology

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