Color Watch: Orange

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In case you hadn’t noticed, orange has crept into our lives as a full blown live-with-it-color.

Blame it on the mid-century craze, but once a color reserved for safety cones and CalTrans workers, orange has become THE chic little color that has wedged itself in to our lives. Just look at Maxwell’s book cover, the Transparent House ad and the CB2 logo on this site (right below). Orange is having its moment, and it’s a good one.

From the brave – to the timid of color users, orange lovers can apply it their own way. You could paint a wall as seen in the latest CB2 catalog, limit it to some access pieces such as the bins from Target, a pillow accent seen in Room & Board, or even at the office to jazz up your laptop with a static cling. Orange can be a fresh alternative to classic red, or a new twist to an old room. However you apply it, it will perk things right up.