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If you are ever needing to find a color or match a color name to a color or have forgotten the name and need refreshing, is a great one-stop resource to help you out. We just recieved yet another good tip from Andree who explains it so well:

On this site, you can look up paint colors by name, for SEVERAL different manufacturers. I used Jimmy’s Marlboro Blue as an example from his entree page here.

You’ll get the one reply. If it’s a common name, or you only know part of the name, you’ll get several responses.

Once you see the color online, you can see how it contrasts against black and white. You can see the colors that are shown next to it in the manufacturers color charts (very helpful when needing something a little lighter or darker in the same manufacturer).

Maybe you find a color you love online, but you don’t have that brand of paint nearby, so click on the “match” link, and you’ll get similar colors from other manufacturers. And you’ll see a percentage rating of how closely they match.

The main page will link you over to the CBN system (Color By Number), and you’ll get to this site:

It’s a Windows-only application, I’m on a Mac, so I don’t know how it works exactly. But it’s FREE to download!!! You can calibrate your monitor to more closely reflect the manufacturers actual paint colors.

And the best part (besides FREE) is that you can import your own home pictures and try out those colors you’ve long considered for your home.

It’s a wonderful tool, to compare colors, or to use colors they’ve dreamed of and show them in their own home!


They also have carefully organized color charts from almost every paint manufacturer available in the US. Instead of going to say, the Benjamin Moore website and struggling through all of their hoo-haw, you can effortlessly scour their color collection right here. (Thanks, Andree & Patrick!)

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