Colorful Design For Kids From Engel.

There is nothing as cheerful as a multitude of colorful ornamentation jumping around your home. As adults we tend to gravitate towards restrained colors and hues. I’m slightly envious of my children’s ability to mix shades and patterns in a colorful combination that somehow always looks eccentrically fantastic.

Sabien Engelenburg, the designer for Engel. operates with the motto “celebrate for life.” Her designs reflect just that with her collection of colorful, fun accessories for children. Her design business started when she pulled out scraps of her grandmother’s fabric and sewed multicolored flags for her daughter’s birthday party. In addition to a great collection of party flags she also designs apron’s for children, tablecloths and napkins. She also carries designs by like-minded artists who celebrate color for kids.

You can see at her whole line on her Engel. website.

Top row, left to right: