The Latest Houseware Trend is All Over Amazon—and for Less than $20

updated Mar 11, 2020
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Credit: Kara Brown

Pull yourself out of the grays of winter, people. Spring has almost sprung, and color is back in season—as is colorful glassware. Bar carts and kitchen cabinets of yore were always chock full of amber and green cups and glasses back in the day. And now, as with many things grandmillennial, it’s gaining in popularity. According to Amazon, colorful glassware is currently a trend to keep your eye on, and it’s honestly hard not to. 

These rainbow-colored juice and water glasses aren’t the same ones your grandparents kept stocked on their shelves, and colorful glassware doesn’t have to be a century old to be beautiful. Here are some current favorites available for purchase on Amazon:

Credit: Amazon

Drinking Glasses Set of 4

For those of you who like a bit of mixing and matching going on in your home decor, this set of four colored glasses is for you. Each set comes with an amber, green, blue, and pink vintage-inspired glass. It’s easy to keep track of which one is yours if your collection is multicolored.

Buy: Drinking Glasses Set of 4, Colored Premium Heavy Glassware, $27.99

Credit: Amazon

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Lounge Stackable Long Drink Glass

It’s time to see the world through the bottom of these rose-colored glasses (if you aren’t already). These glasses from Bormioli Rocco are simple in design, but bright in color. Available in peach (above), ice, mint, and clear, you can keep your collection monotone or vary up the shades.

Buy: Bormioli Rocco, Peach, Set of 6, $20.15

Credit: Amazon

Pressed Pattern Wine Glass Wedding Goblet

Okay, so maybe these are your grandparents’ amber-colored glasses. This vintage-looking set of six look exactly like the classic stemmed goblets you would find in any 1970s-era cupboard. If you’re into the vintage style and warm tones, these are a must-have.

Buy: Colored Glass Goblet Vintage in Amber, $36.99

Credit: Amazon

Bistro Key 4 Pc Set Old Fashion Green Glass

Then again, if modern design is more your thing, but you want to hop on the color trend, check out these teal-colored cups from Elle Decor. The mid-century modern motif paired with the refreshing mint color screams summer spent poolside. 

Buy: Elle Decor, Old Fashion Green, $19.99

Credit: Amazon

Picardie Marine Glass Tumbler Drinking Glasses

It’s not everyday you see glasses in this cool blue. This set of six Duralex glasses in “Marine Blue” are super strong and microwave/dishwasher safe. The blue color is subtle, yet just punchy enough to add a bit of dazzle to your glassware stash.

Buy: Duralex Marine Glass, Set of 6, $21.17