9 Little Home Upgrades for People Who Aren’t Afraid of Color

published Aug 5, 2019
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Credit: Emma Fiala

Looking to add a little more oomph to a neutral room? You could paint the walls, sure, but there are plenty of other ways to incorporate a fun hue into your home.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading a single piece of furniture, wallpapering a bathroom or accent wall, or doing something a little more adventurous, we’re here to help you gather inspo. Below, check out nine DIYs that color lovers won’t be able to resist.

Credit: Grace Atwood

Paint Your Floors

Instead of throwing down a rug, consider something a bit more alternative for your flooring situation. Blogger Grace Atwood of The Stripe painted the white and green checkerboard floors in her Brooklyn apartment all by herself, producing a punchy and unique end result. “The project was a bit challenging (it took me about a week to complete) but I’m so glad I did it,” Atwood writes in her blog post about the project. “At the end of the day it only cost me about $100 to do, and it really makes the space.”

Credit: Mackenzie Horan

Apply Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Peeling and sticking is an easy, affordable way to make a major impact in a rental. With a preppy green and white pattern, blogger Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling added a big splash of color to her bathroom. Better yet, it was extremely easy to remove when it was time for Horan to move out of her space.

Use a Bonus Color

Don’t just stick to one palette if you like multiple shades. Above, Stephanie paired a red rug with her green bedroom design for a vibrant look.

Install a Stair Runner

While we love the pops of neon in Emy Flint’s space, we’re particularly taken by the teal runner on her stairs.

Credit: Ruth Crozier for Developing Bliss Photography

Or Paint Your Stairs

Blogger Ashley Wilson painted her stair risers in rainbow hues. It’s definitely an involved process, but it’s also a happiness-inducing way to incorporate a variety of shades in a single space.

Credit: Casey Finn

Wallpaper Your Closet

There’s no reason to neglect your closet walls when it comes to wallpapering—in fact, you could take a cue from Casey Finn of DIY Playbook and wallpaper just this area to create tons of visual interest. Displaying clothes and accessories just got way more exciting.

Go Bold with Existing Piece of Furniture

If you’re unable to paint the walls—or just uninterested—add a fresh coat to a piece of furniture instead. Heather Thibodeau turned a wooden bed frame bright green to give it a completely new life.

Upgrade the Entryway

Why paint just the exterior of your front door when you can bring an additional pop of color inside, like Young House Love’s John and Sherry Petersik did in their space? This is also a great way to use up any paint that may be left over from an outdoor project.

Paint the Door in Addition to the Walls

When you’re already painting a room in your home, paint the door, too. Paige Rien covered her entire bathroom in Benjamin Moore Bracken Blue, and it feels peaceful and cohesive.