Colorful Ways to Merge Tech Gear and Home Decor

Colorful Ways to Merge Tech Gear and Home Decor

Gregory Han
Nov 24, 2010

When you ask someone what their ideal home office might look like, there are usually two camps of thought. The first group tends to focus primarily upon the technology aspect: the speed of the computer, the size and resolution of the monitor, a proper array of peripherals, and all the tech accessories that help get work done. The other camp veers away from the tech specifications wish list and imagines all the other elements that create an inspiring workspace, with furnishings and decorative touches being the main concern. But there are myriad options that merge the two into a complementary whole, utilizing color as the binding element that can take a home work area (or any room where tech resides) from utilitarian to inspirational...

We look at tech gear all day, every day, and most designs and color options out there are yawn-inducing. Born from the world of left-brained engineering and industrial design, technology is just starting to venture into realms of gender neutrality (or even marketed completely to women), offering a wider variety of options to complement decor and personality beyond "masculine," "serious" and/or "boring." Because as much as we like silver, white and black, sometimes adding something wonderfully colorful and bright (think of those brilliant Olivetti typewriters of yesteryear) to the home office can inject some creativity into a space deserving of some personalized elements. Just pick according to which effect you'd like to achieve, as certain colors calm while others energize!

112410SonyVaio.jpgColorful computer gear hasn't been all too common since those Willy Wonka-ish heydays of fruit-hued iMacs, but there are still a few eye-catching options available from the likes of Sony VAIO and Microsoft Special Edition peripherals. And of course, as Anthony pointed out earlier today, you can always customize what you already own using an aftermarket customization service like Colorware.

Even the screensaver or desktop wallpapers that grace your screen can make a difference in adding to the overall decor of your home office. Why not utilize your screen as an extra canvas? Or just make your monitor blend into your room with a simple trick. And for those who are less tech inclined, another tactic is to surround your setup with framed artwork, creating the impression that your monitor is just one amongst several art pieces.

Here are various other resources, solutions and products that use color to personalize and brighten up the home workspace:

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