Striped & Colorful Textiles: Les Toiles du Soleil

I wish I’d discovered Les Toiles du Soleil at the top of the summer as these delightful colors and patterns just scream “sun and surf.” If I had deck chairs — let alone a deck — I’d buy these fabrics by the bolt.

To me these patterns and colorways are instantly recognizable as classic Mediterranean, and they remind me of the small towns and beach umbrellas along the Riviera. Upon further engagement with the delightful owners of this shop, I learned that these fabrics are indigenous to the Catalan region, and the colors reflect the local culture and bright landscape. Fabrics come in two types, suitable for exterior (awnings, umbrellas) or interior — clothes, napkins, side towels.

I may not have deck chairs, but I do have feet, and snapped up three pairs of espadrilles, shades of Imelda Marcos. I’ve never loved shoes more.

(Images: Mark Chamberlain)

Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter