ColorTherapy: Fine Paints of Europe E2-44

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Names: E2-44
Brand: Fine Paints of Europe

A few weeks ago, Monika posted a response to my column, proclaiming the wonders of full-spectrum paint—high-end paint brands that use between 8-16 pigments in a mix instead of two or three. She said she used Donald Kaufman paint in most of her house, that the walls “shimmer” and “change with changing lighting conditions.” Intrigued, and quite dutifully, I researched.

I have a friend and client whose apartment we were redoing, and I offered to paint a room in a color of her choice, using a premium paint brand, on my nickel. We chose Fine Paints of Europe #E2-44, a complex coral color that is bright without being obnoxious or childish.

The result truly does shimmer and change, and you can begin to see that effect in this photo, as the highlights and shadows suggest different hues. The texture of the paint is different too, almost Teflon-like when dry, but at $100/gallon (and a European gallon at that, think of it as a quart) be sure you get the right color the first time around.

The idea of a coral-colored study might seem counterintuitive, but the net effect is both soothing and stimulating, ideal for creative work. Consider this as an extension of last week’s post, “Riviera Pastels.”

Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter