ColorTherapy: Fine Paints of Europe #G19310

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: #G19310
Brand: Fine Paints of Europe

My dear friend Mr. B is a mid-century modernist down the line, but with contemporary influences and a terrific sense of pastiche. Every single thing in his apartment is a design classic, or a rare treasure from the same period. When I mentioned that we really ought to get his bedroom up on its feet with a little Color Therapy he leapt at the chance, wanting a cool neutral that would complement his sensibilities.

This color is like a plumber’s putty—a little green, a little grey—full but not overwhelming. I love how this color bounces off the red woods and dark browns of his furnishings. I’m sure it would be right at home in any Rock Hudson/Doris Day picture of that period.

Also, this is the third time I’ve used this high-end paint brand. It’s a joy to work with–coats well, the colors are delicious and it has a tephlon finish.

Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter