Combination Living/Dining Rooms

Combination Living/Dining Rooms

Sarah Coffey
Oct 27, 2009

In lofts, studio apartments, and open-plan spaces, combination living and dining rooms are a common occurrence. This type of arrangement can create good flow (especially for parties), but it also requires some strategic furniture placement...

The spaces above offer lots of good ideas. In David and Im's small space (photo #1), a table and sofa are about the same length, but the difference in materials creates a sense of separation between zones.

Janet (photo #2) uses a pendant lamp to anchor the dining set in a far corner, while the fireplace creates a natural focal point for the living area. In Kim's loft (photo #3), living and dining room functions are blended by a wall of bookshelves, but an area rug and a set of pendant lamps help to define the dining space.

Kevin and Dop (photo #4) and David and Susan (photo #5) use color to distinguish their dining rooms. Bright chairs, walls, and textiles are a simple way to section off space.

1 David and Im's OneSpace
2 Janet's Peaceful Modern
3 Kimberly's Renovated Loft
4 Kevin and Dop's Playful Uptown Loft
5 David and Susan's Police Precinct Conversion

Photos: David and Im, Janet, Kimberly, Evan Thomas, Susie Nadler

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