A 2-in-1 IKEA Hacked Standing Desk

A 2-in-1 IKEA Hacked Standing Desk

Range Govindan
Sep 26, 2011

When considering transitioning to a standing desk, it's advisable to factor in the option to sit occasionally. Just as our team recently reported from 1st hand experience, the best workstations can double both as a standing desks and sitting desk. While height-adjustable standing desks are ideal, not everyone can afford their price tag. Here's how someone hacked IKEA furniture to keep all options on the table...

There's a known fact about standing desks that once you up, it's hard to come back down. By this, we mean that once you get or hack a standing desk, it's usually not that easy to get a sitting desk again, unless you buy an expensive height-adjustable desk. There are some hacks that allow you to do so, but usually you have to fiddle around with the desk.

Keith Rozario's hack is quite straightforward. Instead of making only one tabletop, that goes up or down, he hacked himself two surfaces, which allow him a lot of versatility, and quick changes if he gets tired of standing up. Keith uses this as a dual workstation for himself and his wife. He also chose to do it this way because the other hacks he had seen didn't fit his 6-foot frame.

The normal desk is composed of an IKEA Expedit Desk that's affixed to a IKEA Expedit 2×2 shelving unit. Another Expedit 2×2 shelving unit serves as the left side base for the standing desk. Shorter Lack shelves serve to anchor the standing desk, which is composed of two Lack wall shelves (74 ¾").

You'll need to get some extra brackets from a hardware store in order to mount the Expedit desk, because the ones supplied with it only fit 2×4 or 4×4 Lacks. This hack isn't too hard to put together and overall, we like the versatility of dual workstations. The cost isn't too high either, meaning that almost everyone can give this a try.

Once this is done, you can further customize your work area with extra floating Expedit wall shelves. If they're placed at the right height, and asymmetrically, they can give a nice feel to a work area. We'd also consider lighting the desks up with LED Dioder strips. Since the desk is standing, it's perfect for a few LED light strips. The standing desk is pretty high, so we'd relegate other table lights to the wall shelves. It would free up desk real estate and that would provide an interesting lighting option.

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(via Ikeahackers, images by Keith Rozario and Flickr member Rob Knight via CC License)

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