Come In, Go Away

Come In, Go Away

Kristen Lubbe
May 5, 2010

We've been looking for a door mat for quite some time now &mdash and we haven't found the perfect one. We have some narrowed down that are scattered among a few of our favorite stores but we've having a hard time deciding on what statement we want to project with our welcome mat. We're not sure if we want to come across at serious, chic, playful, whimsical or do we dare consider funny?

Sometimes neighbors can be awfully judgement, but in this case &mdash frankly, we don't give a damn! We have no problem with coming across as jokesters with this Come In, Go Away door mat.

Does this door mat look at all familiar to you? It should if you checked out Hunter's First Home: An Exercise in DIY. When we first looked at his wonderful house tour, we couldn't help but laugh when we saw the first and then last picture. When you see the first picture you think it's just a run of the mill door matt.. until you see the last picture! Then you realize there's more to that door mat.

We found the mat for sale and we were pretty thrilled when we did. We think this mat embodies our personality and will hopefully make visitors and people we kick out chuckle! The mat is made from natural course fibers and is selling for $39.00 on Generate Design.

(Images: 2-3: Eric Cantrelle of Xdesign, Inc.)

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