Comma Workshop: Handcrafted Modern Text Quilts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s been a resurgence in modern quilt-making lately with a new emphasis on visually intriguing stitching, as seen in the map quilts from Haptic Labs and in these text quilts from Comma Workshop…

Each quilt from Comma Workshop has a story quilted directly into it. Founder Kerry Larkin has degrees in architecture and industrial design, but more importantly (as it’s written on her website), she’s “sheared sheep, opened a yoga studio in rural Alabama, and dragged an 80-foot yellow arrow across the country.”

More about the quilts:

The original stories evolve from the titles of the quilts and blend elements of fantasy and wit to surprise and delight the user.
While the context series specifcally is designed, written, and quilted by Kerry Larkin, Comma Workshop often collaborates with other writers and poets to create quilts made by ‘many hands.’ This is reflective of the traditional quilting bee, which was used as a means of socializing and exchanging ideas.
Taking the crafts of storytelling and quilting and pairing it with a modern aesthetic and palette, the context series offers a new take on a time-honored tradition.

Quilts are available in cradle, throw, or coverlet size, and prices start at $230. Read more about Comma Workshop at their blog, and purchase their quilts through their website or at Poppytalk.