Computer Shock: Moving from Mac to PCs for Work

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most people chronicle the shift from PCs to Macs and the pros and cons of such a conversion. Recently Range went into detail describing his reasons for switching. But, as a new generation of workers enter the job market, they are moving from Macs back to PC’s. Many complain of the difficulty of the shift when it really isn’t that horrible.

Windows is not a bad operating system in its modern incarnation. In reality, even firm Apple users such as us can still understand the virtues of Windows.

While you can use all sorts of utilities to replicate some of the functionality of OS X, it is really not worth it. Learning to work natively in Windows is very important because one never knows when their next employer will not allow the usage of a Mac. Below are some of our tips to stemming the gap and transitioning back into the world of Windows.

  1. If you’re not particularly computer savvy, tell your employer and take the training they offer. Nothing is worse than trying to fake Windows knowledge when you have been using a Mac since the OS 3 days.
  2. While many employers expect you to be able to use Office, there are many similarities between the versions. Knowledge is transferrable and hence Windows Office knowledge is not required.
  3. Be a realist. While many companies might use PCs due to price, others are locked in due to specific software suites. No matter how awful it might be to use Windows, you too can adapt. Besides, being able to move fluidly between the two is a useful skill in a sluggish job market.
  4. Make friends with the IT people. Take them sandwiches, Pringles, whatever! Some might think of IT people as nerds in an office with servers… Well who cares if they are. Much like personnel, they hold the keys to a happy work place free of computer frustration. Making friends with IT means you might get favors and better treatment. Beside,s you do not want to suffer the wrath of an IT guy who hates you because you bash his love of Battlestar Galactica. You deserve what IT hell befalls you if you act like that.

Most of all, remember that what computer you use is a highly personal decision that many companies do not give back to users. Remember to take it in stride and to get quality time in with the MacBook when you get home each night.

(Top image: flickr member scalleja licensed under Creative Commons)