Computer Wallpaper Changes with Time

Computer Wallpaper Changes with Time

Sonia Zjawinski
Nov 5, 2008

Does anyone wear a watch anymore? We either use our Blackberry or computer to give us the time, while others use cool new iPhone apps or screen savers.

Because we're rarely away from our computer long enough for the screen saver to come on, we were excited about this software designed by Jacob Bandes-Storch. Wallpaper Clock for the Mac is a program that lets you download wallpapers that are designed to refresh every minute so they give you the current date and time within their graphics. Sure, sure, you could look up at the clock on your OS menu bar, but isn't it more interesting to put that cute photograph of a horse to work? Why should it just sit there and look cute when it could be giving you up to the minute deets!

After the jump we take a look at some of our favorite wall clocks from Vlad Studio, who also explains how you can make your own on his site...

Images: Vlad Studio

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