Concrete Light Bulb & Other Great Light Bulb DIY Projects

We love the iconic shape of the incandescent bulb and finding new ways to use old bulbs. We have blogged about DIY projects that have turned old bulbs into terrariums, bud vases, and even salt and pepper shakers and with this project, the bulb lends its shape to very sturdy wall hooks. If you are fan of the shape of the classic bulb, or just of decor with an industrial feel, check out this great DIY project roundup.


1) Concrete Light Bulb Wall Hook Created by Instructable user Whamodyne these sturdy wall hooks were created from the mold of an incandescent bulb and are perfect for adding a fun industrial tech element to your home.

2) Light Bulb Bud Vase: This chic little bud vase is easy to make, just follow these simple instructions from ReadyMade!

3) Light Bulb Mini Terrarium: This adorable DIY project appears on The Hipster Home courtesy of Juliette Melton from TinyTerra. Every time we see this project we fight the desire to make 100s of these and populate them with tiny LEGO minifig friends.

4) Light Bulb Oil Lamp: Instructables user CYNICALifornia shows us how to make our own light bulb oil lamp with just the bulb, salt, a soda can, some oil and a wick made from an old sock. Check out the Instructable for the complete instructions.

5) Light Bulb Salt & Pepper Shakers: Another great project from ReadyMade, this one uses the old bulbs to make a great set of salt and pepper shakers.