Get the Pinterest-Worthy Pantry of Your Dreams With This Container Store Sale

published Oct 17, 2019
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A cluttered kitchen isn’t the most calming space—especially when it’s on the small side. If Pinterest has taught us anything, it’s that there’s hardly anything as satisfying as a perfectly organized pantry—and right now, achieving the look for yourself is actually possible. The Container Store is currently offering up to 25 percent off on hundreds of kitchen and pantry products, including top brands like The Home Edit, ProKeeper, and Joseph Joseph. Not only do these kitchen finds double the storage space in your kitchen (and beyond), but they also make everything easier to reach and see, too.

The Home Edit All-Purpose Deep Bin with Divider

Organize snacks or baking materials in your pantry with these clear plastic bins, part of The Home Edit’s collection with The Container Store—we even talked to them about it! This bin includes a divider so you can keep things from getting too unruly, and it’s also stackable if you need more vertical storage. Most importantly, the see-through bins keep everything in sight and are easy to clean in case of any spills—there are even labels you can buy to keep everything streamlined.

Buy: The Home Edit All-Purpose Deep Bin With Divider, $20 $16

Chrome Cupboard Shelf

This humble but completely functional shelf instantly doubles the shelf space in your cabinets. It’s one of our favorite kitchen hacks—there’s just no need to stack bowls on top of plates when they can each have their own structure to rest on, and they make everything easier to see and reach.

Buy: Chrome Cupboard Shelf, $12 $9

iDesign Linus Spice Racks

If you’ve ever accidentally bought another jar of paprika because you didn’t realize you already had one, you probably need a better spice storage solution. Keeping them on a tiered rack doesn’t take up any extra space, and lets you easily see and reach what you have. It can also be used to hold toiletries in your bathroom or on your vanity table.

Buy: iDesign Linus Spice Rack, starts at $10 $8

Chrome Cookware Organizer

I think we can all agree that organizing cookware is no easy task. Happily, there are plenty of ways to go about it, like buying one of these functional organizers. It can be placed in your cabinet on its side or anchored vertically depending on your preference, and includes adjustable dividers.

Buy: Chrome Cookware Organizer, $23 $17

Refrigerator Organization Bins (set of 4)

The other space where food needs to be easily in sight? Your fridge, of course! See-through bins let you group everything together, and may leave you with even more precious fridge real estate than you started with. This set includes one large, one medium, and two narrow bins that are perfect for keeping all your jars, veggies, and containers in one place.

Buy: Refrigerator Organization Bins (set of 4), $30 $22

Artisan Glass Canisters with Oak Lids

If you’re all about transferring packaged items into canisters, look no further than these gorgeous glass canisters with airtight oak lids. Available in four sizes, they add some uniformity and style to your counter or pantry shelf, but honestly they’ll look good anywhere in your home.

Buy: Artisan Glass Canisters with Oak Lids, starts at $13 $10

Silver 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer

Don’t let the area under your sink be a wasteland for random cleaning supplies. This 2-drawer mesh organizer fits in easily around pipes and adds height that you might not have had before. We also recommend this little miracle worker for bathrooms for keeping track of extra beauty and skincare products.

Buy: Silver 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer, $25 $19

Origami Kitchen Cart

Increase your food prep space with this kitchen island cart that actually collapses into just 6 inches when not in use. You’ll probably want to keep it set up at all times (especially since the two shelves provide some good storage), but, you know, options!

Buy: Origami Kitchen Cart, $120 $90