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A Fun, Whimsical Maximalism Small/Cool Space

Name: Mira Mason-Reader

Size: 767 sq ft

Home type: House

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Years lived in: 1.5 years, owned

Household: My husband, Matt, and our two cats, Lou and Winona

Have any design professionals worked on this space: No

Describe your space:

We bought our house a little over 1.5 years ago, and we were first-time home buyers. It was scary in some ways, but so exciting, and we loved this little house from the get-go. We were looking into buying a tiny house for a long time, but then we found this house, and figured it blended tiny house aspects into a more long-term, livable situation. Our space is functional and fun, which is always my favorite blend of adjectives. Our house makes me feel happy and excited, and I love spending time here. I'm a homebody for sure, so it's important to me to have a well put together living space.

Did you DIY anything in your space? And, if so, what's your favorite DIY?

Quarantining has been very good for our house, because it has given me a lot more time to make our space more fun. I love repurposing things, so I end up DIYing a lot of things around the house. My current favorite DIY is the paint job in our bathroom! I hand drew and painted the dark blue stars on the left and right walls, and then painted the middle wall and ceiling a gorgeous light candy pink (which my husband chose). I'm very lucky that my husband trusts my design whimsies and just lets me go with it. It makes both of our lives easier!

What's your favorite product that you bought for your space and where did it come from?

There are too many to choose from!

What inspires you?

Movies, books, and art are my main points of inspiration. I love playing with things and not taking anything too seriously, so our furniture tends to get moved around a lot because of that. I absolutely love the aesthetics of filmmakers like Sofia Coppola, Tim Burton, and Wes Anderson. I love their use of color and design, space, and mood. I think those are all really important aspects when putting together a home, an outfit, or whatever!