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A Colorful, Botanical, Tranquil Small/Cool Space

Name: Emily Forgione

Size: 235 sq ft

Home type: Studio

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Years lived in: Almost two years, rented

Household: No one

Have any design professionals worked on this space: No

Describe your space:

The current iteration of my space came together as a result of forced adaptation to working from home in the pandemic. I used to have a very busy social and professional life in NYC and was never home, but when the pandemic hit and I began working from home and spending all my time here, I knew I needed to make it feel as comforting and spacious as possible. I rearranged the layout, got a more comfortable couch, added a desk nook, ceiling fan, and plants, and redid the kitchen area. I love that I created a vibrant and inviting space out of a wall-facing tiny apartment during a very hard time.

Did you DIY anything in your space? And, if so, what's your favorite DIY?

Yes! I added a stick-on tile backsplash in the "kitchen." I love that that small addition adds so much charm and color to the area. I also started making my own candles that I burn at night to create cozy ambiance.

How do you make your small space work for you and feel bigger than it really is?

When I knew I would be working from home for the long haul, I knew I needed some sort of desk area. I got a cute chair, and installed a wall-mounted fold-down desk for work. It's great, because the desk doesn't take up floor space, and can be folded down when I'm not working, so I don't have to look at my "office" 24/7. The desk is white, so it blends right into the white wall. The layout is also key to making it feel spacious. I used to have a different layout that blocked light. The current layout allows in maximum light. Thank you to my friend Leah for her genius vision for the layout!

How does your home reflect you?

I am drawn to spaces that that ooze warmth, light, and serenity, and I think my space reflects that. I also love to be surrounded by things that hold memories or remind me of my favorite places or people. I have a lot of decor and trinkets that I've picked up that remind me of certain happy places or experiences I've had, such as Italy, my home state of Massachusetts, or special days spent with loved ones.