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Control Closet Clutter: The Quick & Easy Hanger Trick

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Each year I tell myself I’ll thin down my closet. I usually donate a few tops or pants, but there are still a good handful of pieces I like, but don’t wear all that often. In reality, I probably wear them less than I think. To put that idea to the test and help me keep track of what I’m really using, I think I’ll try this oldie but a goodie of a trick.

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Ray and Jen flipped their closet around. Well, not their closet, just the hangers. This allowed them to see what clothes they were really using. You can do it, too: after you wear each item, turn the empty hangers around when you put your clothes back in the closet after washing. You’ll soon see what you wear a lot, and what you never touch! It’s a great way to make things obvious, which will help when it comes time to give your clutter a long hard look.

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