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30 Perfect Gifts for Anyone Who Loves to Cook

updated Oct 30, 2020
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Whether you’re shopping for seasoned chefs or new to the kitchen home cooks, finding the perfect gift for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen can be as hard as following a complicated recipe. Luckily for you, I scoured the best places for kitchenware to find something for every level of home chef. A few gifts are tried-and-true cooking classics, while others are more unexpected upgrades for the kitchen—and some made the cut because they’re guaranteed to make your loved ones smile. Starting at just $6, take your pick of these cookspace must-haves.

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Material's iconic skillet is a work of art and will last a lifetime. It's made of stainless steel with a copper core for optimal heat distribution, and it has a fume-free coating that lasts up to 37x longer than ceramic. And who could hate that gorgeous metallic color?

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Need a helping hand to pour your tea? We’ve found a short-’n’-stout friend to serve it with charm. Order this teapot a few weeks in advance: If it's not in stock, it’ll be made to order.

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Williams Sonoma

“Gnome” the pain with a drink poured from this fun cocktail shaker. The cap doubles as a jigger, and that new-penny shine will add glimmer to any barware collection.

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The Grommet

Give this dinner bell to a prizefighting cook, a brawler who picks fights at the table, or the lightweight most likely to K.O. from all that feasting. These bells have been crafted by renowned bell makers since 1832, so that brass will ring loud and clear for a lifetime.

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From our partner

If the cook on your list is also into healthy eating, then an air fryer just might be the gadget they didn't know they needed. This model from Cuisinart also doubles as a toaster oven, and it's been redesigned to take up less counter space.

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Gift a schlep-less shopping experience with a thoughtfully designed market tote. The details are genius: six long pockets for anything from bottles to baguettes, a roomy central compartment for bulky items, and even an adjustable flower holder to keep blooms intact—and the rest of your groceries dry.

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Gift wrap that’s also a gift sounds like a brilliant idea for an eco-conscious cook and Mother Nature. This versatile beeswax-coated cloth is washable, reusable, biodegradable, and comes in colorful prints. You’ll want to buy some for yourself, too!

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Has the home chef in your life jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet? If not, this is the latest and greatest model to gift that's faster and even more efficient than its predecessors.

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The Grommet

Eating by candlelight is a time-honored ritual that becomes even more punctual with this coiled wick. Every inch above the clip burns 20 minutes, and it even self-extinguishes.

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Uncommon Goods

Windproof, flameless, and made to last, this lighter beats its cheap plastic counterparts and chemical-coated matches, hands down. A 1.5-hour charge can provide up to 300 uses, and lighting dining table tapers with this squiggle of light will make your giftee feel like they’re wielding a mini lightsaber.

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Sur La Table

Unlike most butter dishes, this European design uses water to ensure butter stays cool but soft enough to spread, while still protecting it from airborne bacteria. This guy may drastically increase butter consumption—all the better for snacking on toast with!

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Williams Sonoma

This popcorn popper will change your friend's snacking habits for the better. Add a little oil and some kernels (plus, a sprinkle of sugar for kettle corn!) to the easy-to-use, easy-to-clean stovetop gadget for theater-quality popcorn in mere minutes.

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If there were ever a proper way to store cheese in the fridge, this vault is it. The curd nerd in your life, who typically wraps their Manchego in plastic wrap only to let it shrivel, is going to love the adjustable silicone chambers that keep cheese “alive” and at the right humidity level for enjoying.

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Consider this set of three essential knives instead of a bulky block (that's more filler than killer) for a cook who's just starting out. With a serrated, chef's, and paring knife—all made out of high-carbon stainless steel—whomever you give this to will be able to tackle pretty much any cutting or chopping task in the kitchen with confidence.

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The Grommet

A home cook who doesn’t use a grating plate on a weekly basis probably just doesn’t have one yet. The bumps make quick work out of grating ginger, garlic, hard cheeses, spices, tomatoes, and more. Plus, it’s pretty enough to be something they’ll want to keep out on their counters.

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West Elm

After all that stirring, a cook should reward their trusty spoon with a special (and witty!) place to rest. Spatulas, forks, whisks, and other utensils can crash on this cutie, too.

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You’ve been mesmerized by the batter artists of Youtube, so now let a lucky recipient express themselves with their own at-home breakfast. This kit has everything they’ll need to create mini pancake masterpieces, from griddle-safe molds to tiny squeeze bottles.

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Stuff this shiny cookie-shaped box with a sweet message or money, and your recipient will then have the perfect spot for stashing their own small or precious things after opening it—like jewelry or coins.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

Whisky lovers aren’t usually looking to drink water when they’re sipping on a vintage. The wedge-shaped ice in this freezable cup makes sure their spirit stays cool as they drink—but with minimal dilution.

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Waffles have never looked as fun as they will with these colorful little griddles. Your loved one will get that golden-crisp fluffiness without making a big batter hoopla. These makers can even be used for pressed sandwiches, if they’re more into lunch fare.

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Uncommon Goods

What’s a new sourdough hobbyist to do with all those cut loaves? Keep them from drying into giant croutons with a stretchy silicone cap that slips right over the sliced end of their creations.

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World Market

A quick missive from the kitchen is as easy as ripping a page off of this memo pad. The papers fold up into an envelope for easy mailing, but your cook can also use one to jot down a recipe or grocery list, too.

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This genius drying rack suspends drippy dinnerware in the air, so all that space over the sink gets put to good use without creating a sopping-wet countertop. It comes in three pretty shades, so there’s something to match every cookspace.

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A cutting board is a kitchen essential. Any blade will feel blessed to chop on an eco-friendly, antimicrobial, and water-resistant bamboo board. It even has a phone holder for safely scrolling through recipe pages or FaceTiming while finely dicing.

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An assortment of kitchen towels is always an easy, welcome gift. These are made from lint-free Fair Trade-certified organic cotton, so you can wipe up worry-free in three bold colors.

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Pottery Barn

Mangia like you mean it with this mega pasta bowl, wide enough to catch scattered flurries of Parm and deep enough to toss and twirl without losing noodles. The pretty patterned stoneware is painted by artisans in Mexico City and is oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe.

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Help your home chef take care of those heirloom pots and pans with a cleaning brush that's specially designed for cast iron. A colorful dish brush rounds out a set that's the perfect small gift for anyone looking to maintain their cookware.

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Great Jones
was $40.00

For the foodie who appreciates tools that perform and look pretty doing it, this bold blue pan is a must-have. It can go from oven to table for sheet pan suppers, and cookies are less likely to burn on their bottoms when baking with it, due to its colored enamel coating (which stays slightly cooler than reflective metal).

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This handcrafted mug is for anyone who craves companionship with their caffeine. If you like the look, this artist sells a whole line of quirky digit ceramics for the rest of the home, too.

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From our partner

Has the home chef in your life jumped on the pressure cooker bandwagon yet? If not, this is the latest and greatest model to gift that's faster and even more efficient than its predecessors.