Cooking with an iPhone: Is it Worth it?

Cooking with an iPhone: Is it Worth it?

Taryn Williford
Feb 5, 2010

Never before has there been a device that so seamlessly helps the cook plan, shop for and prepare entire meals—whether he's a seasoned professional or just a single man making himself dinner. But is using your iPhone as a kitchen tool a bad idea?

The cellphone seems to be the all-in-one tool every chef wants in their arsenal. As the New York Times put it:

"It has become the kitchen tool of choice for chefs and home cooks. They use it to keep grocery lists, find recipes, photograph their handiwork, look up the names of French cheeses, set timers for steak and soft-boiled eggs, and convert European or English measurements to American ones."

But one columnist at has detailed, not only the pleasures, but also the stresses of cooking with her iPhone.

The pluses? Her device provided a one-stop reference for finding recipes and shopping for ingredients—and all with a built-in sous chef that'll help you as you cook.

The downsides? Keeping your shiny touch screen phone with you in the kitchen means it's liable to get filthy, as was the case with Slate's columnists' iPhone. A cookbook can stay open, but an iPhone needs constant tactile attention from messy, sticky fingers to stay alert and lit.

You could wrap your iPhone in a ziplock baggie or even vacuum seal it to keep it clean (the touch screen works even through thin plastic). But is the stress and risk outweighed by the reward?

(Image: Taryn Fiol)

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