Coping with Cabin Fever? Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning!

Coping with Cabin Fever? Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning!

Colleen Quinn
Feb 10, 2010

With blizzard warnings across the region and whiteout conditions keeping everyone indoors, we know many of you are starting to battle cabin fever — I for one spent my morning doing laundry in an effort to feel productive. For the record, I hate doing laundry, not because I don't like clean clothes but because I hate the taunting piles of clean and folded clothes that have to be crammed into drawers to make my home presentable. Itchy for a project to distract me from the howling winds outside, today I got a jumpstart on my spring cleaning and created some much needed room in those dresser drawers.

One drawer at a time, I emptied every drawer in my house onto my bed and started sorting. I was astonished, both by the clothes lurking at the bottom (or squished into the back) of various drawers and by the incredible number of black t-shirts that I seem to own (I think they are breeding when I'm not looking). The more drawers I emptied, the bigger the donation and rag piles grew.

When all of the clothes had been assessed for fit, style, and purpose, I was left with a much smaller pile of "keep" items than anticipated. Combining that pile with the piles of clean laundry, I began sorting to combine like items. By day's end, I found myself with organized dressers (that even have a couple of empty drawers!), a great pile of cotton rags for future projects, and a substantial clothing donation to make to a local homeless shelter — not a bad result for a project born purely from frustration.

We would love to hear how you've been coping with cabin fever, especially as it doesn't look like many of us will be dug out anytime soon.

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