Cork Flooring from Candice Olson: Clean, Comfortable, Affordable

When picturing my dream home, I always battle between hard floors and carpet. While each side has many good points, cork may just push me over to hard floors. Candice Olson is just one among many designers using cork flooring in their bag of tricks. Just like wood flooring, cork comes in a nice variety of colors and finishes. If you’re unsure or unfamiliar with this type of flooring, Candice Olson’s website explains all the glory of cork in a friendly, informative style. Read more for details.

Cork’s Quick Facts:

  • Sustainable: Cork is superbly sustainable. Unlike wood, cork harvesting does not kill the tree. The outer bark is harvested, leaving the cork oak to live and grow.
  • Clean and natural: Cork’s innate characteristics repel dust, germs and mold. And there’s no need for harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to maintain it.
  • Comfortable: Cork has a unique honeycomb-like structure with air pockets that make it a natural shock absorber for your feet and back.
  • Good for the environment: Cork oak helps prevent soil erosion (and subsequent desertification) during the hot Mediterranean summers because of its evergreen leaves and long roots that penetrate deep into the soil.

Candice Olson’s Product Line-Up:

1. Group photo of all featured products.
2. Light and bright. (This is a descriptor, not the product name.)
3. Parquet style. (This is a descriptor, not the product name.)
4. Speckled. (This is a descriptor, not the product name.)
5. Stone gray. (This is a descriptor, not the product name.)

Buy it! Cork flooring from Candice Olson.

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