The Corky Mouse: Powers Itself With Kinetic Energy

This is brilliant: the Corky Mouse from designer Adele Peters is a kinetic energy-harvesting mouse that powers itself every time you click it or move it around your desk. Made from 100% recycled plastic components and recycled and biodegradable cork, it was one of 18 finalists in this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition. No more disposable batteries!

According to Inhabitat, “Adele is also considering the device’s sustainability from a systems-based approach… Plans are included for regional sourcing and assembly, product take-back and recycling, and disassembly data will be easily accessible for recycling centers. That last point is important, because a big issue with electronics recycling is that disassembly information is often considered proprietary and not disclosed, which makes the process of dismantling and recycling a device difficult if not impossible.”

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Via: Inhabitat

(Images: Inhabitat)