Home Grown Only: Beautiful Flowers You Might Just Have To Grow Yourself

Home Grown Only: Beautiful Flowers You Might Just Have To Grow Yourself

Tess Wilson
Jun 7, 2012

Flower shops and farmers markets are overwhelming with blossoms this time of year, but there are always a few flowers that are impossible to find. Whether their lifespan is too short, or their too fragile to ship, or they're just not popular enough, certain flowers simply have to be homegrown.

  • The other day Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua presented the lovely corn poppy, proudly grown on her new flower farm. Now, I adore poppies- as I've mentioned here & here and probably a few other times- so a whole new poppy is very exciting. However, I doubt I'll be finding it at a flower shop anytime soon. As Sarah writes, "This is a dream flower, one which you have to grow yourself. They are far to fragile to ship, and probably have a vase life of one day." But what a day!
  • Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia, formerly known as Datura) is another favorite that I've never once seen for sale as cut stems. They don't have great stems, I'll admit, which might be part of the problem. But they have an intoxicating scent, and their beauty makes me want to gaze & gaze (as you can see in this Ron van Dongen photo featured on Glitz Bliss, so it would be wonderful to have a vase of them.
  • Hellebores are wild, dainty things that come in fascinating shades of chartreuse, salmon, and near-black. I have never once seen them for sale, but if I did I would buy them all. Depending on the price, of course.This perfect little arrangement was created by Flirty Fleurs
  • Clematis is best known for its glorious vine-ness, an exuberant tangle of blossoms and tendrils and tiny tumbleweeds. We once had a bunch of it in the flower shop where I work- just once- and I couldn't believe how amazing it was in a vase. The vines hold their shape so well, so with very little effort you can create an arrangement with great structure and liveliness. Flirty Fleurs also made this beautiful clematis arrangement with stems that had most of the leaves and blossoms removed to create long stems, but if you grow your own I recommend only stripping the portion of the vine that will be submerged.

What favorite flowers are impossible for you to find for sale? Have you started growing your own? The flowers above are all on my Someday Dream Garden Wish List, for sure. And if you have seen any of the ones above for sale, please let me know where!

(Images: 1.Saipua, 2. Ron van Dongen via Glitz Bliss, 3. Flirty Fleurs, 4. Flirty Fleurs)

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