Cornmeal: The All Natural Weed Blocker

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You probably have a container of cornmeal somewhere in your cupboards, but you probably didn’t know it could be used in more places than your kitchen. What if we told you to take it outside?

For most of us cornmeal is used in cooking and the idea of it being outside would only come to mind if we happened to drop our grocery bag on the way into the house. The blog DIY Life recently rounded up a list of natural weed killers. We’ve talked about a few of them in the past and even some more recently, but cornmeal was a new one to us.

How does it work? Essentially it doesn’t allow the weeds to germinate, so it should only be sprinkled onto grass that’s already taken hold. It may also encourage worms which, as you know, are a gardener’s best friend. I’m betting the birds will get a fine kick out of it as well!

Check out more details over at DIY Life

(Image: Flickr member Katie Loughlin licensed for use by Creative Commons)