Costco Has the Most Gorgeous (and Massive) Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees for $35

published Jan 28, 2024
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Temecula, California September 2, 2022: Costco wholesale store.
Credit: Artography/Shutterstock

Everything at Costco just seems big, and the internet’s latest favorite find is no exception. The big-box chain is selling massive (and real!) fiddle-leaf fig trees in stores for just $35, and green thumbs everywhere are stocking their carts with these lush green-leafed plants.

Spotted by @costcoguide, the fiddle-leaf figs on sale include the plant’s signature gorgeous green leaves with their wavy texture and prominent veins. And while they’ll look undeniably gorgeous in any home garden, fiddle-leaf figs are notoriously a little bit high-maintenance, requiring indirect natural sunlight, temperatures that are at least moderate, as well as very little activity, as they don’t love to be moved. But if you can handle the maintenance, they’ll look stunning as a houseplant or addition to your outdoor garden.

In fact, the Instagram post included some tips to keep yours looking great. “Start off on a good foot by trying to pick a healthy plant,” the person behind the Costco Guide account wrote. “Look for bright shiny new baby leaves growing out of the top, check the soil and make sure it doesn’t have white powdery stuff on top.” She also looks “to make sure the leaves are in good shape, not a ton of cracked leaves and brown spots.”

“When you get it home, I like to give it a little shower to make sure there isn’t a bunch of dust, etc on the leaves,” she adds. “Spray all over with neem oil spray (leaves and soil) … I also like to flush it with some water and add some plant food and let it drain thoroughly.”

After that, she says, “I try to spray with neem oil every week to make sure you don’t have any weird spider mites and bugs that get in the soil in transit.”

Of course, if you love the look of a fiddle-leaf fig but don’t love the idea of maintenance (or don’t have the space for Costco’s big beautiful version), no sweat. This Costa Farms faux fiddle-leaf fig plant ($34.11) on Amazon is roughly the same price but quite a bit shorter, which makes it friendlier for small spaces and renters. Plus, there’s no water, plant food, indirect sunlight, muss or fuss necessary to enjoy this stunning West African plant in your home for years to come. Not a bad deal, eh?