Costumes: All Gnomes All the Time

Costumes: All Gnomes All the Time

Carrie McBride
Oct 5, 2010

Believe it or not this is only our first round of gnome costumes. We're not sure what accounts for their popularity, but they sure are cute. Click the thumbnail photo to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made.

Garden Gnome

aka: Malcolm (21 months)
location: Raleigh, NC
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Heavy cardstock. Felt (red, gold, black). Glue. Scissors. White faux fur. Safety pins. White makeup (for his brows).

description: This costume was pretty easy to put together. I really just eyeballed each part, and it turned out great. I used heavy paper to form the shape of a cone that would fit my sons head. I then cut and glued it together, and covered it with red felt. I outlined the shape of a beard on the backside of a piece of white faux fur (available at craft stores), and cut it out, trimming long hairs where necessary. I bought an oversized blue shirt and pinned the beard to the neckline on each side, since I knew my son would never let me attach it to his face. The belt is black felt with a gold felt "buckle" glued on. I cut the black felt to fit his waist, and pinned it in the back. Then I finished the outfit with white makeup on his brows, simple brown pants, and brown shoes (stuff we already had at home). I think the Travelocity Gnome would be proud! :)
Thanks Lauren!

Sloane the Roaming Gnome

aka: Sloane (4 months)
location: New York, NY
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: 1 turquoise dress (Imps & Elfs, purchased on sale @ HauteLook), 18" of 1.5" black satin ribbon, cut to baby's waist, 2" x 2" piece of cardboard for belt buckle, white bib, 1 pair black tights, square of red felt, old party hat, hot glue gun and double-sided tape

description: I took apart the party hat, used it as a pattern and cut the red felt to size, then with a hot glue gun, covered the party hat in felt and glued the hat back together. The beard was made of a basic white bib, cut randomly to look like the whiskers of a beard. The belt was made of black ribbon, cut to the baby's waist size. The buckle was made out of a 2x2 piece of cardboard which I cut two slits into and thread the ribbon through. Once together, the end piece of ribbon was secured with a piece of double-sided tape. I dressed the baby in tights and dress, slipped on the belt, hat, and bib - and voila! My own roaming gnome.
Thanks Erin!


aka: Hendrix (7 months)
location: Cincinnati, OH
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Craft felt, white onesie, black pants, elastic

description: I didn't have to sew at all for this costume. I just cut the vest and belt shapes out of felt and hot glued them to the front of a onesie. I cut a cone shape out of the red felt and glued the edges together. Then I added an elastic band and experimented with beard shapes on that until I had a beard I liked. I saw the shoes at Target and thought they would match perfectly!
Thanks Jessica!


aka: Adeline (2)
location: Arcata, GA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Felt, fake fur, sweatpants, long sleeved tshirt.

description: The hat was purchased online (she still wears it). I couldn't find a blue long-sleeved tshirt so we had to get a white one and dye it blue. Belt was made out of felt. Cut out the fake fur into a general beard shape and safety-pinned it onto the hat. Bag was made out of felt and a premade bag.
Thanks Lindsey!

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