Costumes: Animals and a Bear Shaman

Costumes: Animals and a Bear Shaman

Carrie McBride
Oct 28, 2010

Kids love animals and we love to see them dressed up as animals. Here are some delightful ones as well as the cutest bear shaman we've ever seen. Click the thumbnail photo above to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

aka: Jackson (2)
location: Brooklyn, NY
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: 4 bags of cottonballs, glue gun over white pajamas, fake fur and felt hat.

description: Four bags of cotton balls and many hot glue gun refills later. It was pretty time-consuming but turned out just the way I envisioned it.
Thanks Chiara!


Fancy Bunny

aka: Keaton (21 months)
location: Knoxville, TN
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: spool tulle for the tutu, dollar store bunny ears with added ribbons, three fluffy poof balls stitched together to make a cotton tail

description: See how I made this costume here.
Thanks Julie!


Bear Shaman

aka: Max (15 months)
location: Iowa City, IA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: hoodie, gutted teddy bear, faux fur, stick, chicken bones, shells, leather thong

description: I bought the Little Bear at the thrift store, gutted it, sewed the head on top of a tan knit hoodie, used the rest of the fur from the bear and some extra faux fur I had laying around to make the layered pelt of the shaman coat. It's just tack-stitched on, so you could even reclaim the hoodie after Halloween if you were so inclined. My husband stripped the bark off a long branch he cut in the back yard, and he used a leather thong to tie on some seashells with holes worn in them, feathers, and chicken bones (sometimes all that stuff you save "for an art project" actually comes in handy!) at the top of the stick. They made a great rattling sound. Beware though: the stick poses a major smiting hazard!
Thanks Katherine!



aka: Alianna (8 months)
location: Lincoln, NE
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Black outfit-pants, skirt (for an extra layer of warmth), boots, hooded sweatshirt, gloves- white, black and grey felt, fabric glue

description: I referenced a badger photo and cut out white pieces of felt in the approximate shapes and glued them to the hood. I then cut out grey circles for the paws, and black claws and glued them onto the gloves. The ears were cut out of half circles and glued to the hood with a little bend in them so they would stand up.
Thanks Elizabeth!



aka: JAC (6 months)
location: Nashville, TN
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Cotton balls, glue, onesie, sweat pants, shirt, hat, mittens, spray paint

description: I cut the sleeves off of a white onesie and glued cotton balls to it. I then spray painted it a bit to make it a bit darker, but you don't have to do that. We also glued a black ribbon in the shape of a bow to the front of the onesie. He wore a black shirt and sweat pants underneath the cotton onesie. He also wore a lamb hat and wore black mittens on his hands and feet to resemble hoofs.
Thanks Rachel!


Louis the French Bulldog (Our Pet)

aka: Temma (8 months)
location: Brooklyn, NY
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Footed pajamas, 2x Beanie, Old t-shirt, Pink fabric sample, Cardboard, Cotton Ball, Sharpie

description: The t-shirt was cut to match Louis's white markings and sewn to one beanie. The other beanie was cut to wrap around ear-shaped cardboard pieces, which were sewn to the other beanie as well. Leftover pink samples from the purchase of our nursery's glider purchase were used to fill in the pink inner ear. The cotton tail was sewn onto the butt of the pajamas, and finally a Sharpie was used to mark the paws on the footsies.
Thanks Rachel!


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