Costumes: Cowboy, Daniel Boone, Jailbird, and Knight

Costumes: Cowboy, Daniel Boone, Jailbird, and Knight

Carrie McBride
Sep 29, 2010

Today's edition of Homecrafted Halloween is all about classic costumes - time-honored ones your father or grandfather might have worn. Click the thumbnail photo above to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made and for the link to submit your own!


aka: Cole (18 months)
location: Vancouver, BC
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: cowboy hat, red kerchief, brown cords, plaid shirt, brown boots, optional: drawn or stuck-on mustache, ride-on horse

description: We pulled almost everything for this costume from the closet and toy bin: the cowboy hat, the brown boots, the brown cords and the hand-me-down plaid shirt. to temporarily cowboy-ify the pants I cut to lengths of beige microfleece, snipped them into fringes and basted them onto the outer edges of the pants. I made a red kerchief from fabric we had at home and we bought the horse for a laugh. Not shown: stick-on nefarious mustache from the dollar store.
Thanks Miranda!

Daniel Boone

aka: Ford (6 months)
location: Worthington, KY
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: American Apparel yoga pants and lap shirt, faux-leather strips, faux-fur and faux raccoon "tail"

description: I bought the American Apparel yoga pants and lap shirt in brown, then cut the faux-leather strips into fringe. I sewed the strips onto the shirt and down the legs of the pants. I then took the faux-fur and covered a knit hat, and attached the faux-raccoon tail to make the hat.
Thanks Kristen!


aka: Asher (8 months)
location: St. Louis area, IL
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: I used a women's shirt that I found at a local "free clothing closet." Linen & Paint for prisoner number. Wool felt & embroidery floss for applique. Small length of chain purchased at Home Depot.

description: I traced one of the baby's outfits--a one-piece long-sleeved outfit, with some extra room for the seam allowance. At the time I didn't know how to sew in zippers or buttons, so I just left a larger opening in the back with a button & elastic closure. For the hat, I cut a circular piece of fabric and a long strip and sewed them together. The rear-end of the costume has an applique that I made freehand out of a scrap of wool felt--a bird shape that says "jailbird." For the prisoner number, painted the numbers freehand on a scrap of linen--but freezer paper stenciling would have worked, too. I had Home Depot cut me a small length of chain, and looped the ends around the baby's ankles using small strips of elastic for easy on/off. (He loved those chains, by the way. Played with them all during our Halloween party!) See more in my Flickr set.
Thanks Jennifer!


aka: Dash (4)
location: Valencia, CA
age group: child
difficulty level: not especially easy (but worth it!)

materials: Polyester satin, suede-y jersey, gold or silver lame, metallic pleather, Wonder Under or another fusible webbing, assorted goo-gaws & doo-dads for embellishing, Velcro

description: I cut out the shield shape from metallic polyester fabric (cut it about 6" wider across than your child's torso, and long enough for the point of the shield to hit the knees). Hem the satin on the sewing machine or with fabric glue. I got fancy & piped it but it took about 5 years off my life to do it & I don't recommend it.

Cut the jersey for the cape to size (I just held up the fabric to my son's back & pinned it) & hem.

Now. Here's the hard part. Find some free clipart online of either a heraldic lion or dragon (I did both because I am crazy). Here are some. Print the image you choose & then trace onto your fusible webbing. Iron the lame fabric onto the webbing according to instructions (when working with lame use a cloth to protect the fabric from the iron so it doesn't melt). Cut out your image & iron it onto the cape.

Sew or glue a belt onto the satin side of the costume, and attach the cape to the back. Embellish with pleather & buttons to your heart's content. More info and images on my blog Dash Is Little.
Thanks Liz!

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