Costumes: Creatures of the Sea

Costumes: Creatures of the Sea

Carrie McBride
Oct 22, 2010

Even land lubbers can show some love for these cute creatures from seas, lakes and swamps. Click the thumbnail photo above to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made.


aka: Henry (1.5)
location: Carlisle, PA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: not especially easy (but worth it!)

materials: We used red fleece, yellow-orange fleece, red felt, red and orange thread, polyfill, ping pong balls (2), red pipe cleaners (4), a red fleece winter hat & gloves (Target!), an adorable red union suit and shiny red boots

description: This costume was hand-drawn and cut freehand but inspired by many of the cute lobster costumes I saw online. A "lobster smock" was created with the red and orange fleece (red in back for the tail, orange in front for the belly), both filled with the polyfill to create the shape desired. Yellow-orange ribbon was sewn onto the sides to tie the front and back together (very easy to get the costume on and off). Red felt was used to create the little lobster legs which were sewn onto the costume above and below the ribbon. Eyes were ping pong balls with black sharpie, glued to red pipe cleaners which were sewn into the hat. Two additional red pipe cleaners were affixed to the hat for the antennae. Red gloves acted as the claws. Could be done with less grunt work, but the time put into it was totally worth the end result!!
Thanks Molly!


aka: Dani Marie (1)
location: Mogadore, OH
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: 2 pairs of infant tights (Your baby will wear one pair of the tights), 2 pairs of adult knee high socks , A black t-shirt , Felt and black floss for stitching, Elastic band to sew legs to, Buttons for suckers and eyes, Poly-Fil

description: First cut all 4 socks and one pair of the tights at and angle on the end and stich up the seam. With the tights, cut off the panty part and save to use for the head. Stuff socks with poly-fill and stich top closed. Attach buttons with a glue gun. Sew legs to elastic band. Sew ends of band together making sure it will fit snuggly around the baby's tummy. For the hat cut out ovals for the eyes and sew to the pany part of the tights using black floss. Hot glue black buttons for the eyes.
Thanks Christy!


aka: Charlotte (2.5)
location: Alliston, Ontario Canada
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Clear Umbrella, white duct tape, clear packing tape, lots of bubble wrap.

description: Using Martha Stewart's costume as inspiration we taped sheets of bubble wrap to the inside of the umbrella and then twisted tubes of wrap, taped them up and then secured them to the inside of the umbrella. For added effect we used battery operated string lights to add a glowwing affect.
Thanks Jenna!

Swamp Creature

aka: Dylan (25 months)
location: Richmond, VA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Artificial leaves, Spanish Moss & Misc. Moss from craft store, Twine, Hot Glue Gun, Thrift store overalls & hat, Dollar store fake bugs and snakes, Various plastic bones

description: It was really easy! I picked out various leaves from the craft store, making sure to have a few different shades of green, enough variety of sizes to help fill out the outfit and three or four different types of leaves. It's good to have the variety so the outfit looks messy and "wild" versus uniform and patterned. I picked out spanish moss and a few green mosses for texture and finishing touches. After cutting and trimming off any stems, I put the leaves in piles, fired up the glue gun and went to town. I would place big patches of moss here and there with the glue gun and then fill around with leaves. There was no method to the madness so that it looked as swampy as possible in the end. Holes/bare patches were filled in with moss or extra leaves to make sure no part of the overalls was showing. Overalls are a great base because you can remove them easily without hurting the outfit. Things will fall off - especially the moss, so lots of glue and layers are key and be ready for touch ups if your kid will wear it more than once.After covering the overalls, the rest was just fun touches to make it a super spooky and fun costume. I wrapped twine around some fake bones and hung them from one side of the overalls. These were meant to look Voodoo-ish. We took a mini skull and some more bones and tangled the Spanish moss up with them using twine and glue. We hung this from the other side. His little hat was topped off with some moss and a fake dragonfly. On Halloween, he carried around a little green snake, which really made the costume complete! What's great about this is that once you make the greenery overalls, you can really dress it up to be anything. Add flowers and ribbon for a mother nature costume; add twigs and sticks for a cool nature guy; add animals for a woodland spirit.
Thanks Jodi!


aka: H (2)
location: Los Angeles, CA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: CB2 bath rug, iron on fusing material, fabric glue felt (white, black & brown), gold trim, shirt & pants from H&M, green "crocs"

description: No sewing. I cut pieces and fused it to the hat and shirt. Assembled the eyes and glued them on.
Thanks Bridget!


aka: Evan (2)
location: Raleigh, NC
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Orange Hooded Sweatshirt, White, Black, and Orange Felt, Wonderunder

description: I used a hooded orange sweatshirt for the base of this costume. It was a bigger sweatshirt than my son would normally wear (came down to his knees). I split the sleeves. On one side I just folded under and made the "lucky fin". On the other side I added Orange Felt underneath to make a larger fin. I split the hood to add the top fin and continued down the back.The fish stripes are wonderundered on and then I did a zig-zag stitch.
Thanks Bethany!

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