Costumes: Favorite Characters, 1

Costumes: Favorite Characters, 1

Carrie McBride
Oct 24, 2010

From tv, movies, books, cartoons, video games and Americana here are some fabulous costumes of favorite and iconic characters. Click the thumbnail photo above to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made.


aka: Cooper (3 months)
location: Portland, OR
age group: infant
difficulty level: not especially easy (but worth it!)

materials: Black long-sleeved onesie, store-bought blue pants, brown pleather for belt, red fabric for sailor collar, white twill for hat, nude-colored stretch-knit for arms and batting to stuff it. White buttons, thin elastic and red elastic for arm bands.

description: The biggest challenge was making Popeye's large forearms. I used a black store-bought long-sleeved onesie, then sewed the nude fabric over the onesie, connecting at the sleeve opening. The red band above the elbow is a wide elastic that creates a casing. Once the onesie was on Cooper, I was able to stuff the batting between the two layers. I chose to make the belt from brown vinyl, but you could easily use a store-bought version. The sailor collar is tacked at the back of the neck to the onesie, but the front ties close with Velcro. My favorite detail has to be the miniature hat. I used a regular sailor hat pattern, then shrunk down the proportions to make a miniature version. I only wish my little man was as excited about the hat as I was. There are more pictures on my blog, Crafty Bitch.
Thanks Andrea!


Link (from the Zelda games)

aka: Daniel (5)
location: Petaluma, CA
age group: child
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Two inexpensive craft store tees and matching bias tape, elastic, tights, turtleneck, leftover stretch vinyl "leather" upholstery material, recycled leather belt

description: I cut the neckline out of one (oversized) tee and made a v-shaped opening, finished the edges with matching bias tape, and attached a pewter button at the base of the vee. Using a pair of my child's elastic-waist pajama pants as a template, I created a pair of shorts with part of the other shirt and a piece of elastic. I also freehanded the pointy elfish hat of that shirt. I embroidered a "laced" look at the neck of the turtleneck, and made boot-shaped spats large enough to cover his shoes of leftover vinyl upholstery fabric. An old belt, and a sword and shield from the toy store completed it.
Thanks Jennie!


Robin Hood

aka: Julian (6)
location: Palo Alto, CA
age group: child
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Recycled fleece and wool felt, Peacock feather, Sweatpants and shirt, Rain boots

description: I copied a fleece vest but sewed a stand up collar and button front. I used the embroidery stitches on my machine to add decorative trim stitching. Sewed a kind of Robin Hood-shaped hat of fleece, turned up the brim and cut a small slit for a peacock feather. Sewed a quiver and belt from brown and tan wool felt left over from old projects. Neutral sweats, shirt, rainboots and his toy bow and arrows rounded out the look!
Thanks Cathy!


The Big Boy ("Bob's Big Boy" or "Azar's Big Boy"... whatever Hamburger icon you remember growing up)

aka: Miles (2)
location: Chicago, IL
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Our costumes were super easy as I enlisted the help of Kids Fashions By Linda, whom I found on Etsy's Alchemy section to make Miles' "Big Boy" bibs. I simply put a post up about what I was looking, and this lovely woman Linda reached out to me and through email communication. We got it done and it was exactly what I had in mind. Etsy's Alchemy site is really the best when you have a vision, but don't have the know-how or resources to make it all come together. For Miles' "big Boy" shirt I just got some iron on letters from the fabric store. For my husband and my costumes, I had the aprons around the house and simply ordered a waitress uniform and paper hats from a uniform supply company.

description: I did make that big hamburger prop by hand... I used cardboard, cotton filler, and tan pantyhose for the buns, and then I painted a round styrofoam brown for the patty and used felt for the condiments.
Thanks Julie!


Jack Frost

aka: Jack (1)
location: Provo, UT
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: blue and white fabric, snowflake ornament, blue long johns

description: For the shoes, I just cut out blue ovals with a hole in the middle and pulled and stitched them around his shoes. I cut out white stars with a hole in the middle and wrapped them around his ankle. See more at Design for Mommies.
Thanks Rachel!


Gru Minion

aka: Emmeline (20 months)
location: Marysville, WA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Toddler OshKosh B'gosh coveralls, American Apparel clothes (knotted hat, long-sleeve top and pants), black felt, yellow BabyLegs, black socks and one energetic toddler.

description: I'm slowly learning to us my sewing machine, and this was the perfect costume for me to start on because I simply altered existing materials. I took the knotted hat and cut off the excess material at the top, and stiched it almost all the way shut, leaving a hole at the very top. I then cut some long pieces of 'hair' which looked like fringe because I left a bottom part still connected. I rolled it and sewed it into the hole and stitched the whole thing closed. To get it stand up, I put an extra piece of black felt around the base of the 'hair'. Then I took the bit of hat I had cut off, and with some more felt, put the logo on her coveralls. She'll be warm and comfortable, which is great for Seattle-area weather. And once Halloween is over, I'll simply remove the logo and use these items like every day clothes again. See more at Heavens to Murgatroyd.
Thanks Angel!


Snow White

aka: Monroe (3)
location: Santa Monica, CA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: dark blue t-shirt, light blue t-shirt, white skirt, felt, red thread, gold trimming, eyelet lace, yellow fabric dye

description: This costume did double-duty for my daughter's Snow White-themed birthday party & Halloween! I used three very inexpensive garments from a kids' clothing store as the base, which made construction quick and easy. I blanket-stitched red felt teardrops onto the sleeves of a light blue t-shirt for the undershirt. My mom (seen here as The Wicked Queen) cut the sleeves and neck of a dark blue t-shirt to form the vest, which she finished with gold trim & eyelet lace. I dyed a simple white cotton skirt to match Snow White's pale yellow. Starting with kids' clothes as a base made this sooooooo easy, and my daughter can re-wear these comfy pieces as separates whenever she wants!
Thanks Melissa!


Oompa Loompa

aka: JT (2)
location: Canton, GA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: canvas, onesies, brown die, white tshirt paint, yarn

description: See costume at Parenthacks or Flickr.
Thanks Kim!



aka: Anna (8 months)
location: Brooklyn, NY
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: iron-on patches, white fabric & cotton balls (bone)

description: I cut up iron-on elbow patches into triangles of various sizes and ironed them onto an oversized green tank top. the bone was hand-sewn and stuffed with cotton fill, then sewn to an elastic and tied to her hair. The bottoms are black bloomers over white tights.
Thanks Katy!


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