Costumes: Favorite Characters, 2

Costumes: Favorite Characters, 2

Carrie McBride
Oct 24, 2010

More of your favorite characters from the worlds of animation, advertising, tv and Disney. Click the thumbnail photo above to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

aka: Bazeltine (6 months)
location: Toronto, Canada
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: rectangles of felt, needle and thread, ribbon, fabric paint, white outfit

description: For details visit Mrs. Sewbot.
Thanks Alex!


Wonder Woman

aka: Adeline (8 months)
location: Portland, OR
age group: infant
difficulty level: not especially easy (but worth it!)

materials: White long-sleeved onesie, metallic fabrics in gold, red, blue and white, white tights. Gold metallic braided rope & Velcro.

description: I started by appliquéing the bodice motif directly onto the white onesie. This definitely took some extra time. Once the cuffs were done, I sewed them directly to the sleeve openings of the onesie. The headband attaches in the back with Velcro. The boots were equally challenging since I did not have a pattern for these. Since Adeline was not walking at the time, I wasn't too concerned about their functionality. They also have a Velcro closure along the back. The infamous "lasso" was just a metallic braided rope that I tacked to the costume at the waist, otherwise she would have probably just pulled it right off. Here's a link to my blog: Crafty Bitch.
Thanks Andrea!


Minnie Mouse

aka: Claire (4)
location: Petawawa, ON Canada
age group: child
difficulty level: super easy

materials: an old mouse costume, ballet tutu, tank top, mittens, felt and ribbon

description: I cut the feet out of the costume and used elastic to hold it onto her shoe. We put wires into the ears to make it stand up and attached a ribbon between the ears. For the top I used last years tank top and used 2 sided tape to stick the felt circles onto the top. The skirt is a tutu from this years ballet recital that also has felt circles taped on. A pair of mitts with felt on them completed the outfit. Cost - $0. Everything was given to us or stuff we already had in the house :)
Thanks Adelle!


Super Mario

aka: Ash (3)
location: Salt Lake City, UT
age group: child
difficulty level: super easy

materials: white gloves from the dollar store, thrifted overalls, red turtleneck, red hat, yellow felt letter "M" for hat and circles for overalls, mustache (or eyeliner pencil to draw in)

description: It was easiest, most successful costume ever. See more at Ahhnna.
Thanks Anna!


Pillsbury Dough Boy

aka: Milo (7 months)
location: Sunnyvale, CA
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: White onesie (long sleeves/long legs), White "chef" hat, wooden spoon

description: Find and borrow Pillsbury logo online. Reverse it and print to iron on paper. Iron on to brim of hat. You can also craft your hat of paper (tissue for the top and a brim of white paper.
Thanks Jodi!


Uncle Fester

aka: Reece (5 months)
age group: infant
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Small black sweater, rope, fur collar, and grey eyeshadow.

description: Using an old sweater folded up the sleeves and fastened them with double stick tape. I gathered the extra fabric in the back and tied it back with double stick tape, if you are able to sew you could cut the extra fabric and sew it closed. I then wrapped the rope around my sons waist and finished the costume by using a sheep fur collar purchased at an antique shop. I added a little grey eyeshawdow to my sons eyelids (not easy, next time I will try to do while he is nursing). Suddenly my very cute 5 month old, was the dark but friendly Uncle Fester from the Adams Family.
Thanks Ellie!


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