Costumes: Lance, Nitro, Muppet, Stewie, Jessie &amp Cousin Eddie

Costumes: Lance, Nitro, Muppet, Stewie, Jessie &amp Cousin Eddie

Carrie McBride
Oct 14, 2010

Characters from television and the movies make for fun (and often funny!) costume choices.Click the thumbnail photo above to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made and for the link to submit your own!

DJ Lance Rock

aka: Elliott (18 months)
location: Murfreesboro, TN
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: 1 pair of solid white pajamas, Orange dye, yellow and white fabric, Iron On fusable stuff (such as wonder under), craft foam (black, silver, red, blue, yellow, white elastic (1 inch wide), white iron on bias tape, orange fur, black sunglasses & white boots (bought as cheaply as possible)

description: When Ell first fell for Yo Gabba Gabba it was early and the cool merchandise wasnt available yet. I didn't let that deter me...I took a solid pair of white pajamas and hand dyed them orange. I cut the stripes for the outfit out of solid colored fabric then ironed them onto the outfit using Wonder Under. The stripes on the pants leg and the stripes on the neck and cuffs were done using the bias tape. The belt buckle was cut out of silver craft foam using an exacto knife then attached via safety pin to a piece of white elastic to make the belt. The hat was made by sewing a simple tube out of the orange fabric. While inside out i sewed one end of the tube closed. Then I flipped it rightside out and attched a craft foam star with thread. I popped the lenses out of some adult sized black sunglasses for the frames. For the boom box I reshaped a cardboard box I had on hand using silver duct tape. Pvc piping made the handle and silver spray paint and craft foam brought it to life.
Thanks Beth!

Nitro from American Gladiator

aka: Kai (14 months)
location: Houston, TX
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: A white t-shirt, Red shorts, Puffy and Fabric Paint, Gold Iron-on Letters, Star stickers, Foam for knee pads and to cover Jousting stick, Bathing suit material, 2 empty 1 Liter plastic bottles, Blue electric tape

description: The beauty of this costume is the flexibility. Red white and blue, athletic gear and you can make your own costume. I added a prop because I thought it rounded out the costume. I also think that it's cuter as a group. I dressed up as Diamond and my husband was Malibu. Simply go to YouTube and watch some old American Gladiator Episodes or Google them and get some inspiration :) Make it as simple or complicated as you like.
Thanks Kim!


aka: Reid (2)
location: Columbus, OH
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: Fake fur, velcro and spray paint.

description: My two year old really wanted to be a Muppet (specifically, the Mahna, Mahna monster). I couldn't find green fake fur anywhere. So I bought white and gave it a little spray paint. I just took a long strip and cut a hole for his head. I attached the sides together with adhesive velcro. He wore crazy pj's underneath and added a little orange hair spray and some sunglasses. He was pleased as punch. (But if you ask me, he looks a little more like a prehistoric rockstar.)
Thanks Katie!

Stewie from The Family Guy

aka: Josh (1)
location: New York, NY
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Very light fleece, paper

description: I'm not sure what possessed me to dress Josh like Stewie, but here it is nonetheless. :) I used very light fleece and made a pretty crude long sleeve shirt, red overalls and blue spats. The ray gun was made of anything I could find that would get the job done. I think there was a toilet paper tube in there, some construction paper, a chopstick, contact paper and foil. Most people thought he was Mario.
Thanks Kate!

Jessie Cowgirl (from Toy Story 2)

aka: Lara (2)
location: Philadelphia, PA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: not especially easy (but worth it!)

materials: White long sleeved tee, Jeans, Yellow tee 2 pieces of hard red felt (not the soft floppy kind), White yarn, White ribbon, Cow-print fabric, Cardboard

description: It's mostly sewn just as it looks:
1) pieces of cow-print fabric sewn over the front bottom half of jeans
2) pieces of yellow tee sewn vest-style right onto the white long-sleeved tee
3) photo of a bull belt buckle printed out and pasted onto cardboard - all of which is then hot-glued onto the jeans
4) gray cardboard circles for buttons
5) the hat is the piece de resistance:
- measure your child's head circumference (we'll call this H). Cut out an oval-shaped hole with circumference H + 1.5" in a large piece of red felt. Just eyeball it - it'll be fine, no worries. Put it on your kid's head - if it's too small, adjust.
- cut out a long rectangle from another piece of felt, with these measurements: H + 3" by 5"
- sew one long side of the rectangle to the oval hole. Use the overlap to sew it closed
- fold the other long side of the sewn-in rectangle in a little bit to make a hat shape. Measure the smaller oval's circumference, cut out a piece of felt that size, and sew it to the top of the rectangle.
- use the yarn and the ribbon to finish the hat
Thanks Anna!

Cousin Eddie (from NL's Christmas Vacation)

aka: Wylder (15 months)
location: Clinton, OK
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Cardboard, Sippy Cup, White Spray Paint, Black Turtle neck, White Vneck Sweater

description: see how at Smitty Baby
Thanks Meridith!

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