Costumes: Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Costumes: Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Carrie McBride
Sep 28, 2010

We're celebrating Max today at Homecrafted Halloween. This beloved character from Where the Wild Things Are may have had a popularity bump from last year's movie, but he will endure for a long time. Here, four different takes on a Max costume (and more to come soon!) Click the thumbnail photo above to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made and for the link to submit your own!


aka: Lucas (4)
location: Los Angeles, CA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: not especially easy (but worth it!)

materials: The costume suit was sewn using a tan/beige fleece toddler blanket. Fabric made of fleece will also do. The tail was made from mixed-dark brown shaggy long-pile fur fabric. The crown is made of double-plyed poster board purchased from a hobby store and spray-painted with shiny gold paint. Add black Converse Chuck Taylors and cute kid for authenticity.

description: The costume suit was sewed as a complete one-piece including hood w/ ears. Plastic buttons wrapped in same fleece and attached to suit by sewing. Gloves sewed separately from same fleece fabric. Shaggy long-pile fur fabric sewn to form 18-inch tail and attached to suit by sewing. Crown cut out fastened with adhesive velcro in the back.
Thanks Jeff!


aka: Jonas (almost 1)
location: Austin, TX
age group: infant
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Plain White Long John Pajamas, White Felt, White Mittens, White Pipe Cleaners, Gray Puff Paint, Store bought tail (from a cheap Zebra costume)

description: I saw a pattern for a Max hat on Instructables and modified it for my son's size - I used white felt and attached pipe cleaners to make the ears. I made white felt booties from a baby bootties pattern. To make them look like Max's feet, I added scraps with glue (for claws) and put puff paint on the soles so he wouldn't slip. I attached felt scraps to the mittens with glue to make the claws. Before I put the felt scraps on the feet and hands, I covered them in clear nail polish so they would stick out straight. He was not keen on wearing those however. Very cute, but I had to keep explaining who he was... :)
Thanks Emily!


aka: Sophie (1.5)
location: Celebration, FL
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: sewing machine, white fleece footie pajamas, white felt, black marabou trim, white fleece, black pipe cleaners, fiber fill, gold posterboard, fake wool trim

description: Sophie's Max costume had a few components. First, the main costume was just a pair of white footie fleece pajamas with some large white buttons cut out of felt sewed on, and a tail made of black marabou trim (which I safety pinned on so that we could use the jammies for their intended purpose later on). There were white fleece "monster" feet cut out and velcroed on to her feet as well.

I considered doing gloves like Max has in the book, but we live in Florida, and the poor kid was already too hot.

The hood was the hardest part for me, since my sewing skills are nowhere near expert. I more or less followed these directions, adjusting for her toddler-sized head. I only made a few small changes. I used pipe cleaner for the whiskers instead of wire, and lined the ears with pasteboard that extended down into the hood so that they would stand up a little straighter. I also added some velcro at the neck so that we could close the hood (since toddlers are not known for keeping things on their heads without a little help…).

Finally, for the crown, I just cut a piece of posterboard to the right size, glued & stapled it together, and lined the bottom with fake wool. Surprisingly, the crown is still in regular playtime rotation today, though it has gotten a little banged up...
Thanks Sarah!


aka: Miles (1.5)
location: Iowa City, IA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Stretch velvet, felt, maribou boa, pipe cleaners

description: I used a commercial pattern for a puppy costume, then embellished it with felt claws, stick-up ears, pipe cleaner whiskers, and felt buttons. It was perfect for a chilly Halloween night, because it was nice and warm. He wore the hat for months afterward!
Thanks Aprille!

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