Costumes: Robot, Subway Train, iPhone &amp SpongeBob

Costumes: Robot, Subway Train, iPhone &amp SpongeBob

Carrie McBride
Oct 1, 2010

Got a box? Then you've got a costume! All the costumes in today's Homecrafted Halloween started with a humble cardboard box and ended in a fabulous costume. Click the thumbnail photo to see the whole costume and click through to find out how the costumes were made.

Liambot 3000

aka: Liam (4)
location: Chicago, IL
age group: child
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Cardboard boxes, tin foil, silver cupcake liners, recycled plastic containers, stick-on light and glowsticks from dollar store, dryer ventilation tubing and stick-on velcro. Black turtleneck and black sweat pants. And, of course, duct tape.

description: 1. Cut out the entire bottom of a large box. Remove two flaps from the top of the box if there are four to start with so only two remain. Cover entire four sides of bax and remaining (two) top flaps with tin foil. Cut a circular hole in the top flaps to fit around neck. (half circle in each flap) Make two shoulder straps by folding an 8" piece of silver duct tape in half and sticking it to itself. Attach the straps to the back flap and then attach them to the opposite box flap by using stick-on velcro. The flaps can open and close around your child's head for easy costume removal. Use silver duct tape to finish off all rough edges if you want.

2. Trace outside circumference of dryer tubing on each side of box (near the top.) Cut out the arm holes in the sides and attach silver dryer tubing with duct tape. The tubing can be found in any hardware store. Make sure the size you choose has a circumference which will easily fit over child's legs/arms with clothing on. For the legs we merely slid the tubing up over my son's black sweat pants and taped it at the top with duct tape. (Pants and tubing could still be slipped off for bathroom breaks.)

3. Cover a smaller box for helmet. Attach silver cupcake liners to sides of hat and foil antennae to top. Use computer print-outs of buttons or stickers to decorate. Punch hole in opposite sides of helmet and tie elastic to use as chin strap.

4. To decorate body use a battery-powered stick on light from the dollar store (great for trick-or-treating at night) and various recycled plastic container pieces to add dimension on front and back. (The black piece on front had held individual candies.) Print out robot labels and other buttons, measuring devises, gears, etc. to glue on for decoration. Complete with green glow stick necklace and bracelets from dollar store and black or grey gloves. (Silver kitchen mitts look great too but limit dexterity.)
Thanks Gretchen!

NYC Subway Train

aka: J (3)
location: Jackson Heights, NY
age group: child
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Two cardboard boxes (one for the body of the train, one to cut up for wheels, roof, and bottom parts), duct tape, black electrical tape, double-sided tape, Sharpies, and cardstock (yellow, red, silver).

description: I used a toy train as a guide.
• Use duct tape to tape down all of the flaps of the main body box.
• Cut out sections of cardboard for the roof, the bottom parts (front/back/sides), the wheels.
• Attach roof to body with duct tape and wrap the entire thing with duct tape (which happens to be the same color as NYC subway trains).
• Wrap the bottom and wheels with black electrical tape. Attach with duct tape and double-sided tape.
• Details with black electrical tape and white Sharpie marker. I just copied the details on the toy train.
• Logos and headlights cut from cardstock and attached with double-sided tape.
• Straps are a thick elastic-type material (found from a craft closet at his father's work), knotted through small holes in the front and back.
Thanks Won! Readers, you can see more at Mount Custard.


aka: DaBomb (8)
location: Tulsa, OK
age group: child
difficulty level: semi-easy

materials: Cardboard box, duct tape, black plastic tablecloth, construction paper, ribbon

description: Cut the frame out of a cardboard box and covered with a black plastic tablecloth. Then covered outer edge with duct tape. Pasted "apps" on and added details.
Thanks Marina!


aka: Ayden (3)
location: Highland, CA
age group: toddler
difficulty level: super easy

materials: a cardboard box and craft paint

description: I painted a cardboard box yellow. And once it dried I drew and painted SpongeBob's face & body onto the box. After that dried, I cut holes for my son's head and arm holes. The bottom of the box we left open for his legs. The only other thing I did was take a blue fabric marker and draw 2 rings around each of his white socks, to emulate SpongeBob's socks.
Thanks Dena!

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